Fascism Is Over ... If We Want It


Many times, when I explain to people what's going on in our country today, they at first argue that things aren't really that bad, and that America could never go fascist.

After a couple of examples about what's been happening recently, and a brief overview of what fascism actually means, they get it.

But then they shrug their shoulders and say "there's nothing I can do", hoping that that's the end of discussion.

Are they right? Is there nothing we can do about fascism? Should we just hunker down and try to survive it?

Well, first of all, there is something we can do to break free of the fascist concrete which has been poured over America, before it really hardens.

Here is just one example:

  • 2 million Americans could all peacefully surround the White House and Capitol Hill, and hold signs saying "we're not leaving until the Constitution and the rule of law are restored".

1 million people surround the White House. 1 million more surround Capitol Hill. Everyone wears red, white and blue to show that we are pro-America (and because it will be such a sight to see that the news cameras will be attracted like flies to honey).

If that happened, the spell of fascism would be broken, things would start to get done, and America would be freed. Says who?

Well, its happened repeatedly throughout history whenever people have been willing to stand up. The Ukranian people stood up to tyranny and won. The East German people stood up to tyranny and won. The people of the Philippines, Serbia, Czechoslovakia, Indonesia and other countries around the world have won against tyranny whenever ordinary people have poured into the streets in massive numbers and demanded freedom.

And here in the U.S., even though Nixon said he didn't care what the American people thought, he backed off on dropping a nuclear bomb on Vietnam when hundreds of thousands of people turned out to protest an escalation of the war.

But, but . . .

Now you might raise all sorts of potential problems with this option. I'll get to that in a minute. However, I want to stress that if 2 million people did this, it would work, and the fact that we're not doing it is only proof that we're too lazy or lack the commitment to do anything.

Okay, here are some possible objections and rebuttals to the objections . . .

1. There has never been that large a protest. We can't organize that many people.

With the web, we can do it.

2. If we use the web to organize, it would be infiltrated.

Well, with government already spying on our web usage, emails and phones, of course it would be infiltrated. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it.

3. Police might try to disrupt the protest.

Yes, they probably will try. That's why everyone should bring cellphone cameras or videocams. If police turn violent or use agents provocateur to incite violence, we film it all, and broadcast it worldwide on the web. That would make the government look really, really bad. Also, everyone should sign paper pledges in advance to be peaceful and not use any violence under any circumstance. And if you see anyone trying to incite violence, have a group of people escort them away from the protest.

4. Too busy, don't have the time off from work, or don't have the money to participate.

Yes, we might have to call in sick to work, spend some scarce funds, rearrange or cancel some commitments. It might be a sacrifice, but we could do it if we really wanted to.

There are many other possible objections, but there are responses to all of them. In short, it is doable and would be effective.


The bottom line is that it is not true that we are powerless or that there is nothing we can do to prevent fascism from consolidating its hold on the United States.

The option of surrounding the White House and Capitol Hill with millions of peaceful protesters is only one of many options which would turn things around. If we are not implementing such options, it is because we don't really care, or don't want to be bothered, or are not really committed to saving our country. It is not because there is nothing we can do.

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Good Idea

But it doesn't have to start with Washington. Do this at the local level. Ring your state legislature or town hall with protesters.

The Bill of Rights need to be the key activist material. The creeping tyranny is eroding fundamental freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights. That's the focus of its attack on the U.S.A. The Bill of Rights is America. It's what it means to be American. If the Bill of Rights disappears there's no more America. There's just tyranny.
That's why they 're hardly teaching it in schools now. They know that if the American people are ignorant of the Bill of Rights they won't miss it when it's gone.

Tell people about the Bill of Rights. Get to know it yourself. Become an expert on it. Know its history. Know the history of each amendment. Learn the case law for each amendment. Educate people on the Bill of Rights. Pass copies of it around.

Go to your local police stations and town halls. Tell the police and your local politicians that you expect them to uphold your rights. Leave copies of it with them. Go door to door when you can and tell people about the Bill of Rights. Get t-shirts made with the Bill Of Rights on them. Wear them often. Give them away if you can. Sell them for cost if you can't afford to give them to people for free.

Form Bill of Rights groups and information nights.

Alex Jones has made some very instructive movies documenting the destruction of the U.S. Bill of Rights. Give people the link to America Destroyed By Design


911 The Road to Tyranny

Martix of Evil

Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State (Alex Jones)

If they watch just one of these videos their eyes will be open to the chilling reality U.S. citizens face.

