Loose Change Final Cut - More Dates For UK Screenings Added, Berlin Festival To Screen To Film Buyers

Three new dates for theatrical screenings of Loose Change Final Cut have been added to the schedule following its successful outings around the UK.

The new dates are:

Sunday 27th January at 4.30PM at Greenwich Picture House
with a post screening Q and A with Tim Sparke

Sunday 3rd February at 6.30PM at Brighton's Duke Of Yorks Cinema
with a post screening Q and A with Tim Sparke

Saturday 1st March at 8.30PM at Lancasters Dukes Cinema
with a post screening Q and A with Engineer Gordon Ross - an expert from the film.

Details of how to book tickets, are available from the www.picturehouses.co.uk/loosechange

In addition Loose Change Final Cut gets its first European Screening at 'The Berlin Film Festival' on February 11th at 5.15PM. This screening is aimed at broadcasters and theatrical distributors around the world so won't be open to truthers but is a mark of the films appeal that it should be screened at such a prestigious event.

The film has been acquired by VideoShow/Exa Media for theatrical and DVD distribution in Italy in advance of the screening and influential trade magazine Screen International wrote about the film last week.

BBC Radio have also supported the film by providing opportunities to promote the screenings through local radio interviews with Tim Sparke.

MP3 Audio Clip - Tim Spark / Jason Bermas

Tuesday January 15, 2008
Loose Change's Jason Bermas Talks With NovaM Radio's Jeff Farias About The "Big Picture" Regarding The False Flag Attacks On September 11th That Ushered In The Disastrous Wars In The Middle East

* source = http://www.novamradio.com

Thursday November 29, 2007
Loose Change Final Cut Producer Tim Spark on London Sports Talk Radio

* source = http://www2.talksport.net/

Friday November 9, 2007
Jason Bermas and Dylan Avery Promoting Loose Change Final Cut on the Alex Jones Show

* source = http://www.infowars.com

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Nova M Radio

It's great that Jeff Farias from NovaMRadio is talking about this. Sounds like he got turned on to 9/11 Truth around a year and a half ago. Mike Malloy who left Air America Radio shortly after he starting talking about 9/11, now hosts his show on NoveMRadio as well. One by one I guess. Regardless good post AJF, I appreciate the links.


Mike Malloy

I started listening to Alex Jones when Air America gave Mike the boot. Mike is one of my favorites. He rarely does interviews anymore which is what I'm interested in.

Jeff Farias covers 9/11 Truth on a regular basis:

Tuesday December 18, 2007
NovaM Radio's Jeff Farias Reads GeorgeWashington's Article In OpEd News About The History Of Darth Cheney

* source = http://www.novamradio.com

Wednesday January 2, 2008
NovaM Radio's Jeff Farias Spends Time Going Over The Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto, Her Apparent Slip And The Conflicting Evidence Surrounding The Apparent Death Of Osama Bin Laden

* source = http://www.novamradio.com

More MP3 Audio Clips

Hopefully, at least the audio will be corrected

before LCFC screens in Berlin.

It would be a shame for such a fine film to be rejected by theater owners for basic technical problems.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Loose Change Final Cut Audio

Don't worry.... the sound has been re-mixed, and the set up configured for theatrical exhibition.

Thanks for the tip though!