Flight 77 and Hani Hanjour - Official Myth Debunked

I've updated my article about Hani Hanjour's flying skills and the impossibility that he piloted Flight 77.

You can find the old version here:

Part One goes deeply into all accounts on Hanjour's piloting skills, including all debunking points, and shows that he was in fact a weak pilot.

Changes in this part have been made mainly on those two entries (and the summary):

June/Juli 2001 - Caldwell Flight Academy Fairfield, New Jersey
August 2001 - Congressional Air Charters Gaithersburg, Maryland

In Part One I go then into the maneuver of Flight 77 and show that this maneuver was far beyond the capability of Hanjour. I also included all debunking points.

Here, I added more statements by pilots confirming the difficulty of the performed maneuver, and that it requires advanced skills to do so.

I also have a look into the hijacking scenario on Flight 77, point out inconsisties and contradictions. I added two new sub-section to this subject, "Was there a fight going on?" and "The conflict of the official account with crash site observations".

Part Two, "The special treatment", deals with the fact that Hanjour, and the other alleged pilots, received a suspicious, special treatment. From their visa-application to their behaviour on rented aircraft, from warnings to FAA to surveillance by intelligence agencies.

In Part Two, "The living pilots", I show how immediately after the attacks, attempts had been made by the FBI and media, to pull in professional Arab pilots into the plot. I highly recommend this part, as it shows like in the case of Raissi, how easy it is to create and establish false stories.

So don't miss the story about the Bukhari brothers, Raissi, Kamfar and Al-Omari.

At the end of Part Two aka end of article I added a new sub-section, "The other dead pilot - or Al-Qaida's debunking attempt.", where I had a look into the claims that Hanjour wasn't piloting Flight 77, made by an Al-Qaeda operator. .

So get ready for Hani Hanjour Reloaded:


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