Able Danger Movie Trailer


This film evidently assumes that Muhammad Atta and company were the key perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks. It's assumption is therefore LIHOP:

"LIHOP - A hypothesis which states that certain knowledgeable members of the United States government allowed the 9/11 attacks to take place."

Most here believe they were actually a false-flag attacks, perpetrated by government. Poor old Atta may have been on board one of those jets. Or he may not have been.

The movie clearly has good financial backing.

Able Danger blogger, would you care to elaborate? What is your theory?


not sure how you read LIHOP is 'evidently assumed' by the film ABLE DANGER -- where do you get that from? With regard to MIHOP, the film goes to great lengths to focus on the historical necessity of the 'patsy' and references Daniel Hopsicker's and Sander Hick's of research with regard Atta's connections to 'non-muslim Germans' and the CIA. In short the film takes the position that Atta was handled by western 'shadow government agents' In any case, you should rest assured that the film takes the darkest possible view of reality. It's noir for chrissakes!

My thoughts...

When will it be available in the United States?

I can't think of a better 9/11 topic for this type of Movie than the "Able Danger" angle: Actually "Able Danger" isn't really an angle, its the epicenter of the entire U.S. cover-up.

The trailer looks very good, but the "I Don't Know What You Are Talking About" scream at the end isn't very convincing.

Overall, it looks like a great project... For those involved, thanks for your hard work.


This one smells rotten.

This one smells rotten. Judging from the trailer, it appears to be an intimidation film. Besides that, what gives with promoting fiction when the reality is available. Fiction over reality is what got us into this unaccountable government mess in the first place.

"Able Danger" - the name speaks for itself

This movie, no matter how we assess it, is making a tremendous impact. Simply by highlighting the "Able Danger" name, helping to illuminate the CIA-al Qaida, Congressman Weldon (who was booted from office for his work in exposing Able Danger), connection.

The trailer is hot. The movie is fiction, "based of truth" is enough to bring home the point that we need a new investigation. It will help New Yorkers become more aware and help the NYC 9/11 ballot initiative.

When will it be releasing in the US?
I have the perfect independent theater in mind..

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