Rare Flight 93 Crash Footage

This purports to be "newly-discovered" footage of the flight 93 crash site shown on tv news.

Do you see debris scatter over a huge area (as if shot down, for example)? Or do you see the wreckage which would be expected if Flight 93 had crashed?

Hattip to WhatReallyHappened.

Here's some more clips

Here's some more clips concerning Flight 93 that i lifted from the archive.org footage.

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Lots of talk in your clips of the passenger who locked himself

in the bathroom & called 911 on his cellphone. I do not believe that cellphones would work inside a speeding airliner over rural Pennsylvania in 2001. (Also, I do not believe that they had air-phones in airliners' bathrooms, so it had to be a cellphone.)

That ones been around

Too bad the quality is so crappy.

Has anyone ever figured out the location and talked to the people with the broken garage door?

Another good 93 video,

Another good 93 video, channel 13

And the same video as in the post title, without the logo in bottom left corner, the channel 5 video

Seems like the hole in Shanksville was a diversion to keep

everyone focused & away from what really happened a number of miles from there, like some sort of shootdown?

Interesting comment

by Edie Magnus that the crash site was over an old strip mine.