First Responder Confronts Kucinich on 9/11 Aid

David Miller, a first responder suffering from Mesothelioma (related to asbestos exposure) confronted Congressman Dennis Kucinich to demand he do more to represent the dire needs of the some 50,000 rescue workers sick and dying from exposure to toxic air at ground zero.

Kucinich pointed out that he has been part of previous hearings on the subject, but agreed to have a private meeting with the 9/11 Health Advocacy Group, the Feal Good Foundation and to address the critical issues related to 9/11 health.

Miller is one among many who struggles with not only his health, but the associated costs of medication and living expenses (while being too sick to work), all without financial assistance from any official agencies, local or federal.

One of the biggest barriers for first responders has been the refusal to recognize their conditions as officially correlated with ground zero air conditions, despite a clear cover-up on the part of the EPA, the White House and the Mayor’s Office in New York.

Mayor Bloomberg has since refused to acknowledge that a number of first responders died of ground zero-related illnesses. When former NYPD Detective James Zadroga died, Bloomberg stated that he “was not a hero”-- alleging that Zadroga's death was not due to lung illness but drug abuse. He has since apologized.

The denial of status has been one critical factor preventing the many suffering from receiving any official aid, pensions, medical benefits, or etc. Miller hopes Kucinich will be able to help change that.

In the meantime, the Feal Good Foundation and intend to continue assistance efforts on their own. On February 16th, the groups will hold a money bomb in hopes that they can raise $1 million in a one-day benefit.

David Miller's health has drastically worsened since his confrontation with Kucinich-- his cancer has spread from his lungs to his neck and head. The doctors don't give him long to live. Miller has now been hospitalized.

The need for funds for the sick and dying 9/11 First Responders is great since the government denies them disabilities. Many First Responders are left without a choice: the high costs of medication without being able to work has left many first responder families in poverty.

If people can raise and spend millions of dollars on an election campaign, why can't we raise enough to save our heroes-- or at least $1 million towards making their situation a little bit better. The money provided will go to first responders, medical costs and living expenses that are dearly needed as soon as it can be raised.

The 9/11 First Responders gave their lives and well-being for people they didn't even know-- people who could have been you and yours. They did it for our country; why, then, can't we get them the proper medication and treatment they need?

Send a message to the world and show that Americans will take care of their own, while the government sits back and does nothing. After all, it is our duty to stand up for those who boldly took action during our nation's worst attack-- and are now suffering for that courage. is sick of politics and has decided to help the emerging crisis in New York by reaching out to those who most deserve our help.


Outstanding Video

This is a very moving video. I hope Kucinich really gets into this because it's the heart and soul of America and what America stands for.

Thanks for posting!

Dennis handled that well...

I thought.
David's analysis with about one minute remaining was interesting. He commented on 9/11 responders health issues might lead to questions being raised about the official story.

Youtube: Kucinich talking about Ron Paul as a potential running mate

No wonder

No wonder NBC wants to ban Kucinich from debates ! He 'might' do or say something.
Where's that Black List site ? NBC - General Electric ? Profits from the wars ? WTF ! We need a list of these companies on the left hand side of this page. Or any truth site.
"We get it" now. It's time to 'take it to the terrorists.'
And where's the 'MSN ' in the NBC network ? Bill Gates ? Explain 'free fall' collapse speed Bill ! (Feel free to use the 'paper clip thing' or that 'Windows cartoon' you had soiling my monitor, that made me feel so intelligent)
But Bill - this whole thing blows !! So....

“A wit 's a feather, and a

“A wit 's a feather, and a chief a rod; An honest man 's the noblest work of God.”
--Alexander Pope

blessings and peace to you, David

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Great video! Way to go Luke, Matt and the WAC NY team!

The money bomb is February 16, 2008 and not 2007, as is shown at the end of the video, yes?

A few weeks back I heard something on the radio saying that the Red Cross took in around $1 billion in response to 9/11 and that they didn't know what to do with the money, so they were allocating alot of it to other things. I think we need to tell them that the first responders and ground zero workers need the money NOW.

David Miller is right, not only is fighting for these ill and dying everyday heroes the right thing to do, it will also lead alot of people to ask how this actually happened. What forces were necessary to pulverize everything but the structural steel?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Need more videos like this....

Miller was very good in his confrontation of Kucinich, but proved excellent in his rhetorical questions at the end of the video?

"How did we (first responders) get contaminated? Were these normal collapses? How did this happen?"

It's obvious Mr. Miller is ailing. I hope to see more of him. He is in a powerful position to move this issue in a positive direction. It's very difficult for politicians to denigrate and dismiss professionials injured in the line of duty!!!!

...don't believe them!


When is it Ron Paul's turn?

I sincerely ask this of ALL RP supporters. Should he not be given the chance to answer similiar questions?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

David Miller's voice

sounds a lot like Aaron Russo's.

I hope these guy's get the care & treatment they deserve.

I would like to see Ron Paul asked about this. His political views are the opposite of Kucininch, so he
doesn't believe in the state providing free health care.. So, I'm not sure what his solution would be, in
this circumstance.