The powers that be are hoping Americans will be passive until they complete their objective of a fascist USA.

The antidote is to educate yourself and your fellow Americans about the rights, the Bill of Rights, the corporate elites are trying to destroy. Stand up for them publicly every way you can.
If you don't use your rights they will take them form you. That's their plan.

i agree whole heartedly

I am new as a member but have been a daily reader of 911Blogger since July 2007. I finally overcame the very laziness elluded to by GeorgeWashington. The process was slow and required a complete affirmation of the fact that if you don't stand up and fight for the truth and what is just, those who activitely seek to hid the truth and lack a universal sense of justice will prevail.

Being H1B visa-ed out of a career of 23 years has provided me an opportunity to look at the world from a detatched perspective not easily achieved when mired in the sesspool of post-2001 American existence.

I am comitting myself to the 911Truth movement and the priciple of open-government of the people, for the people and by the people. I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic and take that oath seriously. The temporary caretakers of the office of the President and the seats of Congress are not temple gaurdians of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

The United States was an unique experiemnt in representative democracy and has offered hope around the world to those oppressed for over 230 years. The "experiment" as DeTocquville described long ago has seriously gone wrong. The progressive improvements in individual rights that started from the adoption of the Bill of Rights, through the abolishion of salvery to the frachising of women that has been halted by the serious erosion of many of these advancements. The pace of reversal is accelerating rapidly.

The repealling of basic Constitutional and economic rights that grew out of the Great Drepression and the Great Society has accelerated significantly post 2001. The purpose of government has changed from providing for the general welfare to providing general wealth for a few. Government no longer is an instrument for social advancement, but a tool to destroy it. The plan has been in place for almost 30 years,
possibly longer - the players are well known as is their plan - for those willing enough to look for it.

The major event which trigger the final stages of the plan was 9/11. An event orchestrated to implement methods of change to the very fabric of what America had become. Patriot Act, Military Comissions Act, TSA, and wars of agression where all based on the falacy known today as 9/11. Terror, security lockdown, foreign enemies, domestic surveillance, elimination of the middle-class threat to power, and imperialistic foreign policy are all tied to a singular event. Without 9/11 there would be no Patriot Act, no MCA, no TSA, no islamic-facist boogiemen, no war in Iraq.

Oh how would the world as we know it change if it were known who really was behind that event. If it was Cheney et al, the very power structure in existence for the last 30 years would be treatened and eliminated.
Individuals brought before the court of justice of a populace lied, cheated and exploited to are treated harshly - be they Juleus Caesar, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, or any other facist dictator hanging from a noose. Their supporteres, be they brown shirts, corporations, brown-nosers, complicit politicians or mercenaries hired to do their bidding, will be either regulated to the black book of history or to a more immediate determination of fate.

The spirit of liberty has never been extinguished - though always under seige. surviving in a state stronger and more resciliant .Through peaceful or less-peaceful means, liberty will outlast forces allied against it for it is the very nature of life to be free.

The forces allied against liberty are well-supplied, effective and not to be dismissed. Their tools are extensive and devious - nothing is sacred or off-limits: staged mass-killing events (9/11), global wars for greed(Afganistan/Iraq/Iran), surpression of thought(Patriot Act), information control (illegal wire-tapping, consolidation of media, exclusion of dissenting options in politcal debate), elimination of restraints of power (habeus corpus, FISA, Military Commissions Act, waterboarding), and elimination of opposition (destruction of the middle-class, out-sourcing, redention) are but a few recent examples. The struggle for the existence of liberty will test the resolve of the supporters for they will be attacked relentlessly by any of these or newer methods.

Flesh and bone are temporal, ideas and spirit eternal. Wether the recent NSA interest in my activities will result myself being unable to witness the survival of liberty I can not say. For damn hell, I am not going to let
the hundreds of thousands who died in pastures and towns of the Civil War or on the sands of Saraha, or fields of France or steppes of Europe to be diminished in value by the very forces they fought against.

I am a just one of a growning army of indivuals armed with courage, intellect and resolve that stand against
the advocates of facism - the manipulators behind 9/11 and all the other assualts of our liberties. They have lost the war already, they just don't know it yet.


Unfortunately of the minority of Americans who pay any attention to politics, a robust majority long for fascism. Iowa GOP caucus voters went for fascism 9:1.

The Weimar republic is a better model than former Soviet states. The german socialists hit the streets where the brownshirts soundly defeated them. If two million American antifascists hit the streets, we will find out how many Fox News viewing brownshirts are willing to get off the sofa and pick up baseball bats. I would guess close to twenty million.

