Will the Economic Crash Wake People Up?

[Update: Are the world's largest bond insurers collapsing? Take a look for yourself.]


Preface: I am truly sorry for the suffering of those Americans who will lose their home, their job, or their life savings as a result of the economic crash. This article focuses on one potential silver lining -- an opportunity to promote truth and justice.

Will the crash wake Americans up from their comfortable slumber and make them question their government more? Stalin said that dictatorships only last so long as the dictators keep their people well-fed. Americans have been strongly motivated not to question the government because they have been led to believe that if they just follow the party line, they'll get nice jobs, make a bundle of dough, buy into "the American dream". A crash has the possibility to awaken Americans from their dangerously cozy nap.

On the other hand, will the financial crash will lower people on the Maslow pyramid to the point that they have no energy to think about political truth or the acts of criminal brutality and fascism of their government? Will they be so preoccupied with holding onto their house and job, their ability to keep the heat and lights on and buy food, that they just hunker down in survival mode?

Unlike the citizens of prior fascist regimes, the current politicans are the ones who caused the economic problem, so they can't pretend they will rescue us from an economic crisis caused by their predecessors. In other words, it might be harder for the Neocons to whip up a "rally around the strong leader to solve the economic crisis" dynamic.

I suggest that 9/11 truth activists start linking 9/11 truth with economic truth, because:

  • Neither the 9/11 murders or the economic crash occurred due to the causes the government claims
  • Neither are "no one could have foreseen it" situations
  • The government had much more control and input into both scenarios than it has admitted
  • Just as the government used 9/11 as an excuse to carry out its pre-planned anti-American agenda, we have to be on-guard that the government doesn't use the crash as an excuse to implement a "fix" which hurts Americans and lines a few pockets

I'll leave it to people with a better economics background than I have to explain the real causes of the market crash. Please don't get speculative. Just stick to the basics of how the government manipulates the economy.

Interesting question GW ...

Surely it will depend on the individual as to whether they will question our government or not. IMHO, many more people will, because of the feeling of being disenfranchised by the loss of their job or home, in addition they will have more time to research if they are computer savvy.

Tomorrow 1/22/08, our stock market will be VERY interesting, today the European and Asian markets took their worst single day nose dive since 9/11, due to worries of US recession which will lead to world recession, this is a major event, keep your eyes wide open.



Good question and analysis

Crashes are engineered,

It is the best opportunity for either Total Freedom or Total Dictatorship.

Crisis is Opportunity. Ancient Chinese Proverb.

We have to make best use of it and wake the masses up.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Alternate explanation


I just registered for this site.

I'm just curious if there's any hunger here for a potentially different explanation for 9/11 - it seems everyone here has convinced themselves that this was all about "big oil" and "neo cons", and I'd like to offer an alternative explanation. The problem as I see it with this movement is that the people who are developing possible scenarios appear to be far left democrats and their politics blinds them from seeing potential possibilities.

Cui Bono?

Who benefits from an economic meltdown, and how?
This is a serious question. The naive side of m is inclined to believe that the crisis is a result of greed gone mad.
But the practical side of me suspects you may be right.
I just don't understand how that works.

Parenthetically ...

FDR closed all the banks in the country amid a banking crisis in March 1933, using authority asserted to flow from the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917. Its an interesting question whether that authority really existed. Putting that question aside, the wording of that statute still exists today, after amendment and new laws, in 12 USC 95a. After 9/11, President Bush was using a line 'I didn't think we'd hit the trifecta' citing his assertion that he wouldn't use Social Security as funding mechanism absent 'a time of war, severe emergency, or national recession.' These are triggering words in those emergency statutes like 12 USC 95a. And President Bush didn't just use the trifecta line after 9/11. After looking, it looks like the first time he used that line was September 6, 2001.

We May Know Tomorrow...

when the markets in the US opens.

When the Unfederal

reserve deciedes it's time to pull the plug. And drain wall street, and the American people.
Just maybe the dumb look on peoples faces will match what they have between their ears.

I agree -- hunger helps

I agree -- hunger helps folks wake up to what is really happening. I have mentioned in talks for about a year or so that a major recession would very likely follow from the actions of "9/11-wars" Bush and "Deficits don't matter" Cheney. Deficits and war costs DO matter, and all those debts are coming home to roost.

In the same talks, I urged all to get some food reserves, three-months worth for starters. You could do it easily in one trip to the grocery store. Think about what you eat, buy a reserve -- not really hard. What kind of soup do you like? Cereal? I like soy milk, have bought it at Costco in non-refrigerate-till-open containers. Sprouting seeds -- to make greens when sprouted.

It may sound a bit crazy now -- but so did talk of a major recession a year ago when I talked of these matters.

OK -- think of it this way -- Food prices are going UP, up, up. If you buy now, you will save money in the long run -- and you will have a food reserve!!

Good advice Dr Jones.

By the way, Happy New Year!

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

This is funny

I bought 10 acres of farmland thinking that would save me. Only now do I realize that I don't know how to farm. ;-(

Wiil energy truth wake people up?

This is a compilation about the curret OIL WARS and water powered vehicles. I felt it was about time I provided the linking video to these ... all » 2 subjects. Download this video before it gets removed.

