Truth Movement Lost it's Momentum/Direction. What Can We Do?

As time ticks on, it appears to me that this truth movement has lost its momentum/direction. Yes, I agree that people discussing these issues and events are indeed, a great thing but what end has all of this actually reached? I am very much in support of the truth movement, as a preface, but after all the talk and debate, what's next, what do we hope to accomplish? A few questions:

a) With all the video's, websites, public /private discussions; Beside the obvious spreading of awareness/information what has been gained? So 90% of the population believes 911 was an inside job and doesn't support the war in Iraq (and probably soon to be Iran. Take the current Strait of Hormuz incident as being very similar to the Gulf of Tonkin lie, this of course comes after the Iranian WMD claims/threats. We are lied to over and over, but people don't seem to care enough to take action.

b) What good is voting if everyone running for election is from the same cloth? Yes, we can all see mass media is controlled by corporations that want to serve their own interests, so why buy into this dog and pony show? No matter what happens, as you can see every party will claim 'vote fraud' and the absence of trust for the electoral process grows. What does this all leave us with, no matter who we have as our next president, do any of us really expect any change? The oligarchy that is our current/true system will not change, just the puppet sitting at the desk in the Oval Office. Why vote if it means nothing, if it dosent count, if it can be manipulated?

c) Key figures in the Truth Movement, Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, Webster Tarpley, Jim Marrs, etc. all have done a lot of work and a great job in getting the word out about Fema camps and Gunderson Prisoner Boxcars but now that we know, what do we do with this information? Lets say that 100% of the American populous is on the side of the Truth Movement... what does this equate to? There are mock tea parties and executive orders making these protest illegal. I can go on and on about the Patriot Act, wire taps and loss of Habeas Corpus, the Geneva Convention, CIA Black Sites, Americans accepting torture, but where does all this talk get us? I'm not promoting riots, or revolution here ... but what does the Truth Movement hope to gain? We all know that the Gov. is corrupt what do we hope to do about it, what can we do about it?

Google some of the things I have mentioned above, tie it all together .. and you will probably reach the same conclusion myself and many of my friends have; That the American Dream is becoming a nightmare. Now ISP want to control what's accessible on the Internet, this was mentioned during the last CES, Google it. Why do they want to control the information on the Internet, for your security. Soon, we may not be able to have these conversations. Then what? Then we subscribe to the new national duty, get in line and spend money we don't have on credit, the modern form of slavery. There are too many instances of corruption and identifiable acts of dishonesty our Gov. is feeding us as citizens to include in this blog entry. Do you have a good feeling about the future of our country? ...even with the 60% decline in the value of the dollar since Bush became president. It seems as though the line in the sand has been drawn and your either going to accept all of the things going on and not have any problems or .. well or what, what choice do we have?

Historically, people

Historically, people wake up and become active when they are hungry... Although I would not wish for a depression to come, not at all, I am preparing for it as it appears now inevitable. My hope is that the articles in the Journal of 9/11 Studies and in books and presented papers (DVD's and on-line) will provide the information needed when people decide they are not happy with things... because the economy is in depression. We need to be prepared to ride out the difficulties while informing people at the same time regarding the foundational 9/11 issues that lead to so many the "big" issues such as the incredibly costly 9/11 wars -- in lives and money and moral/freedom values.

I would add that historically it has been clearer to people...

..where their interest lies. With the corporate owned and operated MSM, this is no longer as obvious as it once was. Loads of working class people are misinformed about where their interest lies because the manipulators are very adept at speaking in such a way that appears to address to our concerns but is so much hypocritical rhetoric(see GW excellent blog on our three brains. )

I think you're right about the depression thing, tho--the more overworked and underpaid people get, the harder it will be to sell them "values" in place of good paying jobs...


With the election horse-race in gear, nothing of substance will get media's attention short of an attack on our soil or Iran's. We've got a case for the world and domestic courts, but not the public outrage to follow through with an actual trial. With the economy falling, many folks will wake up and look for scapegoats to blame for the mess, so 9/11 will not go away, but rather lay in waiting until the right time to blossom. The price of gas will determine public sentiment over the need for the truth.

I think your title would be more accurate as a question...

..not a statement. I wouldn't say momentum has been lost, but I would say more focus and direction is needed.

Mind, it's always like herding cats, but one thing to start with is continuing a demand for a new independent investigation under oath or equivalent.(no, not by the same people what didn't do the first one; no, not by the perps)
I will leave the details to those more familiar with the options--but the fact is this has support among many Truth activists and family members and the logic behind it --lame investigation--is rock solid.

But there is a group of people who want to convince the rest of us a new investigation, under any qualified circumstances, is pointless. I have to wonder about that and if anyone tried to say that about Nuremberg...

I've been banned for this post from another leading blog

I posted this message on another blog I review from time to time, the forum. Believe it or not this message got me banned from using their forum. To say the least I was very surprised, I didn't receive notification, just the message, "you are banned from this forum" when I tried to log in. It appears to me that any mention or question of Ron Paul really isn't welcomed by Alex Jones. I fully support Ron Paul, but to place all your hopes in one person seems to vest too much risk in reaching a desirable end for the truth movement. As you can see from the message posted here, I don't speak poorly of Ron Paul in any regard but none the less, I was stilled banned from their forums with the absence of any explanation. I canceled my membership and I want to say that I am surprised that their moderator banned me for asking for peoples opinions and ideas. Its seems very hypocritical to be banned from a site that claims to purport free speech and such. I'll still review that site for news and information, but to be honest, this has really caused me to question what Alex Jones and his teams objectives or motivation may be.