WeAreCHANGE Confronts Charles Gibson

What did that accomplish?

Very likely just made an enemy out of Gibson.

It Puts Talking Heads On Notice

Its push back . . . .crude but effective . . . it is also compelling video.

This is journalistic ad lib . . . . reality reporting . . . . it may miss its mark sometimes but it is real and it envokes emotion positive and negative and thus has gravity.

It gives power to the powerless . . . . the revolutionary with a video camera rather than a gun.

Charles Gibson is fair game . . he makes his living being a public figure . . .

Such Actions Should Be Redirected At Members Of Congress

Members of congress need to be advised on camera that most of the answers sought by victim family members, were not provided by the 9/11 Commission.

In light of this info, such members of congress and the senate should be asked to justify on camera, why they would not support a new 9/11 investigation.