Actions of January 11

Six Years of Guantanamo

One Year of Truth Action


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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

INSPIRATION ! Validation! These pics recharge the batteries.


These pics and the great job that does in pulling all this stuff together really helps to keep the fires burning bright. Thanks Cosmos for burning the midnight oil to bring us these pics.

Thank you so very much every one and all in the 911 TRUTH movement.

In one form or another, I think that we all appreciate each other's contributions and sacrifices and endurance and tenacity. We have some real warriors in our movement. Hot Dogs!

But, no matter how 'small' the promotional act of disseminating 911 truth, I appreciate it. Anything that anyone does which furthers 911 TRUTH is greatly appreciated. The acts are cumulative. We are building a juggernaut, a real momentum.

My hat is off to all my fellow truthers.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.


The inspiration found in these photos (and the videos and written reports which can be found here) are a key component of this campaign and the reason why I have pushed the importance of documentation of the actions since the beginning. Not only do they inspire us (and hopefully encourage more to get off the keyboard and get on the street), but they document our growth and take the power of our actions around the world. Instead of only being seen by those you come into contact with during your action, your action can affect and inspire (maybe even wake up!) someone on the other side of the world - maybe even someone in your own town who didn't realize this was going on. It happens!

For that reason I encourage people to copy and reproduce the Eleventh action reports and spread them far and wide - to your local indymedias, political forums, non-political forums, wherever. You can copy this one by hitting the quote button in this thread in the forum. If I can help, let me know.

Tom, thanks for your great activism and your support.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Wow--my "no memory" computer can handle this here

I wonder why it can't handle them at Truthaction?

Oh well--fantastic job!

As Always


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


One year anniversary coming up February 11 - help spread the word!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

See you in Santa Cruz my fellow bearded homey

See you in Santa Cruz my fellow bearded homey, although of course, I'm not as bearded as before. I didn't want Tarpley to say I was Bin Laden in Jewish-Mexican American disguise. lol

Ok, sorry to bring up old crappy crap

I can't wait for the redwoods. I've been near the hollyweird konkrete jungle too long.

At our action in Hollywood, I once again got the woman talking to her inner psychic counselors look over and say, "9-11 truth...harumph" and roll her eyes.

You know you have a fairly heavy social burden to push when the crazier of outcasts are calling you crazy and casting you out.

By now though, my skin is straight armadilla. I got worse from Christopher Hitchens at the LA Library with a middle finger and a "We have no time to waste on you. Take the microphone. He's a nit wit." I insisted on setting him straight afterwards, outside over an American Spirit though.


“Thank god I only have 3 more minutes left to deal with that loud-mouthed asshole.”
--Bill Maher 9-28-07


“You need help. You do. And I’m not gonna debate it… I debate everything except hallucinations.”
--Dennis Prager 6-8-07


“Nice try… It’s really sad… You’ll ruin you’re life with this stuff.”
--Michael Medved 10-25-07


“If you are not ashamed of yourself for a performance like this, it's really not my problem.”

“I won't respond to the rest, because it is entirely devoid of argument or evidence, or indeed anything but the same display of extraordinary arrogance and self-righteousness."

"However, if you feel that you can make a serious comment or raise a serious question. I'll consider it. Otherwise don't waste your time and mine.”
-Noam Chomsky over email

So there! crazy hollweird lady, you can't say anything to hurt me that a left or right gatekeeper hasn't said already.


With this much resistance

I KNOW we're gonna win!

Truth prevails, no matter what.

Let's make it sooner than later.

Looking forward to seeing you too, Jeremy.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Austin Texas January 11