Sibel Edmonds: "Only 20% of My Story Covered By Times" / Worldwide MSM Coverage Begins: US Media Silent

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And in the United States of

Good news! The bombshell report on the front page of London's Sunday Times on charges made by former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, has finally led to press coverage by the mainstream media!

From one side of the globe to the other, as expected, the explosive whistleblower allegations concerning highly-placed, well-known U.S. officials in the Departments of State and Defense involved in an illicit, for-profit scheme to develop and protect a network of spies, who then stole and sold American nuclear secrets to the international black markets via Turkey, Israel and Pakistan, is now worldwide news!

That, even though the Times only covered "about 20%" of the story she has to tell, according to Edmonds, with whom we spoke late last night.

Sunday's British blockbuster, detailing how nuclear secrets were then proliferated to Iran, Libya, North Korea, and potentially even al-Qaeda, was picked up on Monday and reported by international mainstream outlets such as The Times of India, Pakistan's Daily Times, Iran's PressTV, Israel's Haaretz and even the Turkish Daily News.

Here in the United States, the mainstream media coverage included:

That's right. Nobody. None of them. Zilch. Not a one.

Edmonds told The BRAD BLOG last night that her phone had been ringing of the hook since the Times story hit. From reporters around the globe, she said. As to America: "Not a single mainstream media channel, not even a newspaper."

Apparently American nuclear secrets, stolen by "moles" at America's most sensitive nuclear installations, sold on the black market with the help and protection of highly placed American officials, which then found their way into the hands of America's enemies, is not notable news to Americans. According to the American corporate mainstream media, anyway. We suppose they're all too busy fighting the War on Terror in New Hampshire or something.

And you wonder how our country got into this mess?

Edmonds was no longer amazed by it all. We still are.

(Hat-tip to Mizgîn, a Kurdish blogger at Rastî, for her collection of foreign press articles covering the Sunday Times story. Note: Mizgîn also has some harsh words for the coverage of our friend Larisa Alexandrovna of RAW STORY at that same link. We are friends with Alexandrovna, and are thus likely compromised on this point. So we'll stay out of it for now and let each of them deal with the particulars as they see fit.)

United States Media.

Here's how the Corporate Media in the United States deal with this issue...

WeAreChange confronts Tim Russert:

It is sickening and I don't know what to do to change it except racket up the peer pressure like we have been doing here at home and globally, maybe that will work.

MSM is an insult to American's intelligence

Now, now, don't be too hard on MSM after all they the "substantive investigative reporting" they produce each and everyday on Hollywood Girls Gone Wild, and clearly creates a paradigm of a parallel universe.

Lou Dobbs and Keith Obermann are the only news that's worth a damn.

Grounds for criminal investigation?

Even if the U.S. media won't cover it, couldn't you guys use the information Sibel made public to by going to the police and asking them to investigate?

I mean, she is talking about treason, which is a high crime.

On the other hand, is there no media-related institution that could be approached with complaints about major media not covering treasonous activities?

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The MSM is a joke

I guess we'll hear Screw Loose Change up in arms any minute now, saying the 9/11 truth movement is on to something here... I mean you would think that an astounding allegation like this would get airplay. Right?

(insert sound of crickets)

Surprised? Not after seeing how they do the same thing with all of the newsworthy stories about 9/11. You have to come here for reading them.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

JREF jokers

I don't normally go the site for the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). Looking to see if Canadian papers had covered the Edmonds piece, I found a JREF thread on Edmonds. Man, do those JREF folks ever live in an alternate reality! See:

To spare you from the pain

To spare the people on this website from journeying over to the Randi's Forums, I thought I would highlight some of the craziest comments.

CHF: "So twoofers....we're all agreed then that there were in fact Islamic terrorists on the flights?"

pomeroo: "Will the liars ever notice that Sibel Edmonds never says anything remoteful useful to their deranged cause?" Ronald Wieck.

Crazy Chainsaw: "Sibel Edmonds, a 37-year-old former Turkish language translator for the FBI, listened into hundreds of sensitive intercepted conversations while based at the agency’s Washington field office.
She is a translator, how would she know a real problem from a sting operation? Or false intelligence? She does not have the Knowledge or training to tell the difference."

Boloboffin: "Basically, this is digging behind the seemingly absurd statement of the 9/11 Commission that finding out who funded the attacks "is of little practical significance." The report gives good reasons for this: as cheap as the attacks were to carry out, the money could have come from anywhere."

Good attitude, Boloboffin. But the money did not come from anywhere, it came from some person or group. Who ever funded the 19 men would be responsible for mass murder. Don't you think it would be important to know?

Hate to say it, but . . .

this is a good question:

"She is a translator, how would she know a real problem from a sting operation? Or false intelligence? She does not have the Knowledge or training to tell the difference."

Whether true or not, it is the obvious explanation.

But she has a brain!

Edmonds is an intelligent lady and has a brain. Hopefully, so do we.

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On another thread here about Sibel from lukry who knows

"Some have wondered recently whether sibel accidentally stumbled across a sting operation - and that all that she heard was 'fake' parts of that operation."

She says:
"That was the first thing the Senate Judiciary Committee had to rule out before they took my case officially/formally and investigated it. In June & July 2002, two senior senators, Grassley (R) & Leahy (D), summoned several FBI-DOJ and DOD officials to rule out: 1- no covert operations involved; 2- No double agent situation in Dickersons' case."

Fine, she saw something

The DOJ Inspector General said that on the whole she raised substantial questions that should have been investigated further. I support whistleblowers. It'll take more than that comment at Democratic Underground to convince someone who doubts her, though. We don't know what the ulitimate outcome was, and regardless, espionage is not terrorism.

I don't see enough of a link to 9/11 to make her story important from the perspective of 9/11. Her basic argument is that problems in translation could have prevented 9/11, and that is wrong and misleading.

She says the DOJ Inspector General confirmed her allegation that a supervisor forced a slowdown in translations to support a larger budget. I'm not seeing that in the report at all.

In general, Ms. Edmonds just repeats what we've all been told about scary Muslims attacking us on 9/11, and now the same basic allegations arise in support of the idea that they are trying to get nuke us. Guess we better go invade Pakistan and fix their country.

It's amazing... me that some of the Countries involved are refered to in the infamous "Axis of Evil" speech! Who's to say that these things are going on to keep the military industrial complexs machine up & running? Keeping the public living in total fear is good for THEIR business.