Dangerous Games in the Strait of Hormuz

EDIT: Please also see this good report from RAW Story: Bogus Iran story was product of Pentagon spokesman
Another good one over at Inter-Press: How the Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story


Apparently, the Pentagon thinks you are retarded.

Yes, you, consumer of prefabricated media lies. How else to explain the utterly bogus Strait of Hormuz "incident", that blasted at all of us last week, a tandem operation brought to you by the Pentagon and its all too willing shills in the corporate press?

Pentagon says ships harassed by Iran

By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer, Mon Jan 7

WASHINGTON - An Iranian fleet of high-speed boats charged at and threatened to blow up a three-ship U.S. Navy convoy passing near Iranian waters, then vanished as the American ship commanders were preparing to open fire, the top U.S. Navy commander in the area said Monday...

...At one point the U.S. ships received a threatening radio call from the Iranians, "to the effect that they were closing (on) our ships and that the ships would explode — the U.S. ships would explode," Cosgriff said.

"Subsequently, two of these boats were observed dropping objects in the water, generally in the path of the final ship in the formation, the USS Ingraham," he added. "These objects were white, box-like objects that floated. And, obviously, the ship passed by them safely."

The boxes were not retrieved, so U.S. officials do not know whether they posed an actual threat.

Note the byline. Clearly, this article would be a load of crap even if was submitted anonymously, so I'm not sure that citing an article's lack of a byline really means that much anymore.

The Associated Press would be joined by an international chorus of bullshit, including the BBC, where you can watch the Pentagon's version of what happened on January 6th, and the very dodgy audio that features a very questionable voiceover;

US releases Iran stand-off video

"...A heavily-accented male voice can be heard saying: "I am coming at you. You will explode."

The Pentagon has said this threat was issued by the Iranian boats."

The problem is that the voice doesn't sound... Iranian. This according to Iranian/American writer, Hooman Majd;

"...Any Iranian can immediately identify Persian-accented English, particularly if the speaker has had little contact with the West, as is the case with Revolutionary Guardsmen and sailors. Iranians, you see, have difficulty with two consonants such as "p" and "l" next to each other; even Iranians who have lived in America for years will often pronounce "please" as "peh-leeze", or in this case, "explode" as "exp-eh-lode". On the tape, "explode" is pronounced perfectly, albeit as if the speaker was a villain addressing a superhero. Further, it is unimaginable, given what is known about the Revolutionary Guards (and I have met many), that one of its corps would speak in a such a manner, even if the accent were correctly Persian."

Another Iranian/American writer Daniel Pourkesali concurs.

Now, the Navy Times has published interviews with veteran Gulf sailors who think the "explode" voice was a "prankster";

Prank May Have Sparked Gulf Showdown

"...Sailors in the Persian Gulf have known him for years: a radio operator who taunts and insults passing ships. The rants are heard and logged, then mostly forgotten.

...the Navy has said it cannot pinpoint the source. Over the decades, neither the location or the nationality of the Gulf radio prankster — or pranksters — has been determined.

U.S. sailors say they have heard the prankster — who is possibly more than one person — transmitting "insults and jabbering vile epithets" on unencrypted frequencies during Navy exercises in the Gulf for years, said the Navy Times, a privately owned newspaper...

..."For 25 years there's been this mythical guy out there who, hour after hour, shouts obscenities and threats," Hoffman told Navy Times. "He could be tied up pier-side somewhere, or he could be on the bridge of a merchant ship."

"Mythical guy"? The Pentagon gets caught with its pants down, and now they're rolling out a "mythical guy" to take the hit? The ultimate Patsy, he doesn't even have to exist.

I appreciate the fact that the AP toned down the hyperbole on this one, really I do. It seems so much more... balanced. Nah, not really.

Now the icing, the Iranians had their own cameras rolling on the 6th, and guess what, their audio and video matches.

Imagine that!


Even so, even with the smoking gun in the bloody hand of the shaking junkie... Chairman Bush just rolls on...

AP rolls out the manic monkey's first threat early this morning, dutifully disseminated by MSNBC;

"These are judgment calls and there are clear rules of engagement," he said. Still, he told the Iranians: "They better be careful. If they hit one of our ships there are going to be serious consequences."

You can almost hear Cheney's rasping snarl as he called the Chairman on the hotline, "No, you idiot, not tough enough!"

AP handily digitizes the new dictat of the Über Bush, now really sounding deadly, deranged and trigger-happy;

"It's not going to matter to me one way or the other if they hit our ships, and the Iranian government has got to understand that," Bush said.

Talk about lowering the bar! Now swagger-Bush doesn't even care if Iran throws a phantom punch!

I fear that the next stunt won't be so stupid...

"Filipino Monkey" story is going Mainstream

I saw it in the Dallas Morning News this evening.


"Filipino Monkey " in the news:

I'm getting tired

of living in a Felini movie.

Bush is jonesing so bad to nuke someone, he'll do and say anything. His rapture ready true believers don't care how much he lies and the M$M will keep turning those lies into headlines for their consumption.


If those warships were to floor it. They would send up a wake 15 ft high or bigger and those little boats would capsize. Ive seen huge YACHTS get SWAMPED by the wake of a Guided Missle Cruiser. The wakes from those ships are so big. It would send chills up and down the bravest surfer.

