Google Video Numbers Must be Astounding on 9/11 Truth Films.

By the looks of Google Video's "Most Viewed" videos we ought to be doing real well at educating the masses. The top three have consistency been Zeitgeist, Loose Change, Freedom to Fascism, etc and End Game is in there as well. I wish Google still had their total views listed so we could see just how many people have seen these films. I remember well over three million had seen Freedom to Fascism around a year ago. The numbers must be amazing, its just that Google is no longer showing those results. Too bad. But at least there are a lot because these have been in the top ten for weeks if not longer. I'd like to get to the bottom of this.

See Prison Planet's viewpoint on this issue as well...

See Google Video's "Most Viewed" Videos:

Please contact Google Video and ask them to explain their policy regarding view counts on their Google Video service..

I've Also Wondered About Counter Disappearance

To be able to continue to list most viewed videos requires view counts.

So why keep such details exempt from public view?

The best 9/11 videos are posted at Google, not Youtube, which still lists video views.

Long Live Google Video...I pray

I check Google Video Top 100 almost daily to ascertain our progress.

Zeitgeist in Top 5 since its appearance!

Sometimes we have 20% or more Truth and related films in the Top 100. I've seen it as high as 51% on 9/11 06'

Zeitgeist (4 versions in Top 100)
America from Freedom to Fascism
Loose Change 2E
the MoneyMasters
From the Wilderness: The CIA Connection
Zeitgeist (in Spanish)
Fiat Empire
The Power of Nightmares

I also check what is popular in other countries.

Loose Change (japanese subtitled) in top 3 in Japan for most of a year.
Here's Canada:
New Zealand:

Thanks Joe

Keep us updated on the statistics. Not all of us know this.

It's great to see so much good alternative information out there to counter the MSM Propoganda.

We still should prepare for new Internet Controls that are in the works to stiffle alternative news, video etc.

Big Brother is most likely not happy with the current status quo and we should develop our own technologies, distribution methods and be more Creative in getting the truth out.

Think of it as our own Open Source Content Creation and Distribution Models to deal with new legislation the Feds are looking into to further control free speech and ideas.

Google can turn of the tap anytime so those of us with the know-how should have backup plans in the works for our OWN Googles and YouTubes.

I am sure we have many tech-savvy and creative people who can build their own Googles that are on the cutting edge of technology, current affairs and THE TRUTH.

We have the best thing going for us. We LOVE FREEDOM.

And the Internet IS ALL ABOUT FREEDOM. Never let them censor or control us no matter what the guise.

The "War on Terror" is also a War on Ideas, Independent Thinking.

Let the Truth Blogs lead the way.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it