No Fly List


2) Sky Marshalls & the "No Fly List"

A year or so after Sky Marshall's were placed back on airplanes because of 9/11, there was an article in the NorthCounty Times Newspaper and on local TV News Channels about Sky Marshall's being required to turn in names of people on the flights to their Homeland District Supervisors of people they "Thought" could be a future "Flight Risk."
> These names were then placed on the "No Fly List." It was pointed out that District Supervisors made it an"Unofficial Requirement" that all Sky Marshall's under them were to turn in at least one persons name per flight or loose promotions & pay increases, (I think Los Vegas District Office was the only one to "mistakenly" put it in writing to their Sky Marshall's, and had to retract it after it became known to the newspapers that this practice existed).
> The way it worked was a Sky Marshall just picked anyone's name on their flight to fill their "Un-official Required Quota." It is clear that this practice is still in effect because the list was only 100,000 -150,000 back then and has now grown to over 700,000 names. "The No Fly List" has the name of thousands of loyal American Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Congressmen, School Teachers, etc., and this may have happened to many U.S. War Veteran's like Ret. Ltcm. John Lynn in Carlsbad.
> They are placed on the "No Fly List" by this obviously continued quota system that was forced on the Sky Marshall's by the present Homeland Security Administration. There is in fact,.. "No Real Method".. to get any name off the "No Fly List. Once on it, You're on it for life!"

Good work

Pointing out the waste resulting from 9/11 is important. We can roll back all of this ridiculous legislation!