"Able Danger" 9/11 film premiere at Rotterdam Film Festival

Thanks to VAB for sending this in:

A new 9/11 Truth-inspired (?) film called "Able Danger" will have its world premiere at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) next week.

See http://www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/ned/iffr_2008/premieres.aspx

See also http://www.abledangerthemovie.com

More information about the movie here:

Able Danger looks promising!

Dave Herman, the director, reveals what brought him to make the film in the above .pdf file. It's interesting the movie is shot mostly in Flatbush, Brooklyn but will premiere in the Netherlands. It's worth a look.

...don't believe them!


More info about the film on the Festival's English website here: http://www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/eng/programme/programme_schedule/fi...
Looks pretty cool to me...!

a note from the Director of the film

What a great site. Thanks.

I had to have the pdf link above taken down because it contained outdated information.
Hopefully we can get some peeps into the theaters in Rotterdam, sell this film, get a distributor and into theaters world wide and jumpstart some real discussion and real change in the mainstream media approach to 911 truth . Here's some updated data;

Showtimes in Rotterdam
Sun. 01/27/2008 22:30 Cinerama 2(Press & Industry)
Mon. 01/28/2008 21:45 Pathé 7(Public)
Tue. 01/29/2008 20:00 Cinerama 7(Public)
Fri. 02/01/2008 19:15 Pathé 7(Public)

Thomas Flynn, the idealist owner of a left-leaning radical cafe-bookstore and the quixotic publisher of a hard-hitting 9/11 conspiracy expose, finds himself entangled with a mysterious Eastern European beauty, Kasia, who is on the run from the architects of a global 9/11 cover-up, in this contemporary take on classic film noir. When Thomas is implicated in the murder of his friend and employee, he's forced to unravel Kasia's complex web of lies while attempting to fight his natural attraction to her. As it turns out, Kasia possesses the smoking gun that proves the identities and methods of the real architects of 9/11, and Thomas willing to risk everything to expose the truth.

Director's Statement

Noir film is the product of an acknowledgement of the deprave nature of the human condition. It is a staring at the abyss of hapless moral relativism and spinning a good yarn about an imperfect character who at least still has a backbone to rise out of the muck and defy, despite his flaws, the inevitable demise of the world around him. Just as Noir was originally inspired by the wars that exposed the moral depths a civilized world could descend, today we face a new paradigm of machievallian evil in the form of the puppet president of the United States who serves an agenda most epitomized by the thinktank 'the project for the new american century' who, a year before the world trade center towers went down, called for the need for a 'new pearl harbor' to motivate the American war machine to enter into a middle east battleground to protect American interests into the future. So far everything is going according to plan. All these things have come to pass. And they've come to pass right under our noses. Reality is more noir than noir.

When George W. Bush won re-election I was struck dumb with guilt. What had I done to stop America's slippery slope towards fascism and backwards pre-renaissance thought? I had honed my filmmaking skills shilling goods for multi-national corporations, but I had entered the media business to engage in a dialogue with the Zeitgeist. Able Danger is meant to be a wrench in the machine.

Now let's put the righteousness aside, because things that are purely righteous, -- Michael Moore's films the exception -- aren't appealing to a mass audience. Documentaries are invaluable at exposing the truth, but they tend to reach the audience that is already listening. To reach a wider audience the message needs to be sugar coated. More people are reached by a gripping story and stylized filmmaking with beautiful and talented actors. Which is what I've undertaken to achieve. But this story is grounded in truth. The places are real. Vox Pop is a real cafe owned by a real man named Sander Hicks who publishes and sells books that the mainstream media won't touch. He is a level headed, rational and passionate real life Don Quixote still researching detail by irrepressible detail the truth of 911, election fraud, and everything else we should be infuriated about. As the sign above his door reads, 'Coffee, Books, Democracy.' This film is the fictional story of 'what if a femme fatale came into Vox Pop cafe with undeniable proof that 911 was an inside job?' It is a tribute to the people who fight the inevitable demise of American democracy.

--Paul Krik, 1.20.08