Is Giuliani Betting on a Terror Attack to Get Him Nominated?

I was reading Giuliani's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on 1/9, where he lays out his plans to turn America into a fascist, warmongering, police-state, and I began to wonder if he knows something we don't. His campaign is based entirely on the notion that America is not safe and must continue to attack Muslim nations. But this angle is not working for him. His numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire were laughable. Yet he carries on with this failing technique with remarkable determination, as the mainstream media continues to prop him up and ignore antiwar candidates like Ron Paul. Watch his latest propaganda video called "Ready". His foreign policy team is like a virtual Who's Who of Neoconservative false-flagites: Norman Podhoretz, Daniel Pipes, David Frum, etc. Clearly, these well-connected individuals are not going to sit around while their candidate falters. I know Giuliani's plan is to win the delegate-rich state of Florida, where's he been spending all his time campaigning (and probably arranging voter fraud). Just today, some mysterious bomb threat caused him to delay a speech. I wouldn't be surprised if he called it in himself. Could this be a sign of what is to come? Giuliani could be waiting for a false-flag attack in this country, or a crisis in the Persian Gulf, to get him nominated. I can already hear pundits like Chris Matthews applauding him for being the "tough candidate" after America suffers another attack or a major confrontation with Iran, like the one that almost occurred this week (and was probably fabricated). In the WSJ piece, Giuliani claims his creation of the Office of Emergency Management in 1996 allowed New York to "withstand" 9/11. What a sick joke this man is. Let's just pray he continues his losing streak.