Confronting Senator Russ Feingold On 9/11 Truth And Oil Power

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,

Confronting Senator Russ Feingold About9/11 Truth Oil Power
This Youtube video is about confronting power. Senator Feingold received 9/11 Truth information from me in the past and now I'm confronting him (yelling as he puts it) again with information on 9/11 Truth. Yes, I'm angry, but I'm not out of control. We need to confront our political leaders. They are not listening to their constituents or taking any action when it comes to 9/11 Truth and the creation of a citizens independent 9/11 investigation. Matthew Naus Founder Of: Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth

I liked your yelling

Senator Feingold

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506 Hart Senate Office Building
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I hate to criticize such a

I hate to criticize such a patriot, especially because the emotional content is so powerful, but when there's an opportunity to speak to power so directly and when it is backed up with such undeniable information such as CIA, Military, and government officials all calling for an investigation, I think the best approach should be as a citizen journalist. Speak seriously and the message is accepted seriously. Regardless of the shortcomings, this was an excellent confrontation.

Also, Feingold, along with many others in the Senate and Congress, are guilty of misprision of treason simply for not impeaching Bush when there is a clear case for impeachment. At this stage, if you're not with us your against us. Pack your bags Russ..

Dude you are crazy!

Dude you are crazy! Feingold is the only senator with ethics and morals and screaming at him about something you are angry about is uncalled for. I wish he were my senator. You should be taking your anger to Bush and Cheney - they are the enemies! And by the way, you may want to talk to your doctor about getting some Xanax - it will help calm you down.

Hot Damn!! Yes! The loud voice of concern is appropriate!!!

Yes! I loved seeing this.

It is an appropriate response to raise a voice. Matt did an excellent job. He was civil and yet loudly voiced his concern.

Great job! This is demanding the truth, demanding that representatives do their job.

They accused Matt of being 'disruptive' or angry.... He was not disruptive, but rather he was insisting that this information be looked at.

Ha! it would be inappropriate for someone to be all calm and dull and monotone about concerns that elements within our own government perpetrated 9/11/01.

Matt's passion was sane.

The Senator's reactions were insane.

Here the Senator does not even consider squat about the accusation that 9/11 was an inside job. Sanely, an accusation of this magnitude should raise concern.

For example, if I accused someone of being a child molestor or murderer, people hearing that should appropriately be concerned. So, too, in this case, Matt brings forth some serious allegations and also his concerns of neglect by our representatives...these are serious allegations. It is inappropriate and ostentatious for the Senator to not respond with concern.

Senator Feingold is a glib, plastic coated, theetie wheetie, airy-fairie, manaquen. He betrays the public trust. It is treasonous on the Senator's part TO NOT EVEN LOOK AT SUCH SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS !! Thousands of people are dying because of this lie. Their blood in on his hands because of his neglect to even LOOK.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

Show "It's amazing that you people" by Roxy

Who's ignoring Bush and Cheney?

Those are the two people listed on my treason letters to federal judges.

And if they ever showed their face, or, gasp, answered questions from the people they serve, I would definitely have some pointed questions ready to truth squad them with, and maybe even trip them up to show their complicity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Feingold, no matter how progressive and ethical he is, has the opportunity to deal with this and is currently failing his duty to call out treason at high levels. This is a fundamental responsibility, especially when being a Senator.

So, while I am not accusing him of treason (yet), after this video documentation, he will now be legally accountable to misprision of treason if he does not act on this information.

I would love to see him live up to his role and responsibility and I am open to that possibility.

Meanwhile, a veteran, who was willing to go kill and be killed for this country and its Constitution, who had civilly informed him of treason around 9-11 before, is understandably angry that he appears to have not looked into it, or worse yet, is not doing anything about it.

like I said before, this is not about cultivating a long, trusted advisory position with your Senator on your pet policy project, this is about the fundamental integrity of our Republic and his duty as a public servant to uphold it.

FYI, Mr. Feingold is a

FYI, Mr. Feingold is a SENATOR, not a Representative. Those charges must first come from the House of Representatives, not the Senate. This isn't Russ's fight to fight. Just a little Constitution lesson for some people that are letting their emotions over take good judgment. And if he did raise a stink, would all you people calling for the wrong man's head be able to live with yourself when he's silenced????? Here's a hint, back off Russ, take it to your Represenatives.

That does not release him from his duty as a citizen

Officially, yes, in terms of impeachment, it is must originate in the house.

But I'm just talking about as a high-up citizen of the country, in the elite group of the Congress.

I, as a normal citizen, have already filed my treason papers on the occupants of the White House. If I have to do it, then for sure a Senator has an even larger civil burden to take on treason in the Executive Branch.

9-11 is what happens when almost all of Congress acts like it's business as usual after the inside-job hit on a president, his brother who was likely going to be president and MLK, probably the greatest example of a leader the American people have ever seen.

That is called a coup. And if you just go along with it and pass all your spending bills without talking about the coup every day in every way you get 9-11-01, a coup on the mind, body and soul of the entire world.

Is there a bigger terrorist cell in this country than the one with the public face staring out the windows of the White House? Read Article III, Section 3 and tell me that not inquiring into and saying anything about 9-11 treason is not treason itself, by giving "aid and comfort" to our enemies. Who has shown himself to be a bigger enemy of the Constitution, Bin Laden or Cheney? So, Nancy Pelosi's insistence that impeachment is off the table really is a clear act of treason, aiding the criminals to escape prosecution.

So, yes, while Feingold is not a primary person in the giving of aid and comfort to the treasonous, AT THE VERY LEAST he has a moral and civic duty to deal with this vocally.

One of these Senators could muster the wisdom and courage to call a press conference and indicate the clear treason in the White House in relation to our worst mass murder and terrorist attack.

Their role as Congresspeople is not just to pass laws and follow the rules of Congress, but to speak on behalf of We the People.