World Bank and IMF deliberately suppressed green fuel technology so that we have to use oil pay high TAX on it and invade countries and start wars for it. http://waterpoweredcar.com

For info on Best Korea go here http://www.browngas.com/eng_bestkorea/k_pro_2.htm Car plans here http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/feb2/carplans.htm Or PANACEA plans here. http://www.panaceauniversity.org/For near 100 years oil has been the worlds taxation system and we didn't need it. We are now being told cars cause global warming, well if they do it is all down to the governments and global elite who have forced us to use oil to the extent we have purely to tax us on it. Hence the new satellite car tracking systems they are rushing in. If we don’t pay tax as we fill up our car we will have to pay tax as we drive. 3 billion gallons of petroleum burned every day world-wide, and in the UK we pay about 300% tax on it. For more info on Afghan oil look here. http://www.crescentlife.com/heal%20the%20world/afghanistan_and_oil.htm

Cool aayers...there is a "hydrogen trade show" coming up....

There is a hydrogen trade show coming up in Sacramento around the end of March. I am gonna try to fly in from Texas to see some of the vendors and displays if money and time work for me. I am an Env. Scn major in college now, and a past entrepreneur, and I just have an interest.

Glad you mentioned the stuff.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

the right murders the left

The murders that are acts of state , blamed on lone crazed gunmen or religous fanatics , the work of elites or their political or other power structures to deprive the rest of humanity political power , social justice ,freedom,and weath

The list of victims of these criminal machinations is endless , MLK, two generations of JFKs, Malcolm X ,Wellstone, Lennon
, and on and on and on.
add the killing of thousands of office workers,Millions of citizens around the world is further evil they promote.
The correct characterization of these social engineering efforts by the worlds elites is properly called crime against humanity.
Its exposure and resistance should be the focus of all non-psychopathic humans.

Maybe if we stop blowing Billions a week

in Iraq and on companies like Halliburton and KBR, we could afford to take care of our own country?

Economy pivotal!

This is possibly the most important discussion to date on this website?

"Just as the government used 9/11 as an excuse to carry out its pre-planned anti-American agenda, we have to be on-guard that the government doesn't use the crash as an excuse to implement a "fix" which hurts Americans and lines a few pockets "

This is my main concern. The oligarchs are making moves in increments to obscure their intent. It's a power grab and asset grab in deliberately crashing the economy and scooping up everything the working class has attained.

It started some time ago, with the trickle down theory of economics, more for the oligarchs and then they decide whether to share with everyone else? Control is most important. The farm crisis, also in the eighties, taking farms by first inflating the price of commodities and then crashing them. The exportation of manufacturing jobs was simply another power grab to leave everyone weak relative to the country's well-heeled oligarchs. The jobs loss is a clear tip they have always been internationalists!

More recently, It was the announcement on Sept. 10th by Sec. Rumsfeld that trillions were unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget. The next day, it seems, the accounting section is destroyed in one of the most freakish events in American history.

It has also been the runaway printing of dollars that began with the billions sent to Baghdad and promptly disappearing early in the war. The government's decision to then no longer publish the m3 money supply--i.e., the amount of dollars in circulation. These are clear tips their intent is to devalue the currency.

I sense their goal may be only to devalue the dollar but not collapse it completely? Of course, I may be wrong and crashing everything would allow them to buy up everything pennies on the dollar? This has been their MO in the past!

Will the oligarchs be able to accomplish a measured devaluation but avert a complete collapse? This is where the story gets interesting? They will have to be very creative to avert disaster. Is this a well-planned move or desperate lurchs by a fading oligarchy? I hope it is the latter. The derivative debt is an obstacle.

This year is to be much like 1968 where something gives and a new direction sought! Devalued Dollars to fall in line somewhere in the middle with a somewhat stronger Peso? Or, the usual predatory clean house capitalists take all rerun of the thirties? In either event, it will not benefit the vast majority that much is very clear.

On the bottom line, it will finally anger people to be up against the wall, and only at that point, will they shake off the denial that they've been living in! Anger can be a good thing.

This is a great discussion and the tie to 9/11 is more intimate than we realize or want to admit! Building 7 housed the SEC cases against Enron and the California Energy Fraud of 2000 and some other well-known cases, which cannot be pursued to the same degree.

...don't believe them!


ceasing to report M3 is a very, very important story . . .


Very good recap and analysis.

Derivatives risk has yet to show it's ugly head, remember Orang County, CA, in the mid 1990's?

financial terrorism

My first post on this site. I think you all are missing a potential scenario for the implosion.

There are some who believe that the technology bubble of the last decade was ended not because of high stock valuations (they were over valued, but being overvalued is not the reason for a stock to decline). But rather because of massive off shore naked short selling. If you'd like a primer on the issue of naked short selling, check out www.thesanitycheck.com. Also www.deepcapture.com. Reg SHO was put in place by the SEC because naked short selling was completely unmonitored.

The collapse of the world trade center is a massive *financial* event. If bad guys naked short sold much of the US stock market, they would need an event to cover the short. How convenient that such an event happened.

Bush wasn't in office long enough to plan this operation. Rather, what I think happened was that corrupt elements of the CIA, FBI, and military were promised some amount of money to set up the conditions necessary to make this happen, in conjunction with offshore organized crime (arms dealers like Marc Rich), Michael Milken types, and probably some other very wealthy scumbags. Buying everybody off with 10 million dollars would be chump change for this type of operation.

My guess is that Bush opportunistically exploited the tragedy once it happened instead of exposing massive corruption in the government.

If my scenario is true, it is apolitical. Everyone's hands are dirty..

BTW, have you read the story about "SlimVirgin" on wikipedia? Search for it..

"Will the Economic Crash

"Will the Economic Crash Wake People Up?"

Don't think so.

If you have lost your home or need two jobs to support your family. How do you find time for 911 truth activism?