Stallone Decries "Bold Faced Lying To Pacify The Masses"

Stallone Decries "Bold Faced Lying To Pacify The Masses"
Rambo star asked why he does not "go after Al Qaeda" in new movie

Steve Watson
Thursday, Jan 17, 2008

Sylvester Stallone, star of the upcoming fourth Rambo film, has described the current political climate as being based upon "bold faced lying" by governments in order to "pacify the masses".

Taking part in a question and answer session for popular culture website, Stallone was responding in answer to a mind numbing and cringe inducing question from a fan as to why Rambo does not "git them evil islamo-facist muslim dudes" in his fourth and final outing.

"Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr" from Los Angeles (if indeed he is a real doctor - which I seriously doubt given that he brags about having full sex with a woman before asking his question) asked the following question of Stallone:

"In the eighties, John Rambo took on villains who were the real villains of the day: ruthless, invading Russian commie bastards hellbent on global communism. So I always assumed that if Rambo returned he'd be taking on the real villain of this day: extreme, radical Islamist bastards hellbent on worldwide jihad. It seems like all of today's movies have pussed out on making Islamofacists the bad guys even though they are clearly the bad guys in the real world right now. Why is Rambo pussing out on this mission? Has he become politically correct?"

YEAH Stallone you wimp! Ha, choke on that!

Well, actually "doctor" it seems Rambo is more concerned with sorting out some bad guys in Burma this time around. You know, that place where a REAL and vicious Socialist military dictatorship has been oppressing and killing innocent people on and off for nigh on 60 years now.

Stallone replies:

"The phrase ‘politically correct’ is basically a euphemism for bold face lying because unfortunately, lies keep society functioning. The day we have our politicians actually tell us the real truth, we’d have anarchy in the streets. So we’re told what they think will pacify the masses not inflame them. "

Running around after a few incompetent rag tag arabs who have neither the wherewithal nor the capability of instigating a proverbial piss up in a brewery let alone a "worldwide jihad", does not rank high on Rambo's to do list.

Besides, the end of the last Rambo movie saw the headbanded hero riding off into the sunset on a camel with his new best buddies, the very same "extreme, radical Islamist bastards hellbent on worldwide jihad". Why so? Because back then they were our boys.

Rambo III was a cinematic depiction of the fact that throughout the 1980’s, the CIA covertly pumped billions of dollars of military aid into Afghanistan to support the mujahedeen–or holy warriors–against the Soviet Union, which had invaded in 1979.

These holy warriors were armed, trained and funded using American tax dollars. Their CIA handlers compiled the names of the mujahedeen leaders into an electronic intranet database, which was also used by the intelligence agencies to communicate with their holy-warriors. Being one of the first of it's kind, this source of information became known as "The Base", or when translated in Arabic, "Al Qaeda".

Now we're all a bit more pally with the "ruthless, invading Russian commie bastards hellbent on global communism", our governments have turned their attention back to plundering the hell out of the middle east. Of course we as rational peace loving people would never tolerate such actions in our names unless there was some gigantic threat to our freedom and way of life, which of course comes in the form of a prolonged propaganda campaign to convince us that there really are hordes of "Islamofacists" around every corner and hiding under our beds waiting to get us because they abhor our freedom.

Unfortunately the average American, like "Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr", buys this fiction hook line and sinker, cannot remember further back than when that 9/11 thing happened, and will not question why his favorite hero, the dude he sacrificed some great sex for, used to be best pals with those guys who are now the evil baddies.

As Stallone points out, for our governments to tell the truth would be too inflaming, instead we are pacified and told that everything is black and white. We're at war with the Islamofacists, we've always been at war with the Islamofacists.

Don't you know when you're being yanked?

"Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr" is the name of Steve Martin's character in 'The Man with Two Brains'.

Despite who asked the question, Stallone still answered it, as

I confirmed by doing a Google News search. So no, we have not been "yanked."

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:


Can you provide us with some links to the Google New Search.

I found these :



Let me know if you have others. Thanks again.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

The "you" is Stallone, not you.

My point - The questioner was being a smart-ass and his screen name was the giveaway.

So sensitive...

Rocky says...

"YO ADRIAN !!.....BUSH DID IT !!!"

(sorry, couldn't resist)

Good Will Hunting NSA

JR that's some funny shit

Hollywood does release some truth sometime look at this scene from good will hunting

Perfect clip

Awesome man...I loved this movie and I love the characters in it.

nice clip

the exact opposite of something like "diehard 4" or" the last mimsy" with lots of subliminal and not so subliminal 'good to think' ........ crap

what can you get away with saying 101

well,here is my take,
Stallone , like every other human being possessed of a brain and the will to use it suspects that 911 is an inside job
celebrities like stallone, cuban, rosie, and that guy who was supposed to narrate the loose change final cut, whats his name ? are all in a much more difficult and precarious position that someone like say , me ,is because of the media spotlight on them .
The track record of murder and career assaassination the federal government of the united states engages in when dealing with threats to their hegmony that honest people like that represent to their political, social ,and criminal agendas must frighten the outspoken celibrities,...... it would sure as hell scare the crap outta me.
i think celebs say what they think they can get away with and wait to see what has transpired ,and even that takes tremendous courage . i wait to see what rambo says next

i still wonder what they said to mark cuban and that other guy.


i still wonder what they said to mark cuban and that other guy.

Yep, same question here -- I am also wondering about the strange silence from "the other guy". Very noticeable after his vocal public opinions...

"Actors for 9/11 Truth"

I still wish they joined forces and founded that.