WeAreChange confronts Tim Russert

More Disruption of Live Shows..

is needed. Russert and Alan Colmes and all other media types aren't going to speak. Only political candidates or celebrities will respond to impromptu interviews now it seems...

I say we need more disruption like the Bill Maher episode. Something that makes news. Something that gets discussed around the country. We need some Star power too. Someone advocating for 9/11 truth who can make headlines. (Charlie and Rosie are off the map and hibernating.)

Above all, we need a theater release of Loose Change and a Congressional inquiry. Dylan, keep trying. And Dennis Kucinich, keep your f*cking promise!

Tim Russert caught making things up...

Good job!

Here is more:

scroll down to "Rosie O’Donnel 9/11 Truth Video Seized In Tora Bora Cave "

It's Prety Obvious

.........that most people in MSM are scared shitles of loosing their job. They may have been threatened to keep silent, or paid.........

Fortunately there are a few people, like Keith Olberman and Bill Moyers that are not afraid of the consequences of calling a spade a spade.

The sad thing is that it'll take decades if not generations to bring the US back to where it was in the mid-nineties....... if it'll ever happen.

Cheney Is A Dick