US fascism's inherent weaknesses

Most of the truly anti-fascist sentiment in the US has been "liberal" and coastal, which also means:
1. close to New York and Washington;
2. generally close to mass transit;
3. used to urban behavior, like walking.

Most of the Fox audience is suburban and terrified of big cities. The real obstacles we'd face are the local police. I'd suggest the next significant outreach should be to fire departments, ex-military, then police. Often the folks likely to be in one are neighbors or family to members of the others. Remember both the New York Fire and Police rank and file have their own very real grudges from 9-11, and news about 9-11 has had its ways of percolating nationwide through non-official channels. We should encourage that process.
This would be a good place to remind them, with quotes, of how often the neo-cons:
1. have dual citizenship outside the US, even while holding federal government positions;
2. have mentioned "we're an empire now , get used to it."
You might be surprised how many fire, police and military could be receptive to those who honor their patriotism to the Republic, instead of obedience to an empire. Also, all three have occupationally suffered more, and risk more in the future as first-responders, than any other set of occupations (possibly medical personnel). Once they open up to really considering the evidence, this becomes a murder investigation for their brothers in arms, as well as citizens.

Some of the progressive web seems to be coming around to the accomodation that they can talk about fascisim, resistance, even impeachment -- as long as they don't mention 9-11, at least not in MIHOP terms. That's a big step in the right direction of the conversation.

We should also encourage more international collaboration, especially between all countries that have been victim to false-flag attacks. London, Madrid, both Australia and Indonesia (Bali) at the very least... all have been victims of the over-all putsch.

Judging from the absolute numbers turning out in Democratic circles, folks are ready for change, they just need more familiarity with how deep the change needs to be. For traditionally Republican groups, watch to see if pro-Ron Paul numbers come near Perot's numbers. Pay attention to the absolute numbers, not the percentages. That will mean more for long-term political change.

I've a feeling this may be more of a long-term process, a matter of the acid-truth slowly eating away at the facade of happy-face fascism. Most superficial political coverage simply asks who or what people are for or against. Swings in different directions are considered normal.
I'd bet 9-11 truth isn't like that. This is more like losing your political virginity, or gaining your political literacy -- either way, it's losing your innocence, and possibly achieving a new level of maturity. Once you've been exposed to the real evidence, you can't go back. You might suppress it, but it will always be there in the back of your mind. People may lose hope, may lose the activist impetus, but not the knowledge.
One consequence of this is to make it possible to continue their philosophical discussions on ideal politics (conservatism/ republicanism versus liberalism, progressivism, or libertarianism) in light of covert ops, false flag attacks, and facade democracy.

Remember, the Iron Curtain didn't fall when dissidents finally stormed it -- it fell when ordinary people, its technicians and even managers stopped believing in its reality, efficacy and power. In part, that was from a loss of economic viability, but also when it became clear few people (mainly the old) believed in it anymore, and there was nothing to be gained from holding up the facade.

People will start building a new reality as soon as they get a chance to call the old reality the BS that it is, in public and in normal everyday conversation.

What is commonly known as

What is commonly known as the poll tax riots brought down the iron lady Margaret Thatcher.If you don,t know much about it Thatcher tried imposing an unjust housing tax system and hundreds of thousands,including myself,marched on Downing street and Trafalgar Square.The police charged peaceful protesters on horseback which set the tone for the rest of the day.The police were forced to back off because the protesters were not going to.The heavy handed approach by the police backfired bigtime.I class myself as a passive person but i could not take a policemen knocking down an old lady right in front of me.
You see civil disobedience works.The people are the real power,always have been.It is only an illusion that the fascist elite hold all the chips.They can only do what they do with your subservience exactly like Hitler could not do what he did without the support of his people.Why people follow blindly i can never get my head around but as soon as you take away that support they are finished,just like the indestructable Thatcher who was reduced to a teary eyed old hag before our very eyes.

Look at what people power achieved in Venezuela.We are the power and it is time to take that power back.Emphasis on the word TAKE! because liberty always has and always will have to be taken,it will never been given.


yes, break the "spell of fascism"

This is an extraordinarily well-focused post. The issue is stated concisely and a possible solution offered. I would be behind anything to break this "spell of fascism."

Please follow up this discussion with more! I would be willing to sacrifice.

I believe, you're on to somethng here!

...don't believe them!

I've been trying to come up with...

... a constructive comment for two days now, but I don't really know what to say, except perhaps: how difficult can it be to arrange a big protest event in front of, say, the Washington Post?