NY Post calls for removal of 9/11 Truth activists from Ground Zero

(Please also see Aaron Dykes and Luke Rudkowski's response: The NY Post's 'Obscene' Gesture to 9/11 Truth. - rep.)

PURE OBSCENITY: Lunatics take over Ground Zero


January 23, 2008 -- IF conditions on the streets and sidewalks around Ground Zero re flect the state of things inside the hole, we're in for a miserable result when the site is finally rebuilt.

I'll look at what's gone wrong inside the pit in the coming weeks. But for now, consider the sickening conditions the PA and City Hall let fester all around the perimeter of the 16-acre "sacred ground."

Ground Zero's borders deserve a patina of dignity for anyone wishing to recall the World Trade Center that was, to mourn the victims of 9/11 or to contemplate the site's future.

It's bad enough the view remains bracketed by the blackened hulks of 130 Liberty St. and Fiterman Hall. But at least there's a theoretical, contamination-related excuse for the eyesores' continued presence.

But not the flimsiest justification exists for the rowdy, open-air bazaar of illegal junk-peddlers and in-your-face conspiracy-mongers along Church, Vesey and Liberty streets - an indefensible rupture of civic order in a city that's managed to shut down squeegee men and three-card-monte games.

No one can object to the First Amendment right to display or sell 9/11-con- spiracy nonsense (or plain junk). But that doesn't absolve the city and the PA of enforcing their own rules - and making sure visitors can watch what's going on without being hassled as if they're in a Third World flea market.

The conditions have long dismayed Downtown residents, businesses and commuters - yet neither the city nor the PA has responded to their complaints except sporadically.

The sale items affront the memory of those murdered on 9/11 and their loved ones - including ghoulish "Day of Tragedy" booklets, "designer" sunglasses, plastic Twin Towers and "official" FDNY and NYPD uniforms and caps.

A few Saturdays ago, conspiracy-mongers with bullhorns used a Church Street excavation barricade to hang posters claiming 9/11 was an "inside job" and the "so-called hijackers remain alive." (Whether the barricade belongs to the PA, the MTA or the city is unknown; as at many nearby digs, no sign indicates who's responsible.)

There was a brief respite on Jan. 12 and 13: An NYPD special unit swooped in and even made a few arrests. But less than 24 hours later, on Jan. 14, I bought two "souvenir" photo booklets of burning towers for $10 right in front of the PATH entrance - and within 20 feet of PA Police patrol car No. 52450, which sat empty.

The circus was back in force last weekend. On Saturday, demonstrators hung a giant "Do Something Because the Government Won't" sign on the cyclone fence around the pit. When PA cops ordered them to take it down, they simply re-hung it on the Church Street barricade - which was again festooned with loony conspiracy posters.

I asked the PA officers if it wasn't illegal to use the street barricade - a piece of public property - to hang posters. "That's the city's," one of them said. "We can't get involved." But there was no city cop in sight.

Sidewalk-use regulations around Ground Zero are a mess of contradictions and confused jurisdictions. Section 20-465 of the city Administrative Code states:

"No general vendor shall vend on any street which is in the area including and bounded on the east by the easterly side of Broadway, on the south by the southerly side of Liberty Street, on the west by the westerly side of West Street and on the north by the northerly side of Vesey Street."

But the city makes an exception for "First-Amendment" sales, meaning printed matter can be hawked so long as a vendor carries it without using a table or a stand.

Yet a PA sign on the Ground Zero fence behind the PATH entrance forbids even that, banning the sale of printed materials within 25 feet of the fence. But the agency most often winks: The area right in front of the fence is swarmed with creeps peddling crude maps and offering bogus "tours."

As on so much else, the city and the PA are disinclined to talk to one another on these issues - making it a cinch for sleazeball merchants to move from one territory to the other. If the NYPD shows up, the PA cops are absent; if PA cops appear, the NYPD is MIA.

Most days, a sleepy-looking fellow mans the LMDC's perfunctory information booth under the PATH station canopy. But few approach to ask questions.

It isn't necessary: The sidewalks tell the tale of government's attitude at Ground Zero - indifference bordering on contempt.



Consider the source . . .


The Author is... scuozzo@nypost.com

Here's my letter, I just sent to the NY POST at

Here's my letter, I just sent to the NY POST at
and also to:

I have been to ground zero several times to demonstrate for a new 9/11 investigation.

