Making 9/11 Truth more Accessible via Comedy

The top ranking videos on YouTube are either about sex or are funny ones. The problem is most 9/11 Truth video aren't in either category. By making 9/11 Truth videos more fun, we could increase our exposure.

Take this recent satirical video for example, which hints at Cheney being responsible for the stand-down on 9/11:

The difficulty of course is that it takes a lot more work to make videos funny... But hey, for any budding Truther comedians out there, this is your chance!

The coin video

is hilarious.

Yea, some women wouldn't hurt

Seriously, that's a good observation.
I know the San Diego meetup is doing good in this area!

Conservatives want to be your father.
Liberals want to be your mother.
Libertarians just want to treat you like an adult.

Some mac users have problems

Some mac users have problems with Blip TV.

The first video (New Bush Coins) is also on YouTube for you trendy Mac people :)

Mac's Safari does NOT like Flash

That's the problem. Just why anyone would use an internet browser which prevents them from seeing many things on web sites is beyond my comprehension--but some Macophiles insist on using Safari.

I forwarded the coin video on to friends yesterday... it's frightening and funny.

This is awesome

I hope this video goes viral. Satire is a very potent tool and can be used powefully to get more people to start thinking for themselves.

The Neo-Cons have tried to play us for fools. Now we should expose them for the fools they are.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Coin Video

Great stuff! The truth packaged in humor. Videos like this should wake the sheep up.

Time to See This Again: Maher Gets Spanked

Thanks Joe

Great video. Maher is such a clown.

Great example!

This is a perfect example of what we need to do. And the results speak for themselves: 243,915 views on YouTube!?!

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
~William Colby, former CIA Director~

Keep adding comments to the video

I just did.

I've read that adding comments, rating and using the "Favourite" feature help a video's popularity.

Revealing comments to the video

"It would take, my count, thousands of people to pull off what happened on 911. Yet not ONE has had a change of heart? Felt any guilt?"

OMG... So that explains all the evidence away?


My main man!

Todd... um... what's his last name?

(you can't expect me to remember, since he didn't even think his Mom would know)

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