Richard Gage AIA Responds on Video to Mark Weitzman and Simon Wiesenthal Center Calling for Apology, Retraction and Meeting

In an interview with, Richard Gage AIA, founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, responds powerfully to the insinuations and defamations put forth by Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center during his powerpoint presentation in Jane Harman's congressional committee hearing last fall. Among making other powerful points, he calls for an apology, a retraction and a meeting with Mark Weitzman and/or representatives from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

There is more of this interview to come.

I'm sorry, but those in the Simon Wiesenthal Center should have

known much better than to smear Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth! I would expect Holocaust historians who live by the phrase "Never Again", to be far more vigilant & perceptive about who really perpetrated 9/11, their goal to destroy U.S. sovereignty, and the formation of a fascist one-world government.

Mark Weitzman has done a terrible disservice to the memory of those lost in the Holocaust by bashing the 9/11 truth movement. I wonder what his motives truly are?

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Wednesday December 19, 2007
Richard Gage AIA Comments As Part Of NIST NCST Committee Meeting On WTC7 Report

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Wednesday October 24, 2007
Richard Gage AIA, Founder of Architects For 911 Truth, Talks Truth on Drive Time Radio About Vaporizing Steel Framed Buildings

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Good Work

We Are Change..way to go. Nice job addressing this slander by Richard Gage.

great job shumonik and

great job shumonik and everyone else...the video looks really great

Well stated, Richard

If we don't arrest these gradual cases of slander, we will someday find ourselves in a situation too far gone to redress.

Beautifully well said, Dr.

Beautifully well said, Dr. Gage.

Richard Gage is not an M.D. or a Ph.D.

He is, however, a registered A.I.A architect and a marvelous human being [as well as a friend of mine (full disclosure)].

Go to and support Mr. Richard Gage and the other 238 architects and engineers now calling for new investigations.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.



Great Opportunity for the Weisenthal Center

Great job Richard. One suggestion: We who know you, are aware of your credentials. Someone who has no idea who you are, just sees an ordinary guy sitting on a couch. You can certainly state your professional credentials. You have a very natural manner and you do not sound like you are bragging when you inform your audience of your professional experience and background.

I also applaud the way you have steered clear of even the slightest hint of ethnic references. Steel, concrete, fire and gravity have no ethnic identities. Keep up that great scientific position which owes allegience only to truth.

I know you are in this for love of truth, love of country, love of science, love of your profession and love of humanity. I know you are not in this for fame or to be thought of as a hero. But a hero you are.

And here is a message to Mark Weitzman and the Simon Wiesenthal Center: You can turn this mistake around and be true heroes. You are in a wonderful position to demonstrate tolerance to the world. You are in a wonderful position to champion freedom of scientic inquiry. You are in a wonderful position to show the world that you have the courage and flexibility of mind to re-examine your past actions and take corrective action.

You are in a wonderful position to help the world heal from this terrible ongoing tragedy.
Show the world your strength and apologize to Richard Gage. Encourage your members to watch his presentations with an open mind. Then if you think he is wrong, rebut him with science.

Selwyn Silberblatt

His credentials are in another part of the interview

A future video will include that aspect. And some other powerful points by Mr. Gage AIA, a very warm human being I must say.

Although my optimism is very cautious, I too hope that the Weisenthal Center search its soul for its mission and decide who and what principles it will serve.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

It wouldn't hurt

to put his name and credentials on the film at the bottom of the screen from time to time like they do in documentaries and the news.

The person who sees absolutes and exhibits certitude, where a thoughtful person sees nuanced shades of meaning
and exhibits open-minded objectivity, should be questioned as to agenda and state of mind.

The "Truthers=Terrorists" media campaign had to focus on

AE911Truth after the expected "Trick or Truth" target failed to

A little of my experience with the Simon Wiesenthal Center

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart:

I worked at the Simon Wiesenthal New York Tolerance Center with Mr. Mark Wietzman from its opening in 2002 to 2005. It was created as a multi-media educational facility with the supposed mission of promoting tolerance and to educate law-enforcement officers, educators, and other public servants on issues of race, civil rights, and social justice in "a post 911 society". Seemed harmless enough when I took the job.

However, I quickly realized the hypocracy and misinformation that the organization, spear-headed by it's ultra-right wing founder Rabbi Marvin Hier, was really spreading.

To begin, Rabbi Hier is a very powerful man. In 2007, Newsweek Magazine named him the most influentual rabbi in America. He annually celebrates Hanukkah at the White House with Mr. Bush. Both Bush Junior and Senior have been strong supporters of his LA based Museum of Tolerance. In 1991, he was called to meet with Bush Sr. and his top advisors to discuss the effects of the Gulf War.In December of 2001 he was called to the White House with other right-wing Jewish leaders to discuss "the future of the Middle East" with Mr. Bush, Condi Rice, and other top cabinet members. Some have argued that Arnold Schwarzenegger would never have become Governor of California without Hier's help. To say that he is well-connected is an understatement.

Following 9-11, all central California law enforcement officers were required to participate in The Museum of Tolerance's Tools for Tolerance program. This program was underwritten by the California Arts Council and has decimated the State's arts funding and continues to cost that state's taxpayers millions annually. And with the New York Tolerance Center, they now make millions in public funds off the east coast as well.

One might say that training police officers to be more "tolerant" is a worthy cause at any cost, but when you follow where the money has gone and who developed this program, you might begin to question the validity of the program.

The Tools for Tolerance curriculum was developed by a company called Strategic Business Ethics, which was founded by a fellow named David Lapin. The lion's share of public funds allocated to the program went to Mr. Lapin and his partner Desi Rosenfield. They were charged with creating the program's texts and agenda and then to be on retainer to give hands-on training to both east and west coast facility's on-sight trainers. In the three years I worked at the Tolerance Center, I saw David and Desi no more than a half-dozen times. Not bad work for a company making seven figures annually and (in the early 2000's) consisting of three employees.But if you look at their portfolio, you'll see that that contract is chump-change compared to say...General Electric, or Coca-Cola Africa.

Alright, now this is about to get interesting....

In 2004 the management of the Simon Wiesenthal Center went into a panic when it became public knowledge that SBE had been contracted to work on creating a new ethical paradigm for the government of the Marianas Islands.. Seems they had a little problem with forced labour and child-sex slavery. I'm not sure if the panic was over Lapin's connection to soon -to-be-imprisoned lobbiest Jack Abramoff and soon-to-be-shit-canned Texas criminal Tom Delay. Or if it was the fact that, like the Tolerance program, he didn't do a damn thing to earn his money. Please read this
Wiki entry"
for all the gory details. At least Lapin is truthful with his company's name. They promote ethics when it's strategically useful to the client.

Now, Alex Jones and the rest of the "9-11 Truthers" are up in arms because Mr Wietzman appeared before a senate commitee and equated their movement with terrorism. Well, I certainly don't think it likely that they'll be getting an apology from him any time soon. Even if they did, it would be too little, way too late. They've been producing a CD/ROM called Digital Hate and Terrorism for almost a decade now and ever since the 9-11 Truth Movement began, they've been listed next to the terrorists and historical revisionists. Thousands of people have walked through their doors and viewed the touch-screen displays that show highlights (including of the disk. It is distributed to lawmakers, law-enforcement, educators, and the Department of Homeland Security.

These people have an agenda and it doesn't include the truth.

Interesting inside info - thanks

SWC Targeting/Labeling 9/11 Truth and Justice as Digital Terrorism and Hate

The person who sees absolutes and exhibits certitude, where a thoughtful person sees nuanced shades of meaning
and exhibits open-minded objectivity, should be questioned as to agenda and state of mind.