9/11 and the incompetence excuse: Could a bunch of sociopathic screw-ups really pull off the crime of the century?


OnlineJournal.com publishes a nice roundup of reasons to doubt the official 9/11 BS, in the context of countering those who defend the Bush Administration's 9/11 account by claiming they were too incompetent to have any involvement in pulling off a successful false-flag operation.

"Many who deny government complicity in 9/11/01 maintain that some of the best evidence against official involvement in the crime of the century lies in the Bush administration's unbroken record of sheer incompetence, an argument bolstered by the perception that key members of the administration, notably The Commander Guy, spent that entire day running around like headless chickens.

On the contrary, they did no such thing. Rather, the administration was highly competent and enormously successful that day -- they just had different criteria for success than would sane people. And they've been highly competent ever since. You just have to adjust your standards for evaluating success, then view the past six years through the PNAC/neocon lens. Let's review some of their primary accomplishments -- on 9/11 and in the six eternal years since:"


Exactly! Under the guise of all this "incompetence" the PNAC

NeoCons have greatly furthered their agenda of world domination!

David Ray Griffin made a good point in his new book

He said that that yes FEMA may be incompetent, but that that has no bearing whatsoever on the efficiency and precision of say the CIA.

Google Video:HBO's Hacking Democracy


Motive determines level of competence.

The Motive is what determines the level of competence. And as we've seen in the PNAC documents. The Motive was huge!!!


When officials in any walk of life (business, government, military, etc) exhibit "incompetence" , the usual reaction in the part of their bosses is to reprimand or demote. If the incompetence is blatant, then people are suspended or even fired. If the incompetence strays into criminal negligence, the culprits are charged, courtmartialed, fined, or put in prison. After 9/11, not a solitary person (that I am aware of) received any of the normally expected reactions to "incompetence": some people in the departments and agencies that exhibited the greatest "incompetence", had that been the true scenario, were even promoted. One can logically deduce that 9/11 did not happen as a result of mass incompetence, but instead, the operation was executed with precision and went (almost) according to plan.

Not incompetence but

Mission Accomplished. This is the #1 barrier from people understanding what is going on.

Sociopathic screw-ups pulling off a huge crime...rings a bell?!

Good post and I don't mean to redirect, but your title was too juicy to pass up. Bush and Cheney are complete fuckups in the business and political worlds, and I don't think anyone would argue on the first part of the description?!

...oops...didn't read the post, and I thought you were characterizing the 19 stumblebums with boxcutters...doubt they hated America as much as Bush and Cheney!!