I find it very disturbing that Steve Cuozzo believes that if he disagrees with someone, than that should negate their rights as American citizens. Free SPEECH, remember.


Does NY Post realize that Phil Zelikow, a Bush Admin. confidant who co-wrote a book with Condaleeza Rice, was shoved down the 9/11 family members throats and refused to ask most of the questions the 9/11 family members had about the attacks of 9/11?

No, the Post probably doesn't know that, because their writers, are TOO CONCERNED ABOUT LIMITING OUR FREE SPEECH RIGHTS . . . and just don't have time to look at how we've all been lied to about 9/11.

Visit this website and look through the information there to get a taste of the volumes of information that The NY Post and our so called media have been sitting on:


hilarious and over the top

>>hassled as if they're in a Third World flea market.

Some in NYC pay a lot of money to fly to Third World countries for just such hassling . . .

>>When PA cops ordered them to take it down, they simply re-hung it on the Church Street barricade - which was again festooned with loony conspiracy posters.

How dare they hang posters anywhere!

Reminds me of when those putting up the images of the women and children and average people about to bombed in our war were taken away by the police in NYC. Scary stuff.

Written by scuzzo?

My E Mail To The Author

Reads as follows:

"Stop acting as though youre offended by the presence of 9/11 conspiracy types in lower Manhattan because Ground Zero is sacred soil. If Ground Zero is so sacred in your view, why don't you object to the commercial redevelopment of the site?

I suspect that you are in fact, most offended by people who effectively disseminate alternative points of view that conflict with the 'business as usual', 'please move along and continue shopping' worldviews offered by corporate media."

Not a word about the hot dogs?

Cuozzo is a fucking food critic. And not a word about who has the best hot dogs at Ground Zero?

NYP's Steve Cuozzo Abandons Restaurant Reviews in Favor of 'Insights'


Maybe Cuozzo is in need of a WAC job? A little visit from the We Are Change boyz may be in order. They could serve him up a steaming hot plate of 9/11 Truth.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Dir. of Buiding and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)
"We are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse." (NIST)

"They could serve him up a

"They could serve him up a steaming hot plate of 9/11 Truth."

With some sushi and sake from the Japanese Parliament.

Sushi Surprise.

For the September Suckers.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

winning souls

at this point . . .any publicity works for us . . . big story about the 935 lies of the Bush administration . . . haven't seen a single lie of David Ray Griffin.

The best Hot Dog in NYC

Hands Down...It's Gray's Papaya at 72nd and Broadway...WITH the Papaya drink! Get the Recession special!

As for Ground Zero, only the very rare dog and pretzel cart at the northeast corner (Vesey and Church)...very rare though.

Keep that free publicity comin' Murdoch biatches!


foodie truth , on a 911 truth site ? why not!

lets hear it for

scuzo journalism, gonzo it aint!!!!!!

the post ,is well known as a fascist rag in new york.
complicit media that talks to its readers without ever mentioning:
israel, 911 , ok city , the endless wars, the true state of the economy, fema crimes, cheney crimes , pentagon , cia, mossad, ameros, north american union, the nwo, 911 truth exploration in italy japan norway sweden switzerland brazil canada ,
and so on.
they are well behaved and willing lapdogs for the treasonist fascists dismanteling america.

It's Rupert Murdoch's NeoCon rag, the NY Post, that needs to

be removed from Ground Zero & the rest of the city.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Did anyone notice?

The utter irony of a "news organization" advocating the stifling of freedom of speech? George Orwell was apparently an avatar or something... it is all coming true.

Can WeAreChange doing interviw Steve Cuozzo ?

Herblay FRANCE

How about citizen journalists from WeAreChange doing an interviw with Steve Cuozzo to ask him if he thinks all the people like

Luke Rudkowski
. http://www.myspace.com/peoplesv

. http://www.911blogger.com/node/13350

. http://www.911blogger.com/node/13014?TB_iframe=true&height=450&width=850

and the thousands of others have nothing better to do than reclaim for a correct information on the 911 attacks ? We want the anwsers to our questions and replies on our doubts on the 911 official version which does not add up !

Perhaps he has cought George Monbiots' anti-virus as described in the guardian
. http://film.guardian.co.uk/features/featurepages/0,,2007519,00.html

Here is a good article which is in FRENCH and SPANISH
. http://www.voltairenet.org/article154482.html