Cynthia McKinney Wants Real C.H.A.N.G.E.

Hillary Clinton wants "change" as the only woman candidate for president... but if "change" means a shift into further global control, then no thanks.

Barack Obama wants "change you can believe in" as the only black man in the presidential race... but his "change" is no more believable than Hillary's-- and he's sure to be just as globally controlled.

Cynthia McKinney, on the otherhand, as the only Black Woman candidate for president, likes real change--

McKinney says, "I love We Are Change. the gutsiest, most courageous young people. Go get 'em! It's your government; it's you. You deserve the truth."

McKinney for President 2008

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The only REAL change candidate

I have no other choice but to vote for Mckinney for President.

Cool that she was aware of them!

Though I don't like's implied assertion that she's for real change just because she is black and also a woman.

Rather, I think people should be elected on the strength of their political philosophy.

I have voted only for Green Party candidates

in the past 3 S-elections as they are always the ONLY ones that are ever looking out for my best interest instead of the top 2%.
She is for real change because she is Green Party, all the others are politics as usual.
Sadly the vast majority of American voters are far too ignorant to even realize they are being screwed and keep on voting the same lying criminals into office over & over.

No need to lump

Yes. It is true that Cynthia is the by far the best on 911 truth. No one else even comes close.
However to say that all the others are "politics as usual" is inaccurate. Ron Paul's wanting to eliminate the Federal Reserve, the income tax and the Department of Education is NOT politics as usual. His wanting to have the dollar backed by gold and silver is NOT politics as usual. His wanting to shrink the "American Empire," is NOT politics as usual.

Also, Mike Gravel is definitely NOT politics as usual. Kucinich also has earned the right not to be lumped into "politics as usual." All the others are - sadly - politics as usual.

Anyway - back to Cynthia McKinney. She is a patriot, a heroine, and great American. She is the best for 911 truth. I support her throwing her hat into the ring and it would be great if she could force the issue of 911 truth into MSM discussion. I know she is trying. Go Cynthia!

Still that's no reason to lump Paul, Gravel, and Kucinich in with all the others.

I agree...

well said imo.


...........She has more balls then all the others combined! Thank you Cynthia!! You do your country proud!

Vote your conscience

If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you still get evil.

I'm hanging with Kucincch until the primary in Ca.

Then all my time, money and energy will go to McKinney.

Good strategy

I will do the same.

Good strategy, but don't forget... put some energy into your local politics, too.

That's where the base will be built for long term change.

Cynthia is the Real McCoy I Mean Real McKinney

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I just met Cynthia about a month ago when she made it to Milwaukee on Dec.11th, 2007. After her speech I met up with her at a small coffee shop and she was more than willing to discuss with me a number of topics concerning 9/11. She told me some of best informed people she has met are 9/11 Truthers.
This is a courageous patriotic American, a Real McCoy(McKinney). Check out for a picture I have with her while I was wearing my Investigate 9/11 t-shirt. Take Care Matt

A little history ...

In 2004 Cynthia McKinney chaired the 9/11 Citizen's Commission that took place on Manhattan's upper west side. She did this while she was a member of Congress!

She has proven herself honorable & I have no doubt she will continue to do so.

I'd like to personally attest...

..I suffered under the illusions created by MSM about her for so long. My impression of Ms. McKinney was largely influenced by the State Capitol police episode. Yes, I was a superficial and casual observer.

Just a few weeks ago, however, a video clip of her asking the hard questions in Congress shifted my paradigm. I'm reading, finally, Crossing the Rubicon and it is certainly providing another view.

I'm amazed how much the MSM siphons off real news in favor of their propagenda! Cynthia McKinney has incurred the wrath of the imperialists for simply pointing out the truth! She wants real change!

If we band together, possibly, we can break their stranglehold on our country?

...don't believe them!


The important thing is that you kept an open mind so that you were able to realize how you'd been misled.

It's been years since I realized that consuming news from the corporate media without expecting to be disinformed is like Charlie Brown continuing to try to kick the football without expecting Lucy to pull it away. But there are still rude awakenings whenever I'm confronted with people whose views are distorted as a direct result of their not yet having made the break with these media. The McKinney episode at the Capitol is a perfect illustration. Just recently when visiting with family and her name came up, I was shocked to realize how completely upside-down distorted were their impressions of this incident owing entirely to the media's presentation of it; a presentation which I had purposely insulated myself from, since I knew it was going to be BS. It's just like in 'The Matrix'--before people can be moved to escape from, and revolt against, a false environment, it first has to be demonstrated to them that that enviroment is indeed false; and how can you demonstrate that to them when their criteria of true/false continue to be largely drawn from that disinfo environment?

By the way, wasn't this incident at the U.S. Capitol, not a state capitol?