Are these people paid to oppose, or just stupid? Amazon response to the Japanese Diet story

As some of you know, I am well-known on Amazon. I choose that place because Amazon is one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the web. In addition, what could be a more non-partisan site, right? Good place to spread 9/11 truth to newbies, no? And their forums which are purely for discussion, such as the Amazon Politics Forum, (i.e. not attached to a specific product for purchase; Griffin's books have their own little Amazon subforums), are still fairly new, but with catching popularity.

I took the liberty of introducing to the Amazon Politics Forum community the breaking story of the Japanese Diet covering 9/11 Truth. While Amazon indeed used to be a rational place, it seems that these days they're on a par with JREF when it comes to not just the dogmatic blindness of OCT defenders, but the speed at which they reply. Virtually all you need to do these days is make a post, hit refresh, and someone's already come back with a post "debunking" you!

Since the Marc Awodney article was posted so we could revel in the amount of opposition Awodney was receiving, here I post this thread to encourage all people with Amazon accounts to silence these shills with the strength in numbers factor. Right now it's just myself and A. Hussein on there, and we're feeling lonely! Check out how ridiculous some of the comments are by the people who support the OCT.

Now that 9/11 Truth is going global, these hacks are working overtime.

If you go to the thread, you might want to click on "newest posts first" and read the last 5-10 posts and jump into the conversation from there.

I guess Bernays, Goebbels, and Bush were correct that if you simply repeat something over and over (i.e. "the controlled demolition claim is backed by no evidence whatsoever") some will start to believe it.

Let's outnumber these goons!

My guess would be that

My guess would be that someones come up with a program to check for keywords and make an automatic post. You can't outnumber that.

I posted my two cents at Amazon

Thanks Kameelyun, we should use every tool available and hit it from every angle.

I posted 3 cents

may follow up a few but I hate discussing this anymore with idiots that flatly refuse to accept documented fact just a complete waste of time.
Its like discussing the fact that the Earth is approx 4.55 Billion years old with a lunatic Young Earth Creationist. No matter how much hard tangible and irrefutable proof you give they will always simply deny it stick their fingers in their ears and shout LALALALALALAALla. People that believe the Earth is 6000 years old & idiots that swallow the OCT are the same they work on "faith" in what they "want" to believe and nothing is ever going to change their minds.