Video and Audio of District 15 & 28 Congressional Candidate Debates at UTPA on October 2006

The following YouTube clips (of my 9/11 question[s] presented by Romeo Cantu of KGBT Action 4 News in Harlingen, TX) are of the District 15 and 28 congressional candidate debates that were held in Edinburg, TX, at The University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) Student Union Building in October right before the November 2006 elections.

Two of the video clips are from the PBS televised debate; the other is from my personal interviews of two of the congressional candidates, Paul Haring and Eddie Zamora. The audio link is of my interview of congressional candidate Ron Avery.

The District 15 contenders were Ruben Hinojosa, Paul Haring, and Eddie Zamora.

The District 28 contenders were Henry Cuellar, Frank Enriquez, and Ron Avery.

Ruben Hinojosa won the congressional seat for District 15 and Henry Cuellar won for District 28.

As I was nervous at some points during my floor interviews with two of the candidates (and new to bird-dogging candidates in general) my questions may have actually been rather soft-balled. Furthermore, my answer to one question asked of me by Ron Avery was inaccurate (sorry but no one had ever inquired about my WTC 5 history before).

While I did work at Affiliated Physicians at WTC 5 in 2000, I was only there for a brief time (maybe two months), so the description I gave of my stay having lasted "a long time" was something of an unintended exaggeration.

Also, unlike what I told Kimberly Wyatt of Action 4 News (who contributed greatly to organizing the event and made sure my 9/11 question was asked) I pretty much didn't like any of the responses given by any of the congressional candidates except those from Frank Enriquez, and -- most especially -- Ron Avery. (I just didn't want to seem ungrateful for all that Kimberly Wyatt had done for me up until that point.)

As for my taking just a bit longer than a year to post this, better late than never, I always say.

Interview with Ron Avery and Kimberly Wyatt after District 28 debates

District 15 Congressional Candidate Debate: 9/11 Question

District 28 Congressional Candidate Debate: 9/11 Question

My personal footage of the TX District 15 & 28 debates - I