It looks just like a HUGE WALL of water behind the ship. If you stand on the stern its pretty scarry. Thats how easy it would have been to ditch those boats. Also they would have been tiny dots on the horrizon in only a couple minutes. Your talking a massive 300 ft Ship that can do 80 Knotts easy. You won't find this in any manual or book because its classified. Not even the crew knows exactly how fast they will go. But I guarantee it is alot faster then the speed dial. A whole lot faster and it only takes like 30 seconds to build up that speed. Those ships are like sports cars on the water. Technology is awesome. Something so big but yet so fast.

911 Was An Inside Job! For the mystery of Iniquity is now being revealed!


The top speed of a guided missile cruiser is not 80 knots, it is only 34 knots.

I know for a fact its not 34 knots

The throttle indicator on a guided missle cruiser goes to 55 knots and I know for a fact it can do well over that. After all I was on a Aegis Guided missle cruiser for 5 years. I think I know what I am talking about. We would push it past 55 knots all the time.

We did the trial runs after we left the ship yard for the USS Chancelorsville and we pushed in way past what it said on the throttle. I don't know but at those speeds you couldn't stand out on the open without leaning forward like a skii jumper. You are going to tell me I could not stand out on the deck at 34 knots without leaning all the way forward like a ski jumper?

Either way I know they always list the speed in books and on websites at 30 plus knots. That means anything over 30 knots is classified but anyone who has ever seen the console will know it at least does 55. To reach speeds greater then 55 the captain has to call down to engineering to order it and it is an awesome site and feel of raw power.

Either way if the captain ordered FULL POWER the wake would swamp those little boats.

911 Was An Inside Job! For the mystery of Iniquity is now being revealed!

Double Nonsense!

Ok, now I know you are just a bullshitter, probably haven't even been on the bridge of a boat of any size. Boat throttle indicators are never labeled in knots on any size of boat from harbor tug to aircraft carrier. The throttle is labeled in fractions of full engine power; 1/4.1/2, 3/4, full.

Physics limits the speed of heavy displacement boats. Theoretical Hull Speed= Square Root of the Length of Waterline in Feet (LOW) times 1.34. Exceed the hull speed and you sail into your own bow wave which keeps you from going much faster. You can go a few percent faster than hull speed in ideal conditions but the power consumption rises dramatically and water comes over the bow.

(Very lightweight speed boats can exceed hull speed by planing like a windsurfer.)

Ticonderoga class cruisers are 567 feet long and weigh 9500 tons. They cannot plane like a fiberglass speedboat or Zodiac.

Hull speed of a Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser is 31.9 knots. At full power you might be able to push it up to 34 knots if the seas were flat or if you had a following sea. Of note 34 knots is Beaufort windforce 8, a gale. Traveling at this speed at sea would feel faster than hell. But fiberglass speedboats can easily go faster.

MP3 Audio Clip - Alex Jones & WeAreChangeUK

Monday January 14, 2008
Alex Jones Talks With We Are Change UK Members Who Were Beaten And Arrested

* source = http://www.infowars.com

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Iran Bullying Overblown by U.S.?

Pentacon Spokesshill denies it was hyped

Pentagon spokesman sounds a little defensive about offering the public a story of 3 speed boats confronting guided missile war ships!

What will be the next strained and facilitated incident?

I believe, the next serious event, will be ushered in by an announcement of more DoD missing budget dollars? Oops, another several trillions gone missing and whisked off to who knows where?

...don't believe them!

How The Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story ICH

How The Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story

Analysis by Gareth Porter

16/01/08 -- WASHINGTON, Jan 15 (IPS) - Senior Pentagon officials, evidently reflecting a broader administration policy decision, used an off-the-record Pentagon briefing to turn the Jan. 6 U.S.-Iranian incident in the Strait of Hormuz into a sensational story demonstrating Iran's military aggressiveness, a reconstruction of the events following the incident shows.

The initial press stories on the incident, all of which can be traced to a briefing by deputy assistant secretary of defence for public affairs in charge of media operations Bryan Whitman, contained similar information that has since been repudiated by the Navy itself.

Then the Navy disseminated a short video into which was spliced the audio of a phone call warning that U.S. warships would "explode" in "a few seconds". Although it was ostensibly a Navy production, IPS has learned that the ultimate decision on its content was made by top officials of the Defence Department.

The encounter between five small and apparently unarmed speedboats, each carrying a crew of two to four men, and the three U.S. warships occurred very early on Saturday Jan. 6, Washington time. But no information was released to the public about the incident for more than 24 hours, indicating that it was not viewed initially as being very urgent.

The reason for that absence of public information on the incident for more than a full day is that it was not that different from many others in the Gulf over more than a decade. A Pentagon consultant who asked not to be identified told IPS that he had spoken with officers who had experienced similar encounters with small Iranian boats throughout the 1990s, and that such incidents are "just not a major threat to the U.S. Navy by any stretch of the imagination".


or here for original:

Thanks for the article, Joe.

Thanks for the article, Joe. I don't know if most people could even understand the implications of the article in the remote chance they happened upon it. Sounds to me like some patriotic servicemen leaked the truth.

The problem is that the establishment is well aware that once a narrative is planted, it remains strong despite later retractions or partial disavows. And the latter are never broadcast with the same fervor as the original -- or, for that matter, given the same prominence in headlines and newscasts.

It's easy to create a strong initial impression; it takes a lot more time to effectively dismantle it afterward. All of the small lies accumulate to give sleepy Americans the idea that Iran is the next boogey-state and poses some amorphous threat. Plus, they don't need to convince the majority of anything anymore, when true public opinion isn't measured -- and the blatherers continue to rely exclusively on "official sources."

This reminds me of the recent lost nuke incident

Fortunately, there still are people in the rank and file, who do care about this country and the rest of us, that they find ways to get this stuff out there.