“Well the information which has been public for many months is that the attorney general decided not to fly commercially based on some assessments of existing threat level” - Hillary Clinton, June 8 2002

"How dare" Bill dismiss the idea of a new investigation based on his wife's own statements! If this "threat level" was sufficient enough for Ashcroft to be warned, what about the ordinary citizens who boarded the planes and were in the Towers and Pentagon?

release of any warnings

The threat level went up for public servants. What about We The People? I am looking to see if our so called government released a warning of any kind to the public. Better yet if they knew of a threat did they inform the airlines to beef up security?
Does anyone have any info about release any warnings to the public our private sector before 9/11

hillary's june 8, 2002 comment on ashcroft's warning

newsfrombelow this is news to me, since i did not realize that ashcroft had advised other officials not to fly commercially. it
seems that senator clinton was somewhat reluctant to say too much. she did not shy away from the question but it is clear
she was not willing to disclose, for example, whether members of congress or just members of the bush administration
were advised by attorney general ashcroft not to fly commercially.

Here are

some more informations about Ashcroft's flying behaviour:



Thank you NK44 . Its just another nail in the coffin. there must have been a memo or intelligence estimate given to the senate, or just senators that they new, the attacks we going to happen in there states

The Clinton Threat

We need to do all we can to warn everyone that Hillary Clinton is an extension of the Bush crime cabal. "How dare you" is to be expected from the master of infanticide in Iraq. At least a half million Iraqi children died from US bombing and UN sanctions during the Clinton Administration.

It' s a Uranium 238, election engineered, 9/11 sandwich! A slice of Bush, 2 slices of Clinton, then 2 more slices of Bush. How many more slices can we expect from Hillary? Hillary may be expected to bring back the draft. THEN we will see MILLIONS of motivated people hit the streets for 9/11 truth.