911TruthDVD.com - New Years 2008 Update - 100.00 COMPLETE 82 DVD SET!

Hello All and HAPPY NEW YEAR from your friends at 911TruthDVD.com

I noticed we had a really good turn-out on the special for Christmas so I have extended the sale on our 82 DVD complete set for the whole month of January.. so get them while they are cheap! We have updated the site and extended the rest of the December Specials to this month, keep a look out for new films coming everyday..also we have our JFK 3 pack still on sale also on the specials page, 3 JFK DVD's for $5.00!

Thank you all for your support, we can still do any conversion for anyone who needs ANY film on DVD, so please contact us for CD/DVD duplication, prices are cheaper then anyone else out there.. we also carry many other movies that we can't list on the page so if you are looking for something particular please contact me also.





I just forwarded the email to you that I was cc'd on.


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What about the people who make the films? How are they supposed to even break even if you sell them for half the cost? And where does the money go that you make, since these aren't your own films?

Why would you sell people's films in quantity and then say you are donating to 9/11 groups? Why not just sell the films at the cost of buying them so you aren't just transferring money from one groups work to another group. Aren't the same people who make the films also "9/11 activists"?

It just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to not pay for the films you buy, rather than bootleg them and then collect money that you say that you donate to certain other groups.

Aren't these videos supposed to be copied & passed out to

everyone? I know Alex Jones' videos are!