Japanese Senator Questions 9/11

Japanese Senator Questions 9/11
By Alan Miller

On January 11th 2008, Fujita Yukihisa made a 30 minute presentation at the House of Councillors (equivalent to the U.S. Senate). He directly questioned the official version of 9/11 in a session with Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo and members of his Cabinet.

Fujita is a member of the opposition party, Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). He was elected to the House of Councillors in 2007. He is a former Member of the House of Representative and Former Vice Director General of the International Department of the Democratic Party of Japan.

Fujita emphasized that there was never an official police investigation into the deaths of the 24 Japanese citizens who were killed on 9/11.

He stated that many in the US doubt the official version of 9/11 and numerous individuals have collected evidence that contradicts the government's version, which can be seen on many websites.

During his speech, an aide showed several larges photos of:
- the Pentagon entry and exit hole and a scale overlay of a 757
- the flight path towards the Pentagon
- the WTC Twin Towers exploding
- the WTC 7 collapse
- the early announcment of the collapse of WTC 7 by the BBC and CBS

He demanded further investigation of 9/11.

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A Japan resident and Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum Admin writes:

"Hey folks, this is BIG. This is like, Joe Biden coming out for 9/11 Truth and doing a presentation of the evidence on the Senate floor."

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This is a good summary with some new info. Thanks.

I hope our collective eyes and ears on the Net will help pickup more data / information on this critical developing story.

Having a busy week, hopefully others will have more time to chase this down.

Ideas on how we can get / force the MSM to address this will be helpful.

Obviously some news blackout is in operation, otherwise more of us would have heard about it earlier.

We cannot let this story fade away into oblivion.

It may be one of the critical breaks many of us have been waiting.

It will be interesting to see what the Presidential Candidates will have to say about this new development from Japan.

Hopefully activists can pose serious questions and get some statements for those running for the Presidency.

Will Bill Clinton still say calling 911 an Inside Job "Absurd"?

How would the RP campaign respond to these respected Japanese politicians questions / statements?
More blowback? Or will we finally have some people willing to address the reality behind 911?

This has to become an election issue. Pls do not let the Presidental Candidates ignore / downplay this new development.

ALL of them. Without double standards.

Sec. of State Rice statement: - "Sees Japan as Close Security Ally" .

Well this ally is asking some serious questions.

Will there be more from other allies?

We can effect that if we are willing to.

The Globalization of the 911 Truth Movement may the key to bringing justice to the criminals.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Thank you for posting this

It's good to hear Pilots for 9/11 Truth is reporting on this.

Also, Alan Miller used a set of videos that doesn't come with links to controversial websites.


I don't mean to be critical of Constitutional911 for the YouTube videos he used. It's just unfortunate they came with all that baggage, irrelevant at best. The summaries are pretty good, though the reference to Ron Paul is extraneous. I appreciate him getting this story out and know he was just working with what was available.

In fact, both sets seem to contain some content that the other does not, so it's good for now that both are up. I would like to see a complete set posted, baggage-free. Subtitled in Engish would be wonderful, but the first step is to strip off the baggage. Some might say that those videos were dipped in shit, but they are themselves clean.

Well said

Those who have the time, pls do put up a post with sub-titles if possible.

Have a look at this : Transcript of Japanese Parliamentary discussion of 911 from Benjamin Fulford.


We need further verification on this. Benjamin Fulford is not necessarily the best source as he may be discredited on other remarks he has made on prior Rense Radio shows.

Hopefully we will have many more other translations from multiple sources so we can build a more cohesive picture of what actually transpired in Japan.

Happy Blogging.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

comments at YouTube


toumorokosi (2 days ago)


"Diet member Fujita Yukihisa just gave a one-sided conspiracy theory speech, pointing out contradictions and doubts about 9/11. Unless the government is directly confronted and made to answer to these doubts, it's a farce. There should be debate about these contradictions and doubts. Al Qaeda terrorism was created and made to happen, and it's easy to see that 9/11 is a self-made, self-performed play by the Americans and others working with them."

sizuller (2 days ago)


I hope this breaches the wall and they keep pursuing this.
stepnote1234 (2 days ago)



Wow, so this opportunity happened!!

But why did the Prime Minister and others avoid the questions with vague answers?

I'll try to do more later.

"Doubts being raised throughout the world"

"He stated that many in the US doubt the official version of 9/11 "

He also said that there are doubts being raised throughout the world. Looking at his profile at his website, he is well-traveled over the past 30 years, and has worked on refugees, land mines, and other issues. He's worked with Japanese NGOs active internationaly. He's been to 47 countries, including the Middle East. It would be interesting to know if he is hearing this from contacts he made over the years, or on official visits to other countries, and not just from the Internet.