9/11 Truth Tuesdays Ad Is Now In The Paper!!!

This is currently in "Main Line Life", and "The Suburban". WOOO!!!


Congratulations. Are these alternative weeklies, or dailies? Any difficulties getting the papers to accept the ads?

These are weeklies I believe...

No difficulty. The sales person was completely on our side. She wasn't knowledgeable, so I told her to first watch PFT, and then ITOW, but she is definitely on our side. Neiman Marcus usually gets that spot, but they didn't place an ad this week, so they gave it to us, at a discounted price. That's on Page 2. It's HUGE!!! It takes up a quarter of the page (obviously).

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Good deal Jon

With all the small town papers across the country, ads like this have a big impact, and there inexpensive,

First of Many I hope


How long until a real 9/11 truther is elected to Local Public Office?