Easy 9/11 Activism: How to Reach 100s Every Day With No Effort

These are photos from the back window of my car. We are driving home the message it is OK to say the emperor has no clothes. If 1% of the cars on the road displayed a 9/11 truth message, then almost the entire US population would be confronted with 9/11 every day.

The statement, "INSIDE JOB
911TRUTH.ORG" works well as a short attention span message. I don't always agree with Janice Matthews, but this makes a good message.

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Be Careful

There is the risk that 'O'Reilly Factor' fans, might decide to ... take it out on your car while it's parked unattended.

When youre not driving, it might be wise to remove the messages.


Fortunately, I live near Portland, Oregon. I'm more likely to be attacked by a left wing gatekeeper brainwashed type. A locking gas cap is a good investment., though.

I have used my vehicle while working in conservative Sandy, Oregon without incident.

Imagine 1 of every hundred cars with a 9/11 truth sign.