What’s Behind the REAL ID Act?

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Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff rated a nationally syndicated article January 16th to plug the REAL ID Act which Bush signed into law on 11 May 2005. The Act mandates standardized state driver’s licenses as the official piece of identification effective 31 December 2009. After that date, non-compliant licenses, or identification cards for non-drivers — will not be valid ID for boarding commercial aircraft, admission to nuclear power plants, or for entry into any other federal or federally-regulated facility. To obtain one of these licenses a person must present proof of identity, verification of Social Security status, proof of residency, and proof of citizenship or legal-alien status. The license or ID card must contain at least four pieces of biometric identification that are machine-readable by all states and the federal government.

Chertoff uses a form of propaganda called “implied truths” in his article. He asks three rhetorical questions: “Should banks cash checks from people who cannot prove who they are? Should parents hire babysitters they know nothing about? Should airlines let passengers on board without validating their identity?”

Of course we all know the answer to those questions but Chertoff doesn’t say the present documents aren’t adequate. Instead he implies inadequacy with another rhetorical question – “But are [the present] documents necessarily reliable?” – and then asks us to consider several facts:

1. Fact: All except one of the 9/11 hijackers carried government ID that helped them board planes and remain in the country illegally. Anyone who has seriously studied the events leading up to 9/11 knows it was the officials who are supposed to examine the IDs that goofed – all the way from a traffic cop issuing a citation to the lack of communication between the CIA and FBI.
2. Fact: Last year immigration and customs officials charged hundreds of illegal workers with identification document fraud. Sounds like they are doing what they are supposed to do. Nevertheless, Chertoff doesn’t show how the REAL ID Act will prevent document fraud except for a requirement to make licenses harder to counterfeit. Such efforts haven’t prevented counterfeiting of US currency.
3. Fact: In 2005, “identity theft cost American households $64 billion, and 28 percent of those incidents likely required a driver’s license to perpetrate.” (emphasis added) Millions of drivers’ licenses are stolen annually and the REAL ID Act will help identity theft by consolidating all the pertinent information. There is nothing in the Act requiring encryption, and that has never proved effective anyway.

The REAL ID Act is actually an end run around Congress. Following 9/11, the Bush administration tried to create a National ID Card. Congress wouldn’t go for that because of privacy concerns and the implications of a police state. The Homeland Security Act of 2002, which created the Department of Homeland Security, contained a rider prohibiting such a card. To get around that prohibition, the Bush administration proposed legislation requiring the states to standardize their primary identification document. Although each state will have its own database, those databases will be interactive among all states and the federal government. With today’s computer technology, the entire lot can be accessed with a single query.

All of this came together as the REAL ID Act. It was slipped through Congress without debate as an attachment to war-funding authorizations for Afghanistan and Iraq. By the end of 2009 we will, in effect, have a National ID Card for the USA.

I have addressed this issue, and many more which are moving this country toward a police state, in my new book America in Peril, which will be available in February 2008. Copies may be ordered from Hope Publishing House, P.O. Box 60008, Pasadena, CA 91116. (360 pages, $16.95 plus $3 shipping)

Bob Aldridge,

16 January 2007

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Questions for Chertoff

If anyone sees Chertoff ask him these questions for me.

How will a Real ID prevent NORAD from standing down for two hours in the event of a hijacking?

How will a Real ID prevent FBI agents like Harry Samit who gave his superiors 70 warnings about Moussaui being a terrorist and hijacker before 9/11, and whose computer had the identifications of all other terrorists involved in 9/11 on it, only to have them all ignored prevent this from reoccuring

How will a Real ID prevent the info gathered from Able Danger from being ignored which discovered the identificaitons of the hijackers a year before the attack?

How will a Real ID prevent the warnings Sibel Edmonds discovered occured in April 2001 from being ignored the next time?

In the months before 9/11 the laywer Dave Schippers recieved numerous frantic phone calls from FBI agents in Chicago and Minneapolis saying an imminent terror attack was going to occur in lower manhattan and that nobody in the FBI was doing anything about it. All attempts to bring this issue to light were ignored. How will a Real ID prevent this from happening?

Thats just a sampling. For real fun ask him

How will a Real ID prevent physical evidence of explosives like thermite flakes, sulfidated metal, molten metal and 1,3-diphenylpropane from being found at the scene of terror attacks that supposedly do not involve explosives?

Reason for NORAD stand down.

This is my first post here. Please be easy on me.

Major General Eric Findley of the Canadian Air Force was acting commander of NORAD on 9/11 during Global Guardian 01 military exercise.

The reason why NORAD "stood down" is Canada in charge of NORAD for 30 hours from 3:00PM EST Monday, September 10, 2001 to 9:00pm EST
Tuesday, September 11, 2001. This was due to an annual military exercise between Canada and USA called Global Guardian 01. So Canada was
"blue team" and USA was "red team." But "red team" were the true perpetrators behind this crime. Instead of being a simulation, Global Guardian 01 was essentially 9/11. That's the only way this could be pulled off successfully. Having 9/11 happen during a military exercise.

Real ID Could Lead To...

1.Cashless Society if the cards become monetized where the State can freeze your funds for any number of reasons they deem neccesary. This Country actually has a 53 Trillion Dollar Debt. That money has to be made up somewhere along the line sooner or later. This could enslave the public to paying future exorbitant tax rates and leave them utterly powerless to resist it. Hiding monies would be impossible.

2. Biometric parameters imbedded in the security features of the cards could destroy personal privacy allowing law enforcement to read at a glance a person's whole identity including social security numbers and outstanding warrants. This might violate Search and Seizure provisions in "that Goddamn piece of paper" [as per bush] ...ie; the Constitution.

3. Mass dententions of illegal aliens...and of anyone stripped of their citizenship and declared an enemy combatant or terrorist/terrorist sympathizer. Outspoken detractors of US foreign policy need to pay attention.

4. Of course, all three points could be combined and added to a no fly listing so that said holder of said card would be unable to leave the United States, could have monies frozen, be stripped of Citizenship, and promptly detained at Guantanamo indefinitely without the aid of legal councel. After that comes the military Tribunals.

If the right wing would steal elections and wiretap illegally, just imagine what they'd do with Real ID.

No good.