And I've delivered information and spoken to my Congressman's aid face to face in DC. And if I get the chance to speak to him face to face I will record it and call him on his duty.

I've already warned Waxman in person that "Oversight of Treason" is legally termed misprision of treason.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Every day he doesn't do as he should more are being silenced

in the criminal 9-11 wars.

And every day Feingold and the rest of "our" Congress does not do their duty, the risk rises of a million people being "silenced" from the coming WMD attack in an American city that Cheney and Chertoff have clearly promised us. They are there to uphold the Constitution even if there is risk of being "silenced."

I'm being coldly logical, not "emotional," though there is a very much appropriate emotional content that comes along with the "logic" of our moment.

And I think the murder of RFK is evidence that when you hold back and don't publicly speak out about treason and deep politics, there is even more reason to "silence" you. RFK was hinting that if he got elected he would look into his brother's murder. So, for that reason and others, it was a wise move for the coup faction to silence him.

So speak Mr. Feingold. Others have your back. And if you are going to be silenced, we will not allow injustice to linger around your death.

Cynthia McKinney who was but a representative went toe to toe with Rumsfeld about some of the heaviest stuff to this date that has been discussed about 9-11 in the Capitol Building. So, I urge Mr. Feingold to be America's Senator. Our grandchildren and their sense of history will bless his name.

"Senator Feingold is a glib,

"Senator Feingold is a glib, plastic coated, theetie wheetie, airy-fairie, manaquen. He betrays the public trust. It is treasonous on the Senator's part TO NOT EVEN LOOK AT SUCH SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS !! Thousands of people are dying because of this lie. Their blood in on his hands because of his neglect to even LOOK."

I would include "No-Impeachment", "No 911 Inside Job" Ron Paul with this conclusion.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Yes. The focus on attacking


The focus on attacking the darlings of the Democats -- Clinton, Feingold, etc -- likely mainly turns Democrats off to 9/11 truth who believe those people are making a real difference. We're talking millions of people here who hear Feingold's name and it translates as "good guy" no matter what, so focusing on a person like that likely isn't the place to make a difference.


I understand why Matt is angry. The facts of 911 should make everyone angry. Nevertheless yelling at Feingold won't make him think Matt's argument is more valid. Instead it gives him the opportunity to look calm and reasonable in contrast to Matt seeming to be a bit deranged.
Be honest with yourselves here if some one yells at you at a meeting do you think "clearly I must look more closely at your point" or do you think " who the hell does this idiot think he is" and then ignore his point ? At the beginning Matt started well but he just got carried away and ended up confirming any prejudices that any in the room might have.
Way not to go !!!

Re: yelling

Well, when are you going to get angry?

Once the globalist dictators are finished buying up your country for narco/petro dollars?

Once they get economic production back online?

Once they engineer their next war on _____?

Fiat currency lost in your miscellaneous drug wars will continue to rule your country for how many generations before we once again have the temerity to plead for freedom?

Anger is not PC!

Totally Agree with the above. When will it be ok to show anger? Believe me, politicians take note, oh yes, they certainly don't like being yelled at but they do take note of it. There is a place for anger!

If we end up with a pandemic or a dirty nuke going off in Portland, then how appropriate would this display of anger seem in that case?

Wake Up, this is a criminal enterprise running our country and don't deserve respect. They are dismantling the USA as we know it and treating its soldiers as cannon fodder! We are as much a target as are the Iraqis and Iranians! Military Commissions Act of 2006 and John Warner Defense ACT of 2007 prove it.

Their glib demeanor is a ploy to prohibit emotional displays.

...don't believe them!

Matt did fine. Those who critique how he did, can go do the job

Matt did just fine. His courage and tenacity was tremendous. Wow! Look at all the comments stirs people's blood.

For those who critique any inadequecies of Matt perceived in this confrontation...that is fine...but you go do it and film it.

We are not going to please everyone on everything that we do.

Each of us --->We will make mistakes, either real or imagined.

So what?! It is the attempt and intention of spreading 911 TRUTH that overrides out personal failings or the lack of approval by all spectators.

I always suggest to those who are critical of others: "Well, okay. You go do what that person does."

Matt has more balls than I do. I have never even considered the thought of confronting a Senator in person and on film.

My hat is off to him.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

Oh man...

How come my comments aren't

How come my comments aren't showing up? Must be some sort of 9/11 conspiracy! Surely a conspiracy website wouldn't decide who's comments can and cannot be seen! What a farce this place is!!!!


I loved it. Thank You. The way you were expressing yourself is the way I'm feeling. About time Russ Feingold get confronted too.

I think you would've been

I think you would've been taken more seriously if you kept you cool, and stayed calm. There is a way to show passion without making people ignore you and write you off..

I don't think this was constructive at all.

I'm all for being civil with folx on the street

But I think this is how a sane person acts when confronting a US Senator smirking at allegations of treason. We need to say the word "treason" as much as possible when we confront them. They treat this as if we're asking them favors. It's called the law. And if they decide that they're not going to follow it, then they need to know that We the People take treason seriously and will be having treason trials whether they help us out are not. And if they don't, then they will appear to be covering for the criminals, becoming criminals themselves. This is not an opinion about policy, or input on spending, this is about whether we are equal under justice or not.

Right on! Especially as a veteran, I can understand how you would feel like that. You were willing to give your life for this country, and Mr. Feingold raises his eyebrow snarkily at your report that the info on treason has gone unheeded. These Congress people think this is a joke. When I was in DC in September, I delivered 9-11 truth information to half of my CA congressional delegation, both of my senators and any other congress people who I think should hear from me, and that included Mr. Feingold. And, while I'm at it, I'm not calling any of these people "Congressman this", "Senator that" until they show they deserve that title by following their oath to go by the Constitution. I told them the evidence and analysis at is prima facie of a treasonous cover-up around 9-11. Treason has its very own section under Article III. We need to read this to them everytime and show them that being involved in endorsing a cover-up of the worst terrorist attack and mass murder is clearly adhereing to our enemies by giving them "aid and comfort."

