Firefighter: Giuliani 'ran like a coward on 9/11'

Families of firefighters killed in the Sept. 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center rallied in Orlando Tuesday in anticipation of the state's upcoming Republican primary. Unfortunately for Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, the firefighters are not in his corner.

"We want America to know that [the Giuliani campaign] is lying to America and to the American pubic," said Jim Riches, a deputy chief in the New York Fire Department, "telling all of Florida that the New York City Fire Department backs him, when that's another lie."

Firefighters and their families vowed to dog the former New York mayor at all of his Florida campaign stops because the state figures prominently in Giuliani's big-state primary strategy. The protesters think that Giuliani was aware that firefighters who responded to the World Trade Center attack were carrying defective radios and did not hear the order to evacuate.

"He didn't prepare us before, during, or after," says Riches.

Giuliani has campaigned strongly on his leadership during the attacks on New York, claiming he is the best suited to prevent an "Islamic terrorist war against us." But the firefighters were quick to question that courage.

"Yeah, the decision he made was, which direction he was going to run," says Riches. "And he ran north, and that's all he did."

The Giuliani campaign labeled the display a misleading, partisan attack. The former mayor is also emphasizing his ability to deal with the economy, distancing himself from the 9/11 pitch.

This video is from, broadcast January 22, 2008. (video at rawstory)

It's an important protest....

MSM has clearly packaged Giuliani as the heroic-acting mayor of 9/11. It's the impression promoted by the MSM outlets. For the masses with their gazes captivated solely by the hypnotic tube, Giuliani led New York through the worst terrorist attack on American soil. I bought it as well.

These protests in Florida are important to provide a more realistic appraisal of the former NYC mayor. Once, you look closer at Giuliani the heroic veneer peels away.

...don't believe them!

Florida is bad news

With the election fraud factor in Florida, Giuliani is likely to win the Republican nomination.

Gerald Ford penned the "magic bullet" theory of the JFK assassination when Ford was a member of the Warren Commission. The likely prospects for 2008 are Giuliani and Clinton. They are the closest to the many secrets of our evil state and can be counted upon to keep a lid on things.

We must use 9/11 truth to spark a nonviolent revolution.

Glad You Mentioned elections...

...because election reform should go hand in hand with 911Truth. Wihout election reform, you have more stolen elections [and primaries]. And with stolen elections you have gatekeeper politicians [ie; Hillary and MCCAIN] selected by those behind the scenes to keep 911 quiet.

Diebold/Premiere must go

TO THE ROOF! (they cried) Open the roof (they pleaded) Please...

QUESTION: did Giuliani know one (or both) towers would fall??

QUESTION: Was it obvious to Giuliani that people were SUFFOCATING and DYING (not to mention the jumpers) above impact level in both towers??

QUESTION: Why were people not let onto the roof, by any necessary means? If it had been crystal clear for OVER AN HOUR that they could not breathe -- and were dying -- over many floors??

Something unspeakably awful -- something criminal, something horrible -- happens twice. It happens to over a thousand people.

No, I don't mean the planes or fire or the buildings falling down. Something even WORSE, for those affected.

Let me paint a little picture here.

It is my hope that some day Giuliani will not be able to shrug this off.

As Mayor, he is 'the' overlord of police and fire departments. The one man who could have given a certain order on that day at Ground Zero. The order even expected... but the Mayor of New York, overlord of NYPD and NYFD had gone 'missing' in the first hours of 9/11.

Many screaming voices had been heard. Giuliani is jacked into OEM. OEM is jacked into the dial-911 center and the DIAL-911 OPERATORS are contacted over and over by people who are saying basically, we must be able to escape to the roof -- or WE WILL DIE. FOR NEARLY 2 HOURS in North Tower... and the full hour from impact to collapse of South Tower... desperate, dying people contact '911' operators form both towers with the specific information

1. someone MUST do something so they can access the roof
2. unless they can escape their immediate surroundings, THEY KNOW THEY WILL DIE.
3. Many around them had already died. Some are (quietly) dying on the phone.

We're talking about HEAT exposure and SMOKE inhalation.

Now PLEASE take a moment to think about the roof condition: do not be misled by characterizations of so-called 'heavy' smoke conditions on the roof -- which was actually (cooling) SMOKE mixing with OXYGEN and WIND. Compared to what people were ENDURING inside the buildings... conditions on the roof would have been BEAUTIFUL, a WONDERFUL relief to be able to BREATHE -- to LIVE -- to SURVIVE. As to the final outcome, as yet: who knew??

Now if ANYONE is ready to imply -- or even state directly (and I'm oh so ready to hear Giuliani say this, he's beaten around this bush) that conditions on the roof were somehow too 'harmful' to let people up there... I SAY STRAP 'EM DOWN to a chair long enough to listen to Melissa Doi and Cosgrove's telephone calls, a few times.

Not only is "no roof sortie" something we all should feel a bit uncomfortable and ashamed about -- isn't is kind of odd also? That NYC-OEM, 'the' most incredibly prepared organization in NYC for *anything* ... by their own reckon ... does *nothing* about the roof, not even the obvious, as had been done in 1993. Nothing?

While I am NOT trying to suggest that an actual "roof landing" could or would have been possible on 9/11 --- I DO NOT HAVE TO. types of operations that need not require helicopters to land: airlift of the critically wounded AND the 'insertion' or 'pickup' of PERSONS on SORTIE to SAVE LIVES: to POP OPEN BLOCKED, LOCKED DOORS.

