Barrett Protests UW Hiring Decision

This is the second time in the past six months that the University of Wisconsin-Madison has passed me over in favor of less qualified candidates. From now on I'm on the (legal) warpath. Those who wish to help with my future legal expenses may contact me at:

Last year, despite being the ONLY qualified candidate, I was turned down for a tenure-track job at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater purely on the basis of my political beliefs. They chose to shut down their Arabic program rather than hire me! Howard Ross, who was then the Dean of Letters and Sciences, was involved in the (non-)hiring process, and will testify that I was turned down, and the classes I would have taught cancelled, because of my involvement in the 9/11 truth movement. Howard Ross will join me to discuss my case, and the sad state of academic freedom in America, on Truth Jihad Radio, Saturday, 1/19, 6-8 pm, Full radio schedule and guest list:

- Kevin Barrett

Barrett Protests UW Hiring Decision

Barrett Protests UW Hiring Decision

Former controversial UW-Madison lecturer Kevin Barrett told 27 News he will formally protest his elimination from a pool of candidates for his old, teaching job.

"I received high student evaluations," Barrett told 27 News of his fall, 2006 teaching of an introductory course on Islam.

"The fact I didn't even make the (pool of) finalists does not make sense. It's based on my political views."

Barrett has headed a group which argues the 9/11 attack on New York was orchestrated by the Bush Administration. His advocacy of that position led Governor Doyle and other state leaders to call for his ouster from the teaching position. Barrett left after his teaching contract expired.

Barrett's previous teaching was monitored by administration officials to insure any discussion of the 9/11 attacks was balanced.

Barrett said his application to again teach the class included assurances he would not include advocacy of his position on 9/11's cause.

"If it was discussed, it would be noted that 80% of Muslims perceive or believe the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, and that cannot be erased."

In a letter informing Barrett he was not selected, Chair of the UW-Madison Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia Robert Bickner writes, "We had a number of highly qualified applicants," but does not specify how their qualification eclipse Barrett's resume, which includes advanced degrees from several universities and colleges.

UW-Madison spokesperson Amy Toburen told 27 News Barrett was among the pool of finalists, although the chair's letter indicates otherwise.

Toburen said Akile Zorlu-Durukan was picked for the lecturer's position.

"There was nothing different in this hiring process. It was absolutely not (a political decision)."

Toburen did not have information on Zorlu-Durukan's academic credentials.

Barrett told 27 News he has submitted a discrimination complaint to the Madison Equal Opportunities Commission.

Barrett also said he is protesting a decision by UW-Whitewater officials to pass him over for a teaching position in 2007. Barrett was one of three finalists for the job, but no one was hired, and the position was not filled.

Updated: January 10, 2008, 6:16 pm

Have you contacted the ACLU?

Have you contacted the ACLU?

Give us UW's email

Give us UW's email address.It can't hurt.Good luck & God bless.

Good Luck

Good luck, Kevin

I would feel bad for you, but...

Sorry, that's the way it is.

the way it is for who??? who

the way it is for who??? who is it that you think that you speak for??? HAHAH!!!!!

no fake brit can kick people out of the 911 truth movement, luv!!

Give it it up, "chum"

You and P45 have already been told by ME, I was raised Stateside with a mix of Brit and yank relatives.

Why you want to continue with this "wind-up" is beyond me. Clearly you don't have enough to do...

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Clearly you have nothing better to do with you're time

So what are you doing to help 911Truth? Besides trying to wind people up over nothing?

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I notice above you capitilize the word 'ME' which is what you're all about.

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We're behind you, Kevin.....

You've been an asset to the 9/11 movement. I'm certain, you'll use the exposure from your complaint to raise awareness of others as you always do!

...don't believe them!