Many of the aids were very polite when I delivered the information and told them that it had to do with treason and that there is such a thing as misprision of treason and that if we the people don't see any action on this from the legislative branch, we are going to put so much pressure on the judicial branch that the Congress could get wrapped up in it, or we will continue convening Citizen's Grand Juries until something sticks. But treason should elicit a reaction other than politely "I'll give it to the right person" or clear disdain "this is ultimately headed for the trash." I remember Brad Sherman's aid wouldn't touch the paper after I said this has to do with treason. She said "put it right there on the counter." That was somewhat appropriate. It sounds like they are finicky round those parts.

When you see Feingold next, ask him whether he's figured out which Islamofascist sent a very high grade of anthrax, very likely from a US weapons lab (Ft Dietrich?) to Daschle and Leahy, some of which spilled over into his office. Tell him shutting down the congress building for the 1st time since the British burned it in 1812 is no joking matter. Especially as it was in such a scary political atmosphere after 9-11. Ask him why he thinks the FBI says the trail has gone cold without a public grilling of the most reasonable suspect, racist weapons scientist Philip Zack, who was on camera going to the lab at odd hours of the night. That anthrax attack was also treason of the highest degree, a direct attack, not only on American citizens, but Congressmen. Ask him if he thinks the attacker is being given "aid and comfort" by all 3 branches.

Keep it up.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

I take strong exception to the way Feingold arrogantly dismissed

that veteran's heartfelt concerns about the 9/11 inside job! This video may well come back to haunt the Senator when the trials for high treason take place!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

How about this guy then?

Ron Paul addresses 9/11 truth question during 01-10-08 FOX GOP debate

Forgive me if I sense double standards.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I definitely agree on no pass to the "Constitutional" candidate

If I have the chance I'll ask him.
Of course, he is still the closest thing to a "real" republican in the race, as Feingold is one of the most "ethical" Senators. This just means they have a deeper responsibility to address the rape and pillage of the people and our Republic, and they have both failed on this account miserably, so far.

Treason is the most fundamental breach of trust that a citizen can engage in. And when its a politician... and when its the two civilians most deeply entrusted with securing our lives...

If I, as a normal citizen can muster the moral and intellectual fortitude to figure this thing out and report it to federal judges, then an oh so Honorable Senator or Presidential candidate could do a little homework and mention it in the Capitol building or back up the family members and 1st responders when given a chance on national tv. This is why The Movement of "We the People" for 9-11 Truth and Justice is the Real Constitutional Pro-American Candidate in '08.

First call out the breach of Article III, Section 3 by all three branches of federal government, and then let's talk about how to deal with the Federal Reserve, and the IRS, and the Gold Standard, our energy challenges and an imperialist foreign policy. It's called a moral and logical pre--requisite to being presidential material.

That's why I can't and won't vote for any of these dems or repubs in the primaries.

McKinney's a real ally, Paul and Kucinich may do or say something when it becomes easier. But this is primarily the job of We the People, and this is our crucial year, so let's focus, strategize and dig deep.

Thank you all for your work.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush


as far as 9/11 truth is concerned. He has betrayed us. Or, those among us who believed his
pandering to reinvestigation.


is the right word.

His stand on Impeachment is just as outrageous. I used to be a supporter.

No longer. Just too disgusted at th hypocrisy.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Yes, his stand on impeachment reeks of weakness

Ron admitted that he wasn't a forceful enough defender of liberty in one of the debates when asked what his biggest weakness was.
I think he is not supporting impeachment because of strategical reasons. However, I disagree. I think it might be strategically very helpful--there's nothing like showing you're principles transcend your party colors.

However, Ron is still by far the best candidate who has a shot at winning.
The other Democrats and Republicans are an embarrassment--do any of them have a background in political philosophy and economics that even comes close to his?

Didn't think so...

Ron Paul is the best 911 Truther

Ron Paul has given the best answer regarding 911 Truth. He stated that he would welcome ans support an independent investigation and clarified that any investigation coming from the Federal Government will be a coverup. How much clearer could a candidate be.

Ron Paul Supports a 911 Investigation

what i meant to add: MIKE GRAVEL

it is such a shame more of us did not support this "truth" candidate as opposed to Paul.

I like Mike

But from what I've seen Dennis Kucinich has done much more for 9/11 truth than Gravel. Why not support Dennis if you are looking for a candidate who wants a new investigation?

Meanwhile the independent investigation has been done

Any politician promising new investigations, and this includes Paul, Gravel and Kucinich, need to deal with the fact that the independent investigation is on its way to being completed by the 9-11 truth movement. What is left to do is not promising an investigation somewhere in the future, but to do your homework and call "treason" and file the papers that you need to as a public official or even as a private citizen.

It is time for someone in the Congress to say "treason" around 9-11.

They won't even do it around Valerie Plame, which is a much much lower level of treason, but shows the clear willingness of the adminstration to go "there."

Keep in mind that Ron Paul is running for president against

overwhelming odds. At present, I think Dr. Paul would be marginalized & written-off as a kook if he ran as a "9/11 truther." The mainstream media would ridicule him & destroy his chance of winning the presidency.

Since there is no other viable candidate who is a 9/11 truther, I'm sticking with Ron Paul for now.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Vote the way you see fit

We all have different ideas about how to approach this. When I claim that Paul's relationship to the treason of 9-11 is found sorely wanting, that in no way means I'm trying to dissuade anyone from voting for him if that's what their heart and mind tell them to do.

In fact, at this point, I would encourage anyone willing to hold their nose and vote for a Republican or Democrat to go ahead and vote these few good guys we got.