Yes, the people with the little gobs of C4 that can use them to get into anywhere... it's their job.

It would not have been the first time a roof drop order was given; but in 1993 they didn't need to blow the door.

Roof access was (amazingly, somehow) ruled out. MEANWHILE -- disappointed people have ascended the stairs and beat on the locked roof-doors in vain (they hear helicopters surrounding the buildings: HUH? not on the roof already??)... then ... eventually... to DESCEND the SMOKY STAIRWELLS ONCE AGAIN to CHOKE and DIE one way or another. And for one reason or another Giuliani disappears to the North.

Frankly, there was NOTHING as HEROIC Mayor Giuliani could have done on 9/11 ... as issuing the order to send someone to blow the doors and let people onto the roof. TO BREATHE, TO LIVE. And oddly it's the one thing he did not do.

People tend to become drawn into some sort of apologetic spiral of controversy that erupted between PD and FD following the stunt-like glory of the few helo rescues in 1993. The fire department had a real beef and wanted their own air division; they never got it. BUT it was kind of suspicious that a PD/FD spat is even being fronted as 'explanation', for anything! After 9/11 FDNY other things happened too. Fireman were edged out of GZ, their character was being 'attacked' with other first responders as *looters* with the 'Gap Jeans accusation', a SMEAR CAMPAIGN involving Atlantic Monthly Magazine, an author unworthy to name, and those fronting the campaign whom we some day WILL discover. Organized, paid harassment. NONE of the "FDNY vs. NYPD" beefs surfaced on 9/11. Firemen, cops -- were professional, brothers in arms -- from start to finish. ONLY one missing was the Mayor, and just a bit of roof-access.

A situation so obvious even a panicked citizen blocks away -- wide-eyed into the Naudet brothers' camera says desperately

"The stairways are blocked! Those people are cut off! What are they going to do??"


*** Perhaps all of New York is waiting for one of those helicopters to swoop down long enough for someone to jump down. It would happen in just a moment, as soon as the wind changes...

*** Perhaps trapped people (who had begged for help, and not yet jumped) were COMPLETELY SURE they'd hear a 'POP!' from above -- what a welcome sound -- a voice from above from the smoky stairwells: "Come UP the stairwell, the roof is open. Come out NOW, to BREATHE, and to LIVE!"

*** Dial-911 callers were being told "someone was on the way." Forgive these poor trapped people if they thought help would surely come from above... since they were DYING, a roof rescue had pretty well been their last dying wish... and is such a NO-BRAINER. Was someone missing a brain on 9/11, or are there other reasons?

*** Some extremely eager, skilled people ((( they might not shout out, but ask one and you might get a nod, some real tears ))) were there and waiting -- standing by to do something. Waiting for the 'GO' order.

*** UNTIL South Tower's collapse... everyone was waiting for some kind of roof operation to occur, even a simple sortie. FDNY was in command, of the scene, but NYPD had the helicopters (and the better radios), an ESU or Nat'l Guard team might be the instrument for roof injection, so they're actually WAITING on an order from the Mayor via his OEM advisors. Should arrive any time now, right?

*** WRONG. WHEN South Tower FELL AT 10 O'clock the world changed: rescuers might think twice...

*** BUT UNTIL 10 O'Clock... for ONE and a QUARTER HOURS from first impact... PEOPLE ARE DYING, and NOT ONE PERSON will be permitted jump onto the ROOF to pop those locked doors.

*** WHAT is Mayor Giuliani waiting for??


MP3 Audio Clip - New York NPR

Wednesday January 23, 2008
New York Public Radio Reports About Rudy ("It's Safe To Eat Asbestos") Giuliani And Air Quality ("It's Safe To Go Back In The Water") Reports After 9/11

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Goodbye, Rudy -- Tuesday?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Goodbye, Rudy -- Tuesday?
The St. Petersburg Times headlines its blog item tonight: "Bye-bye Rudy?" The reason -- its new poll shows America's Mayor a distant third in the Florida race, and sinking. It states: "Among Florida voters likely to vote in Tuesday’s primary, 25 percent are backing McCain and 23 percent Romney, a statistical tie, while Giuliani and Mike Huckabee were tied for third place with 15 percent each." The polls was sponsored by the St. Pete Times, The Miami Herald and a local TV outlet. "Giuliani's decision to pull out of the early states is going to go down in history if he finishes out of the money in Florida as one of the worst political decisions,'' said pollster Tom Eldon.

The Goul

You bet your sweet ass on that one. All the neo-cons are cowards. Look at Bushfraud, when the war broke out you can bet your ass he was safe in Crawford when the first shot went off. Had he been in Iraq he would have broken all speed records getting back to Crawford. It kills me when he says "WE" will win this war. No George, you won't win any war. Some poor, brainwashed GI will put his ass on the line to win this war or any other war for that matter. As far as the Goul goes, he has a huge yellow streak down his back. He was shitting in his pants when 9/11 came down and he knew exactly what was happening. These clowns make a real man want to puke. Or a real woman for that matter. I just can't wait for justice is served and see these half-humans in front of a firing squad. That will be a sight to see for this old mans sore eyes.

Re your question.

I've seen a September 11, 2001, ABC News broadcast film on which Giuliani tells Peter Jennings beforehand that Towers 1 and 2 will collapse. Oddly, Giuliani has since denied saying that. What might be his motive for such a denial? Maybe the cameraman didn't film Rudy's good side?