52 floor building burned on all floors for over an hour and it's still standing 1/9/08

A fire broke out at 52-floor Cyber World Building on Ratchada Pisek Road (Bangkok I assume )early Wednesday 1/9, burned over an hour (please see liveleak vid)


Did it explode to dust? Nope. (Click here for an image of the aftermath)


More photos

Some more outstanding photos on this forum in reference to before and after, please scroll thru all the thread:


Here's a home video of the Cyber World Building fire

Notice how quickly the fire spreads to other floors? This did not happen at the WTC where the firewalls did their job for the most part. As a matter of fact, many of the fires had already burnt themselves out before the collapses occured.

The Al-Nasr skyscraper fire in 2005


Giant flames coming from every floor there as well.

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It's been viewed by over 214,000 times by now, and shills are - as is to be expected - trying to invade the comments section. They are also trying to lower its rating.

Vesa ...

In the video about WTC7: there are several statements from witnesses while on the phone that building 7 was exploding, that came right after we could hear for ourselves the huge sound of explosion. I have seen shorter clips of that video before, however, never heard the EMT state the bldg. 7 was exploding. Thanks for including that part in your clip ... thats very important.


Hi Joann,

to be precise, it wasn't my clip. Thanks for this blog: comparative material like this is important.

It would be important to identify the EMT and get a statement from him as well as from the one who said there is a bomb in the building.

There must be a lot of people out there who know a lot about what happened to the building(s).

We might also demand that NIST listens to the explosions in the clip.