Will post an entry soon on what a reasonable scenario and/or strategy around this upcoming election year could be. And I'm pretty sure it will include as a good idea that all those that feel it to vote for Paul in the primaries.

No way I'm saying that "if you are a real 9-11 truther" than you would never vote for Paul. That's divisive, diversionary and immature I would say. I'm just holding my line and describing the nature of the scenario as best I can see it.

And I'm also arguing that if you understand 9-11 truth, your time and money is much more valuable to the 9-11 truth and justice movement. Yeah, sure some money bombs, talk to people and vote for Ron Paul if you feel him, but don't spend the majority of your free energy, time and money on a political campaign for a man who won't go there in terms of 9-11 treason. You, who understand 9-11 are far to valuable a citizen of this country to get caught up throwing tons of resources into the Republican pony show. Although clearly its a little late for that warning for many folks who dashed off to push Paul 24/7. But even if he doesn't win the primary, there is alot of powerful energy that his campaign has built that CAN do something if his supporters are serious.

As for Ron Paul, keep in mind he has the monumental task of

trying to become president of the U.S. He may need to use strategy & caution regarding 9/11 truth for the time being.

As for impeaching Bush, doesn't the opposition party, the Democrats, have to initiate that? It is the Democrats who refuse, offering no excuse whatsoever.

BTW, who else should we support for President for now?

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Yes, who for president now?

Curious to whom you suggest.

Right! All these Paul bashers offer no viable alternative. Am I

supposed to support McCain or Ghouliani???

How about Shillary? Then we could continue a Bush/Clinton White House dynasty for 30 years or more! (Daddy Bush was V.P. in the Regan White House, don't forget.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

I'm not a basher

I respect the integrity and courage that Ron paul has shown. That is why I take him seriously enough to call him to account for his lack of honor in defending the Constitution around this. Notice, I don't even talk about the word "Constitution" in relation to Giuliani, McCain and Hillary they are so far over the edge of tyranny. This is bigger than electoral politics, although they are important and I respect all those who think that Ron Paul has so much other value to offer that he is worth the majority of their time and energy. I just don't agree. I think that We the People's Movement for 9-11 Truth and Justice is the Real Constitutional Candidate of '08, with a real ally in Candidate McKinney and potential help down the road when we do more of the heavy lifting from Paul and Kucinich.

I think Ron Paul is a much more interesting candidate after he loses the primaries. And he still will have a major war chest to pull from if he doesn't blow it in the primaries. And if he does, I am sure you all can raise more for him. The Dems and Repubs cannot be saved at this point by voting for them. They must be defeated at their own game if you are serious about the electoral route as a catalyst for positive change in this country. That's when it gets interesting. Not when Ron Paul has to kotow to Rethugs and FoxOlds to get his chance.

If you help him win the primaries and prove me wrong, let's talk again about the implications.

I just cannot in good conscience or good practice vote for someone who represents either of this treason-endorsing Parties. If someone like Ron Paul or Kucinich or Gravel had had the courage and the wisdom to stand up around the mass murder and treason of 9-11 that launched these "interventionist" wars, then I would be willing to think about it. But they didn't and have not so far and I have much more faith in the people of this country than in candidates for these shrivelled up parties, though Paul, Kucinich and Gravel are all good men in my opinion.

Cynthia McKinney is the only serious ally running for President that the 9-11 truth movement has at t his point. And there is room for her to step up even more. And there will remain lotsa space for Paul/Kucinich/Gravel to step up into if they decide to find the courage and wisdom, which is infinitely possible in this world of infinite possibilities.

Cynthia McKinney/Green Party

We as a movement should not and cannot stand with anti-choice, anti-impeachment, '9/11 was NOT an inside job' Ron Paul anymore - tho I'm not for telling anyone what to do or how to spend their vote (meaningless as it is, it is still a message to the power base).

This movement's heroes are leaders to a degree, but there is no one person that can champion truth when it is self-evident. There is a huge difference between Prof. Steven Jones and Alex Jones. I for one, am so done with looking to politicians for leadership. But if I had to, I am very happy that Cynthia McKinney is running on the Green Party ticket. I think it is a total no-brainer to support her. Don't look to the traditional power base for change. They can, and will continue, to ignore 9/11 Truth. Look at those who have fought for JFK Truth. Democrats stand down - they are controlled opposition.

As for the video and confronting Mr. Feingold, good job! The Senator can dismiss you all he wants but this video certainly shows where he stands on this issue. We are witnessing the fall of the Empire. It is more than justifiable to be extremely pissed off at the greed and power motives that rule this country. Can't wait to see the sequel, tho I doubt Mr. Feingold will be any more open to 9/11 Truth than he is in this video.

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I like McKinney stance on the issues

of impeachment, electronic voting machines, and 9/11. But a third party doesn't have a chance in the election (ie. they are not placed on televised debates). Even Kucinich and Paul who are in the debates are having one hell of a time gaining traction.

If I can't vote for Ron Paul

If I can't vote for Ron Paul I will be voting for Cynthia McKinney. She an awesome patriot but I do not have faith in a liberal platform; though I could live with the platform if it was coming from an honest broker like Cynthia.

Before abandoning Dennis Kucinich...

A little bird told me to expect 9/11 hearings from DK's subcomittee very,very, VERY soon.

Impeachment is the duty of the "opposition"?

When asked why he hasn't supported the impeachment of President Bush, Paul responded that impeachment is the duty of the opposing party

How absurd is that?

Protecting the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, is the duty of every American.

Ron Paul's claim to be the "constitutional" candidate just went down the toilet.


With BALLS ! Thank you. The one thing that made me cheer was.....Senator you work for me !
Yes somewhere down the road our politicians forgot that. The truth is coming !

The yelling WAS a bit over

The yelling WAS a bit over the top, but the Senator's glib and holier than thou attitude was most definitely fanning the flame. It demonstrates the obvious callousness our purported representatives have toward the will of the People, who they view as sheep, or even vermin.

Folks, if we are to effect any real outcome for 9/11 truth, we're going to have to up the ante. This doesn't mean yelling at politicians (which only makes the herd cringe and shy away) it means not letting up and increasing the momentum for physical non-violent resistance. We're gonna have to begin planning (inter)national days of action in the streets. We can only run from that solution for so long before it becomes visibly inevitable. And I think the time for that is soon. Very soon.

Start getting your PVC piping ready! We're gonna have some media outlets to surround.

I agree with upping the ante, but I appreciate our yellers still

There needs to be space for all types of non-violent action in this movement. I think it is an important space for a veteran to bark at a politician not doing his job. Meanwhile, we need to see more and more of these video-taped scenarios with all kinds of public figures at all levels of government. Then, our barking veteran will be just one of multitudinous and varied "confronting," "questioning or "informing" styles and examples of speaking truth with power.

Yes, I completely agree that we must begin formulating a powerful monthly strategy to build presence and visibility.

This summer is very crucial also in terms of really having a humming strategy that includes "truthtowns" calling attention to individual suspects. The more we can begin to point fingers directly and firmly, but peacefully and calmly at the perps, the more people will feel like this is actually something we can deal with and won't require disassembling the whole governmental structure. This is like what good and effective police do when there are people being violent at rallies. They point them out and isolate them rather than just clubbing and shooting everybody with rubber bullets like they did last year on May Day in Macarthur Park. Many times, the violent provacateurs are there to allow for a police riot. We must be as proactive and diverse in our techniques as possible so that we won't be corralled into scenarios that can be provacateured. I do think a well organized gathering,of even a fairly small, but highly energized, media-savvy and disciplined group of folks in DC this summer using daily rounds at the capitol taping the delivery of 9-11 truth treason notices to the entire Congress and reporting back to the entire world on their action, or, more likely inaction could spark something good.

This will build up momentum for a massive International day of action on September 11th with major presence in NY and DC.

And on off-time, during the summer, quickly setting up "truthtowns" and broadcasting live from outside some of the suspects' homes (Zelikow is pretty high up there as cover-up artist extraordinaire) might be scintillating radio at the very least. This brings up the point that our most potent legal action in terms of those involved in the government-angle of all this is to focus on the 9-11 Commission as a breach of contract in a fiduciary relationship with the People, in addition to being a treasonous document.

Meanwhile, we can still focus on the non-governmental players by doing more Citizen's Grand Juries for suspects in Mass Murder, alerting the media that we are delivering properly prepared packets to as many DA's as we can in as many places as possible, especially in locales where some of the victims were from (and this, of course, can be done internationally, as we are beginning to see things move a bit in Japan and the UK.

We also need to talk about a serious push on every possible legal and political lever that exists on a local level. One month in Spring, our Eleventh Action should be at as many of the State Capitols as possible publicly delivering treason letters and backing evidence to as many Governors and state supreme courts as possible. If we did this well and had a common press release, I bet we could pull some media across the nation that could grab onto a real citizen action/constitution-saving story line. That's how we're going to up the press (and the kind we want specifically) is by showing potent, coordinated, hopeful citizen actions calling up our most powerful common American values of responsibility to the Republic.

I also still think we should think about aligning every tuesday in action by calling a radio show, going to a council meeting, fire/police station (we need a firefighters and/or police officers for 9-11 truth group!) or talking to the local media about it.

A Proposal for Taking Truth to Them Tuesdays with 9-11 Justice Squads

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

This is a good strategy

Attacking the Neo-Cons from multiple fronts and with a myriad of strategies is a brilliant idea.

I hope you will post a blog on this so that more people at 911 Blogger will have a chance to share your ideas and discuss.

Pls post your above ideas on YT's Truth Action Forum / Website.

"One month in Spring, our Eleventh Action should be at as many of the State Capitols as possible publicly delivering treason letters and backing evidence to as many Governors and state supreme courts as possible"

Excellent idea. Blog on this please so more ideas are generated and more people are aware of how Ideas on Freedom can be put to good use.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

OK, will do

I'm developing a couple articles right now to post here and other places that will address the different ways of appraching this, from popular, political and legal angles. I should have some more specific plans, better structured next week after the media conference.

Peace to you over there on the other side. I am so grateful that this is an international movement to heal the country and help heal the world.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

International days of action

International days of action are great, but we shouldn't be slaves to DATES either. For example we shouldn't always have to plan our actions every 9/11 anniversary. That gives our adversaries too much time to plan counter-strategies. It also takes the spontaneity out of any potential mobilization. Personally I feel there should be alternative "dates" to plan street actions on, where many people can participate. July 4th is an obvious one. Sept. 11th is another. But these 2 dates shouldn't be our dictator either. The idea is to get as many numbers into the streets as possible. So far those numbers have been somewhat atrocious. We need to hit at least 10,000 next time around if we are going to affect the way the public sees us. We need to demonstrate the fact that our numbers are growing, not declining. The numbers present at Ground Zero the last couple years have been abysmal. It's time for that to change. We need to begin thinking about more radical forms of direct action. WeAreChange are the frontrunners with this tactical method, but they cannot proceed alone for too much longer.

We've GOT international days of action

Have you participated or helped promote them? Because if not then you're talking about reinventing the wheel and the complaint of lack of numbers rings hollow. Also, the campaign for International Days of Truth Action has spread around the world and taken root DESPITE information about it being suppressed by a certain few 'in the movement' who wield a great amount of influence and are making quite a bit of $$$ off it to boot. It's time to ask these people why they continue to suppress information about a campaign that has set an unstoppable course for the movement until it reaches justice, spread truth activism around the world and been the impetus for the formation of many new local groups on an international level.

If you want to see MORE international days of action - call for them. But like I said, if you're not working with and supporting the work that's already being done to this end, it will ring hollow.

Also, check this out if haven't already: The "A" Word

I notice Danse neglected to post a handy link in the appropriate place so far.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I know about the "A word",

I know about the "A word", I'm a subscriber to anarchism...have been since well before 9/11 happened. I promote as much about 9/11 truth as I possibly can with my (very) limited resources. I've spraypainted sides of highways and abandoned buildings. I've placed flyers under people's windshield wipers, and I've spread info via the internet. I'd like to take a more proactive role, but would prefer doing it once I see an actual physical movement take shape, as I'm a believer in non-violent civil disobedience. But I'm not about to do it by myself, ya see. Conferences and street actions with 10 or 20 people are nice, but compared to the 20,000 people + demonstrations I've attended during the anti-globalization struggle, it's nothing short of discouraging. I blatantly admit that I hate going to protests that don't have the numbers. Especially with the most important political movement in our nation's history. Yet despite that, I would still get myself to attend if I could find others to go with me. Unfortunately I live in a part of the country that contains many irresponsibly apathetic people (sheeple).
I want to see a conjoining of groups like WeAreChange and groups like the Ruckus Society.

Unfortunately you won't get 20,000

without getting 2 or 20 first -

I'm amazed at people who expect the masses to take to the streets when they don't have the willingness to stand alone for the truth. Because that's what it's going to take. And that's how many of the newer groups have started up - by one person going out alone - and by them breaking the silence in their community they come to realize they are not alone and soon they are joined by others. Fortunately more and more people are understanding that the foundations need to be laid before there can be any kind of MASS movement.

I understand it's much more difficult in some parts of the country than others, but they're doing it in South Dakota...

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Wildfires begin with a single spark...

Going out alone is obviously intimidating, but I've done actions with just a few people and I never once felt embarrassed or threatened. Bull horns are not necessary. Just set up a table and hand out some DVDs (and be sure to send action reports and pics of your demo to truthaction). It feels great to get out there in solidarity with other activists across the globe, even if the numbers aren't huge yet. It's up to us the pioneers to set a positive example, then others will follow. The Civil Rights movement began with a few people sitting at segregated lunch counter. We can do the same. Hopelessness is our greatest enemy. The cure is action.

To TruthNow and other posters come on by and get involved. You'll be glad you did.

YT says:

"I'm amazed at people who expect the masses to take to the streets when they don't have the willingness to stand alone for the truth."

I knew you were going to make that unfair assumption about me. I should have been more specific. In fact I HAVE stood alone for 9/11 truth. That's ALL I've done so far. What I meant was that I'm not ready to stand in the streets alone.

I think you'll find much of what your'e looking for here:

The problem is not so much people not getting out as it is reluctance by the MSM to cover it.








If more people yelled like that the politicians who are really( arrogant aristocrats) may just listen.
well done Bill Douglas.
The political scene in the US and UK is totally corrupt.Sad to say but not one of these people will lift a finger to do anything.

by the way the London bombings were also an inside job.This documentary has nailed it.

A good example of the informing and questioning style

Mr. Feingold, in response to evidence presented that suggests a role of Israeli operatives in 9-11:
"I'll be happy to look at it. You know I'm on the intelligence committee and I've never heard anything like this. And, frankly, it's a vicious slur on Israel which is a great ally of the United States. The notion that the Israelis were a part of this is..."
"Obviously, if anybody did anything wrong, they should be charged and convicted, but the notion that Israel was part of 9-11 is about the nastiest thing you can say about another country who is our friend. But, I'll read your material."

See this is an interesting contrast of styles. This second presentation, going into potentially more difficult content terrain, appears very lucid compared to the anger and emotion of the first. I think it might have actually worked very well in combination. This is a great combination of materials that you both presented to Mr. Feingold also. Let's see how he proceeds and whether he'll eventually re-earn his title of Senator. He is definitely one of the brighter lights in the Senate. Let's see if he can live up to his own potential as a politician and a patriot.

The other thing about this is that it shows if we can be specific rather than saying "9-11 was an inside job," or the "US did 9-11", or "Israel did 9-11," people will be more able to hear it. And if you listen closely to what Feingold says, he says that if "anybody" did anything wrong, they should be charged and convicted. Specificity and beginning to hone in the criminal networks themselves will allow others to understand and possibly take action.


involvement in 9/11! (Sure Russ, caveman Osama & his 19 flunkies accomplished it with boxcutters.)

Feingold even acts insulted when presented with the facts implicating Israel, & gives the standard lie of "never having heard" of such a thing.

(Also, what's with Russ's leather-jacket look? Is the Senator trying to project some tough-guy or hoodlum image to us? Even the guy questioning him is wearing a suit.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

the guiliani look?

preparing to lock step in with Giuliani and his hoods.

Way Over the Top

This confrontation was way over the top without a doubt. Starting off with such an angry tone and yelling in that manner, did nothing but ensure the response from Mr. Feingold, or from any other human being, that you got. That wasn't the way to go about it at all. This type of attitude does nothing to help the 9/11 truth cause and actually sets it back quite a bit and ensures that everyone looks like a lunatic. I'm not sure what you expect Mr. Feingold to do. There isn't anything he can do, without risking his life and getting nothing done, and if you know anything about 9/11, you should know what I mean. I know the guy is upset and aggravated, but this wasn't the way to deal with it all. IF you are ever allowed into another listening session, with Mr. Feingold, or any other person that can't do a damn thing about it, try a different approach, just ask in a very calm manner what is being done about 9/11, most of all, stay calm, no matter how emotional you are, and for God's sake, don't expect Mr. Feingold to be your 9/11 savior, it isn't going to happen. Confrontation in this manner does nothing but ensure that nothing will get done.

nice work, man. nice. but, i

nice work, man. nice. but, i think that people who confront these lying politicians should
keep their cool. i know you're pi**ed, and you've got every right to be pi**ed, but if you
don't keep your coolness, you're in fact giving them an argument which they can hold
against you. see those dumb people sitting there, telling you 'goodbye'? because they
are ignorant, passive and dumb you need to keep your coolness. keep it simple, keep
it cool, don't go into speculations and just stay with the facts. and keep it simple. that
way no one will be able to say that you're "yelling", that you're "talking crap" etc.

and this goes in general to all the people who confront gvt officials, media personell

keep it simple, calm down, keep it cool, factual etc.

keep up the good work, truthers. we will win. it just needs a little more time.

"wtf i hate all cops"

Of course he is covering up 9/11

His TRUE alligiance is to his homeland Israel. I think some of you people are starting to wake up to who the REAL traitors are here. Why won't "OLD" media won't touch this subject? Because they are controlled by the same filth that were behind the attacks.

The saddest part of Feingold's

lack of respect is there are many foolish democrates that think he is the most honorable &
crusading member of the Senate.

Why won't Ron Paul touch it then?

Not to excuse Mr. Feingold for being a failure on the job so far, but that's simplistic, and possibly prejudiced thinking on your part I think.

Who isn't covering up 9-11 in the Congress at this point?

Why won't Tom Tancredo say or do anything?

Not one congressperson has taken this on at all, except for Cynthia McKinney when she was in there. And a few little noises from Dennis Kucinich. I take that back to include Senator Dayton and Curt Weldon a bit.

In case you didn't know, high profile treason is a difficult one for Americans to face.

While it appears that some Israeli operatives and other Zionist Supremacist Extremists played a crucial operational role in 9-11, to myopically focus just on "Israel," is, like Danse has written, another form of Limited Hangout. ZIHOP as Limited Hangout

While it seems logical at this point in history, given the clear historical MO of Israeli operatives, that any major, high-profile, international terrorist event involving Arabs should be quickly and strongly interrogated for Israeli infiltration and/or direction, if you don't think that the Christofascist Rapturists in key places in many of the more "invisible" sectors of the US command structure (especially sections such as Space Command, StratCom etc.) were down with the overall agenda of 9-11, then you're hiding from reality. And they don't care at all about the fate of Israel, other than how they can use it to play a role in their childish theology of "forcing God's hand" on the Rapture. And while Zionist Supremacists do have quite a strong influence in the US, there are other forces at work, probably much more massive forces that would be happy to hang all our problems here in America on Bush, Cheney, the Neocons and Israel and be done with it, "traitors solved". This is another form of naive American Innocence and its time for us to grow up and recognize our own shadows as any person or country must to fulfill their destiny.

You don't think false-flag terrorism, tyranny and Empire came about because of people's allegiance to Israel do you?

And even many of the neo-cons who have dual-allegiance, as well as some of those without it, see this as building the New Rome with Israel as one, albeit crucial "Constabulary" around the world. I think to imply that the "real" traitors are all about Israel represents a similar psychological block to those who think the "Ayrabs" did it. It measn you don't have to face some of the other, very well embedded sources of treason and tyranny deep within our own society.

Like I said here

Treason rather than idiocy is hard enough to face for them
I think this is more complicated intellectually and psychologically than just being an Israel-block. Yes, I do think it's true that many who have loyalty of some sort to the nation or idea of Israel have much deeper blocks, consciously and unconsciously, to thinking about the "inside job" dimensions of 9-11 and how, if done with intellectual honesty, it automatically leads into thinking about the "intellectual" role of the neo-cons and their penchant for dual-allegiance.

And then if you go further beyond wargames and remote-controls, you must encounter the demolitions at the WTC, which have a strong whiff of "Israeli" involvement. And this probably IS why Bill Maher can't even begin, or won't even begin to consider how obvious they are.

It's important to remember though, that the neo-con Straussians and their Will to Power Noble Big Lies are primarily faux Judeo-Christian, Western Imperialists who view themselves as solidifying the New Roman Empire, which goes way beyond the scope of just the interests of the current form of Israel, though that's an important part of it.

Remember also, that while clearly there is a strong Zionist Supremacist influence and control of good portions of the media, the Military-Industrial-Illuminati-Intelligence complex is nothing to scoff at, and in many ways, its influence and networks are better at staying in the American unconscious. GE and Westinghouse are major media players. And while you heard about the Israeli spy ring on Fox News (yes currently gone down the collective memory hole), have you heard much at all about "full spectrum dominance" US Space Command "In your face from outer space" and their MANRODS and other such God weapons? How about Stratcom, Northcom, Halliburtonian Concentration Camps, SAIC, Boeing (Uber-Benthamite robo-cop southern border fence), the end of posse comitatus on a grand scale and the corporatist militarization of North America. Waxman's whiff of Blackwater's murders in Iraq doesn't cut it for media awareness in this realm. This is not the purview of Zionist Supremacists is it? So, all I'm saying is- don't get stuck on the Neo-con/Zionist Supremacist angle of all this.

I, for example, being a Jewish-Mexican American citizen, am both an America-sympathizer and an Israel-sympathizer and Mexico with her hard-working indigenous emigrants.... In fact, I am a sympathizer of all the NATIONS (not states necessarily) of the world. I am American first, and then also have deep sympathies and desires for Israel to end her apartheid and work out her woes in whatever way that justice and peace can emerge for all that live in her lands.

I think I understand people's fear that if the Israeli-role in 9-11 is outed it might end up really badly for Israel as a whole, however I think that fear is misplaced. Are the people of the world going to blame all of America for the fact that our shadow government has been attempting to run the world for over 50 years? Should we the people be held to ACCOUNT for the crimes of the criminals we allowed to rule in our name? Yes. That's what this process of struggling to hold criminals accountable for 9-11 is the foray into- deep dialogue, accountability and rejuvenation for the United States of America. Same thing I believe for Israel. Truth leads to Justice (and Reconciliation in my book if the criminals act honorably in being held accountable) which leads to Peace.

If you love America, work for 9-11 truth and justice.
If you love Israel, work for 9-11 truth and justice.
If you love all the nations and people of the world, work for 9-11 truth and justice.



His homeland is not Israel

Waving and Chanting-

Russ Feingold was not born in Israel and he does not have citizenship in Israel does he? He was born and raised in Wisconsin. Why would you then say "his TRUE allegiance is to his homeland Israel?" Is it because his name is Feingold and he is Jewish? How many Congresspeople in that situation at this point when presented the evidence that Israeli operatives were part of the 9-11 attack wold say, "Yeah, you're right, I just didn't realize it till you just said it, but 9-11 was architected by elements of the Israeli government." Not that I'm giving excuses for him not having done his job in identifying the perps of 9-11 and the fact that it was treason, but I'll bet that if Barack Obama were presented with the same information and handled it in a very similar way you wouldn't say it was because "his TRUE allegiance is to his homeland Israel." That just smacks of the idea that "Jews are a Fifth Column." And while, yes there is probably going to be more psychological difficulty in general for Jewish people to ultimately grapple with the fairly apparent role in 9-11 of Israeli agents and some Jewish American neo-cons who appear to hold dual-allegiance, I think it is important to remember that we Jewish people are no less American than any other American. Do you not see how hard it is for all American people to grapple with the fact that there is a Nazi banker's grandson in the White House guilty of treason and complicit with the mass murder of the people he is supposed to protect? And then yes, there will be an additional psychological barrier for Jewish people and others who have a strong sense of loyalty of some sort to the destiny of Israel to grapple with the role of certain Zionist Supremacist Extremists from the US, Israel and elsewhere potentially.

Israel is considered by many in the government at this point to be a strong ally of the United States, as is the White House considered to be working to protect the American people, (even if they are "incompetent") not acting complicitly in their murder and the cover-up.

So unless you can provide evidence that Russ Feingold is working as an agent of his "Homeland Israel" to subvert the American Republic than I think you need to reconsider what you said.

It also should be pointed out that he made a point to say that if "if anybody did anything wrong, they should be charged and convicted." "Anybody" he said even people from his "homeland." It does seem that if we're not precise and nuanced in our thinking, that as the Israeli angle of 9-11 begins to come out, it will act as a Limited Hangout with "Zionists" becoming the new patsy of Global Empire. And this is coming from someone who is open about his being convinced that there is a strong Zionist Supremacist/Israeli extremist angle to 9-11.

Feingold's Grandfather

Feingold's grandfather was a citizen of Israel, lived there, that is. Actually, everyone on earth who has a Jewish mother is a citizen of Israel. All you people act as if every Israeli citizen is a 9/11 insider. What a bunch of racists. You will never accomplish your goal with the attitudes the majority of you display here. You are just earning yourselves the badge of racist 9/11 nutjobs, and your giving everyone in the 9/11 truth movement a bad name, just as a few bad Jews have apparently done to every Israeli citizen in your eyes. Nobody, absolutely nobody ,has done more for the Constitution of the United States and it's citizens, whether they happen to be Jewish or not, than Russ Feingold. The mindless rants on here because a guy wouldn't immediately call for the head of every person connected to 9/11 when confronted by a raving madman are absolutely nausating. Get a grip people and calm down.

Thank you

That needed to be said, and you said it very well.

What a little bird told me about Dennis Kucinich and 911 Truth

Expect 9/11 hearing very, very soon....

For real?

That will be really good. It looked like he had a flash of insight and inspiration when he talked to David Miller about how figuring out how to care for the 1st responders might necessitate investigating the event itself.

It has now been seven years, the time for quiet ass-kissing

is over. We each need to act in the way we see fit, and should not judge others based on how we would act in the same situation. As long as it is non-violent, I don't think any "wake-up call" is over the top. These politicians are insulated, and they need to be figuratively knocked up side the head. Waxman won't allow Sibel Edmonds hearings but will allow steroid hearings?! WTF!? Our country is topsy-turvy and these people are out-of-touch and safe in Bubbleville, USA - also know as Washington D.C. Hopefully, honest emotional appeals like Matt's, from the rest of us, might break the bubble and touch these pols on a human level, forcing them to stop the insanity and stop the bullshit.

Feingold Is One Of The Few To Question The GOP Oligarchy

So let the Vet attack.

But in the end, it won't be crooked Republicans who save this country.

It will be Russ Feingold and good liberal Democrats.

The IRS ain't gonna be outlawed.

And Abortion ain't gonna be Ron-Paul-Banned.


" We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Rock on Russ Feingold.

We shall prevail.

And the Republicans will fail, as they did in the Civil War, as they did with the HUAC and as they did with Herbert Hooover and as they did with Nixon and as they did shall with Iran/ Contra and as they shall with the perpetration of 9/11.

The Weakest Link, the GOP, will fail.

>>It will be Russ Feingold

>>It will be Russ Feingold and good liberal Democrats.

The good liberal Democrats like Kerry and Kucinich?

I agree that the focus on this is wrong, but I don't think the D's have the ability to save anything because the political system in the US is corrupt and neither party in the Duopoly can exist without that corruption. The US will likely tank completely before the two-party system -- managed as the conduit for public money to be transferred to private corporations with the MSM at the helm -- ever budges an inch.

If the "good dems" try to change it from within, they will be removed from within.

That's not to say we shouldn't keep trying. Just that I'm pessimistic about it.

But the Rethugs are usually worse.