Kucinich To Drop Out of Presidential Race

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January 24, 2008, 5:17 pm

Kucinich To Drop Out of Presidential Race

By Michael Falcone

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich said today that he is ending his long-shot presidential bid, thinning the Democratic presidential field to four candidates.

In an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mr. Kucinich said he plans to hold a news conference Friday afternoon where he will announce that he is “transitioning out of the presidential campaign.”

In a video posted on the Plain Dealer’s Web site, Mr. Kucinich said that he had not shared the news with anybody except the newspaper and his wife, Elizabeth.

Mr. Kucinich, who is serving his sixth term in Congress from Ohio’s 10th Congressional District, is up for re-election in 2008.

He also ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, but stayed in the race until just before the party’s national convention when he dropped out and endorsed Senator John Kerry.

Mr. Kucinich told the Plain Dealer today that he would not endorse another Democrat in the primary.

In recent weeks, Mr. Kucinich has been sidelined — excluded from the Democrats’ debates in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. With extremely low support in the polls, the debates were his main venue for getting his message out.

He took to the floor yesterday to jump-start his impeachment drive; this time he promised to introduce articles of impeachment against President Bush rather than Vice President Cheney, who was his earlier target.

Dennis Kucinich

I'm glad he isn't endorsing the CFR or Skull 'n Bones this time.

Maybe he can start reading the questions that were ignored by the Zelikow Coverup Commission.

Maybe he will have time to watch a few new documentaries like LCFC and The Reflecting Pool or read The Shell Game.

Maybe he should use his news conference to announce plans to investigate 9/11 and the spying taking place that started BEFORE 9/11.

I wish Dennis would advocate for attention focused on suppressed history and reading between the lines.

I'm hoping he will endorse Ron Paul again.

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Many hands make light work!
International truth action every day, every 11th!

Ron Paul on 9/11 truth

STEVE GILL: I've seen videotapes and listened to audio where you deny any willingness to embrace the 9/11 conspiracy stuff. A lot of your supporters do seem to embrace the whole 9/11 conspiracy that the towers were brought down by the Bush administration. Address that. Do you think the American government, the U.S. government, had anything to do with bringing those towers down either directly or allowing it to happen?
RON PAUL: I think indirectly out of ineptness rather than participating in it, planning it or allowing it to happen. I see it's ineptness - that's why I think the investigations are always coverup of the inefficiency of government.

Ron Paul says 9/11 was ineptness and NOT "an Inside Job"
Representativepress, October 7, 2007


BECK: . . . But may I just run through these 9/11 conspiracies? No plane hit the Pentagon on September 11th. Instead, it was a missile fired by elements from inside the American state apparatus. Yes or no?
PAUL: It`s preposterous.
BECK: OK. The planes that hit the World Trade Center towers were remotely controlled?
PAUL: I mean, this is just bizarre.
PAUL: I`ve not even heard of these challenges before.
BECK: Is there -- is there any evidence or is there any doubt in your mind that the United States government was not involved in the September 11th attacks? That we did not bring down World Trade Center number seven?
PAUL: Well, yes, I absolutely believe that is true. They did not. But the connection may be, and where some people get carried away, is if you dig through those $40 billion worth of intelligence-gathering apparatus that we had before 9/11, you know, we dig up information and there was some ineptness. And sometimes when you find ineptness in government, it`s easy to make this giant leap over into conspiracy, and they do it on purpose.

Transcript: Honest Questions with Ron Paul
Glenn Beck, Aired December 18, 2007