Waxman Truth Squad on 1-11-08 "KPFK Evening News" with Senior Producer, Christine Blosdale

KPFK Senior Producer, Christine Blosdale, prepared a segment for the January 11, 2008 "KPFK Evening News" on what she called a "great gotcha moment in history," namely the recent truth-squading of Representative Henry Waxman. Interspersed with her own take on it were a few powerful moments from the encounter pulled from the We Are Change LA video of the event.

You can download the entire news show here- http://reader.feedshow.com/show_items-feed=ef181e40d78292013740efca4c3774fa
The segment starts right before the 21:30 mark.
Here's a link to just the 6-some minute segment: Click here to watch '-gotcha-Henry-Waxman--on-KPFK-1-11-08' or

In the video, Peter Thottam of the LA Impeachment Center (www.bcimpeach.com) refers to an earlier meeting with Waxman about impeachment. Here is a video of that original encounter:

And don't forget this classic where Waxman does his best Attorney General Gonzo impression in regards to the Sibel Edmonds case:

Thanks Shumonik

Great clips! Id like to add. He said he was worried about Diebold voting machines, and passed a bill for paper confirmations? WHOA!
Thanks We are change , and ae911 truth

MP3 Audio Clip - WeAreChangeLA On KPKP

Sunday January 13, 2008
KPFK Senior Producer, Christine Blosdale reports on the recent truth-squading of Representative Henry "War On Steroids" Waxman By WeAreChangeLA

* source = http://www.kpfk.org/

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Most top Democrats & Republicans are corrupted! Waxman

is typical of these boldfaced liars! Impeach him too.

HR-1955 (thought-crime bill) is as dangerous to freedom as something from Orwell's 1984! Overturn it!

(btw, Why does that big-brother jerk holding the microphone get to decide what questions are allowed & which are verboten?)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

I wish

they could have shown him the Sibel clip ,just to see the look on his face.


Already they have taken down the first video of Waxman. ***
They too are SOLD-OUT to the NWO's $$$$$$$!


Check this video out people...

Sibel Edmonds' State Secrets Gallery of Rogues: