Was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Murdered by the U.S. Government?

Crimes of the State

"After hearing and reviewing the extensive testimony and evidence, which had never before been tested under oath in a court of law, it took the Memphis jury only one (1) hour to find that a conspiracy to kill Dr. King did exist. Most significantly, this conspiracy involved agents of the governments of the City of Memphis, the state of Tennessee and the United States of America. The overwhelming weight of the evidence also indicated that James Earl Ray was not the triggerman and, in fact, was an unknowing patsy... We stand by that verdict and have no doubt that the truth about this terrible event has finally been revealed." -Statement of King Family on the Justice Department's "Limited investigation" of the MLK Assassination, January 15, 2007

The assassination of Dr. King was one of the most devastating assaults on democracy and the rule of law in our nation's sordid history. It came in an environment of FBI COINTELPRO harassment and surveillance of opposition leaders. It came as one incident in a string of assassinations which included Black Panther leaders, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. The telltale signs of government cover-up followed each of these events.

The Vietnam Speech

Prior to Dr. King's assassination, several radical changes had happened. Dr. King had become one of the most articulate, credible, and outspoken critics of the Vietnam War in the US. He had expanded his view beyond African American issues, and had confronted American imperialism head on. This provided a clear motive for those opposed to peace and justice to want Dr. King silenced.

"'A time comes when silence is betrayal.' That time has come for us in relation to Vietnam." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., April 4, 1967, "Beyond Vietnam"

Exactly one year to the day before his killing, Dr. King laid out the suppressed history of the Vietnam conflict in astonishing detail.

"The Vietnamese people proclaimed their own independence in... 1945... Even though they quoted the American Declaration of Independence in their own document of freedom, we refused to recognize them. Instead, we decided to support France in its reconquest of her former colony... and we again fell victim to the deadly Western arrogance that has poisoned the international atmosphere for so long... For nine years following 1945 we denied the people of Vietnam the right of independence... Before the end of the war we were meeting eighty percent of the French war costs. Even before the French were defeated at Dien Bien Phu, they began to despair of their reckless action, but we did not. We encouraged them with our huge financial and military supplies to continue the war even after they had lost the will. Soon we would be paying almost the full costs of this tragic attempt at recolonization... there came the United States, determined that Ho should not unify the temporarily divided nation, and the peasants watched again as we supported one of the most vicious modern dictators, our chosen man, Premier Diem... The peasants watched as all of this was presided over by United States influence and then by increasing numbers of United States troops who came to help quell the insurgency that Diem's methods had aroused... The only change came from America as we increased our troop commitments in support of governments which were singularly corrupt, inept, and without popular support. All the while the people read our leaflets and received the regular promises of peace and democracy and land reform. Now they languish under our bombs and consider us, not their fellow Vietnamese, the real enemy." -Dr. MLK, Beyond Vietnam

Extensive Surveillance

Dr. King was under FBI surveillance as soon as he rose to national prominence. This is not in dispute, and numerous declassified documents show this. This surveillance revealed King's extra-marital affairs to the government, which the FBI used against King in a blackmail attempt. A surveillance tape was sent along with the following letter (unredacted portions):

"…The American public, the church organizations that have been helping—Protestants, Catholics and Jews will know you for what you are—an evil beast. So will others who have backed you. You are done. King, there, is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is. You have just 34 days in which to do (this exact number has been selected for a specific reason, it has definite practical significance). You are done. There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy fraudulent self is bared to the nation." --FBI "anonymous" letter to Dr. King

This blackmail threat urging King to commit suicide was timed just as he was about to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. For the full text of the notorious FBI-written letter encouraging Martin Luther King Jr. to commit suicide see: From the Secret Files of J. Edgar Hoover, by Athan Theoharis.

The Patsy

James Earl Ray never confessed to assassinating Dr. King. Ray was convinced by a helpful lawyer that he should plead guilty, and then have the guilty plea overturned later. Therefore, no trial ever decided the facts of the case -- not until 1999 that is, when the King family sued one of the co-conspirators -- and they won in a unanimous jury decision after only one hour's deliberation.

This is a very complex case, with many witnesses, and many angles that aren't entirely clear. What shows is a deliberate cover-up, and highly suspicious irregularities.

A key piece of evidence is, of course, the alleged murder weapon. A rifle was found resting against a brick building which housed an "amusement company" whose owner was on the premises at the time of the shooting.

James Earl Ray's original lawyer, who investigated the facts of the case, and is today a judge, describes the circumstances:

"The State's theory was there was a Browning box, a Browning rifle box, that contained some items of clothing, a radio that had James Earl Ray's Missouri state penitentiary number on it and a Remmington 760 rifle that James Earl Ray had bought in Birmingham." -Judge Arthur Haynes Jr., the original lawyer for James Earl Ray

It happened that when the box was placed at the amusement company wall, the owner Mr.Canipe saw a man drop it there, near the entrance, and continue walking down "South Main St. on foot" -- and this was TEN MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOT WAS FIRED!

Arthur Haynes was confident he would win the trial. Ray would be found innocent and exonerated.

However, before the opening of James Earl Ray's murder trial, a new attorney showed up, one Percy Foreman. Foreman -- on the eve of trial -- told James Earl Ray that he could only represent him if Ray pleaded guilty. Foreman actually offered cash ($500) to James Earl Ray so that he would enter a guilty plea. The judge weighed in that if Ray fired Foreman (after already dismissing Haynes), that his only option would then be a public defender. The $500 payoff was presented to Ray as money that could be used to hire a new attorney in order to overturn his guilty plea.

Ray, a very poor man, was suckered in by Foreman, and Ray allowed himself to be railroaded for the murder of Dr. King. The plea of "guilty" was all that mattered to the media, and was as good as a confession.

A week later, Ray figured out that he had been swindled, and he attempted to get Haynes and his people back on the case, but it was too late. That is how the world was fooled into believing that James Earl Ray shot Dr. King. The corporate media refuses -- to this day -- to investigate the truth of the matter.

There are a number of other relevant pieces of evidence, which were revealed at the trial of LOYD JOWERS, the co-conspirator referred to above.

1) The large hedges where witnesses saw the sniper were torn out by city workers the next day, a blatant destruction of evidence and tainting of a crime scene.

2) Several (untested) police and (black) firemen were reassigned mysteriously the day before the kiling, so that they would not be in the vicinity of the assassination.

3) Members of the US 20th Special Forces Group, an 8 man sniper team, were alleged to have been present in Memphis that day.

4) Members of the 111th Military Intelligence Group based at Fort McPherson in Atlanta, Georgia were alleged to be in Memphis that day.

5) The FBI admitted there was no trace of gunpowder residue on the window sill which the government claims was used by the shooter.

6) The metallurgical tests of the bullet do not match the bullets recovered with the alleged murder weapon.

7) A cab driver admitted to his rommate that he threw the actual murder weapon into the Mississipi River from a bridge, after the defendant (Jowers) gave it to him to dispose of.

8) The optical scope on the alleged murder weapon was not sighted accurately enough to hit the target. It was completely off, and makes the claim that the weapon was the actual weapon that killed Dr. King highly suspect.

9) A witness heard a local Memphis mobster shouting on the phone that day: "kill him, kill him on the balcony."

I could go on. I believe there is plenty here to conclude, by any rational and fair minded person, that something is wrong with the official/media story. The problem is that there don't seem to be any rational and fair minded people employed in the journalism field any longer. American journalism, when it comes to the gravest and most important issues of our times, is dead.



johndoeraemi, Glad that you brought this out ! Thanks!

For more on the story see: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13460

As part of a recent 911 TRUTH campaign, I mailed hundreds of 4 page flyers with images describing this cover-up by our media, our government, our schools, and our churches along with Pepper's DVD (both his bookstore description and 911 truth address) along with DVDs which expose the coverup of 911 (Zeitgeist 2 & 3, or a 5 film pack which included Mysteries and Press for Truth....). I mailed these to Black Publications and News services, to Black organizations and associations, African-American churches, Black government and public officials, etc.

There is a 'motion' or energy here that we can align our message with.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

And the answer is . . .


Why "the US Government"?

Those are some good points you brought up, John. No doubt MLK was assassinated by the same network that killed JFK and Bobby-- and perhaps anti-war Senator Paul Wellstone-- and brought us 9/11 as well. They wanted Vietnam just as bad then as they want Iraq and Afghanistan today, and they are utterly ruthless in eliminating anyone who might lead an anti-war movement.

What I don't understand, though, is why you suggest that it was "the US Government" behind the assassination. This is the same concept that has done so much to retard the progress of the 9/11 truth movement-- by making the absurd suggestion that "the govenment" could have been behind the attacks. Americans are sure to be offended by such an idea, because it offends their sense of patriotism-- but mostly because their intuition tells them their government isn't capable of such sophisticated operations, and is therefore not true.

I didn't notice anything in your piece that substantiates the suggestion in the title. King was certainly under FBI surveillance. That's unfortunate, but doesn't suggest murder. James Earl Ray was undoubtedly a patsy. Does the US government have a history of grooming patsies for crimes? I don't think so, but I can think of another party out there who does.

You mention snipers from the US Special Forces being sent to Memphis in the days before the shooting. Do we really believe US soldiers would be ordered to commit such a deed? Wouldn't that be kind of blatant, especially since snipers can easily be found in the underworld? This reminds me more of how dozens of two bit mafia punks and hitmen were ordered to Dallas by Jewish-American crime boss Meyer Lansky a few days before Nov. 22, 1963. None of them had any orders to do anything, but their presence proved to be quite an effective smokescreen for those trying to untangle the crime in the ensuing years, and helped encourage the myth that it was the "mafia" behing the JFK assassination.

No, it wasn't da guvmint that killed Martin, or did 9/11. It was much more likely a party outside of the government that nonetheless had and still has extensive contacts and power within the US government. This would be a group with a long history of instigating terror, carrying out assassinations, and assigning the blame to innocent patsies. Most likely the locus of their power is a lot closer to Tel Aviv than it is to Washington, D.C.

Depends on what you mean by

Depends on what you mean by "the government." If you mean the military and intelligence at high levels, the answer is yes. The jury found both were directly involved. Point taken, though, on how that catch-all phrase means different things to different people, and might be considered less than descriptive.

I highly recommend you read "An Act of State," or listen to some of Pepper's more extensive recorded presentations. Also, a large book called "The Assassinations," edited by Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease, has a good section on King. It wasn't a case of a rogue network or secret cabal. There was an administrative consensus on King's threat to "national security." They attempted the usual initial means, defamation, provocateuring, threats, blackmail -- even trying to get him to commit suicide. These are well documented. He was not going to be allowed to continue.

As a part of the ongoing whitewash, the media has contributed to the "Disneyfication" of King, excising the biting rhetoric of his final year and reducing him to a civil rights do-gooder and excuse for retail sales. They never covered the trial or its outcome. Neither of Pepper's books were reviewed in the msm. This doesn't happen when the trail ends at a few disposable apples.


I asked the question because it's highly relevant and it needs to be answered. By "government", I of course mean a few specific individuals working in the federal government. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who they are at this point.

Speculating about "Tel Aviv" with no evidence linking them to Memphis is just plain irresponsible.

Your comment:

"That's unfortunate, but doesn't suggest murder. James Earl Ray was undoubtedly a patsy. Does the US government have a history of grooming patsies for crimes? I don't think so, but I can think of another party out there who does."

Lee Harvey Oswald?

Oswald defects to Russia. Gives them sensitive military intelligence, is allowed to stay. He changes his mind, comes back to the USA, WITH NO REPURCUSSIONS from the USG.

Oswald is working undercover for FBI, reporting to Hoover about CIA training camps in Louisiana.

Oswald becomes the greatest patsy of all time.

Anyway, the trial revealed some local operatives in the King murder. Tying it back to high ups in Washington is difficult. That's what they call plausible deniability.

We have the "justice" (sic) department continuing the cover up nearly 40 years after the assassination however. I think that speaks volumes.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.

RIP Dr. King and his wife.

RIP Dr. King and his wife.

Other prominent casualties of Cointelpro from the 60s era include:

Malcolm X
Fred Hampton
Janis Joplin: possible
Jimi Hendrix: possible
Jim Morrison: possible

King Video

I made a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day video that I think EVERYONE will enjoy. It’s really short, and should put a smile on your face.


Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day everybody

David Spates



Great article on CIA / DEA drug smuggling today in counterpunch:

How the CIA Inflitrated the DEA
Operation Two-Fold

The author, Douglas Valentine also wrote on the ML King lawsuit:

Who Killed Martin Luther King?
By Douglas Valentine

Guess who also weighed in on Dr. King's assassination?

Gerald Posner

"Gerald Posner, author of the conspiracy-debunking book, Killing the Dream, argued that the trial "bordered on the absurd" due to a "lethargic" defense and a passive judge who allowed "most everything to come into the record." Posner also cited money as the motive behind the case. He accused Pepper of misleading the King family for personal gain and suggested that the King family went along as part of a scheme to sell the movie rights to film producer Oliver Stone.

Pepper responded that a film project that the King family had discussed with Warner Bros. had fallen through before the civil case was brought. He noted, too, that the family sought and received only a token jury award of $100. [WP, Dec. 18, 1999]

But the back-and-forth quickly muddied whatever new understanding the public might have gained from the trial. "

Posner, of course, is relevant because of his wild story about alleged 911 co-conspirator Zubaydah.