9/11 Truth Handshake and Hand-sign

Every definitive movement has its own hand-sign. 9/11 Truth protesters should also have theirs. This video shows the Truth hand-sign which is similar to the OK hand-sign and resembles an inverted 911. The Truth 'masonic' handshake is simply an extension of the hand-sign to the handshake.


I like the idea

I agree with the one who wrote "Both funny and brilliant!" There should be various ways for truthers to more easily identify each other.

T-shirts, signs, and banners work for me

Off topic but worth telling:

Yesterday a new teacher at the school I work at was accompanying a "special needs" student
in my art class. I put on music, she commented that she liked it. We talked music for a while, then she told me
her cell phone plays "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen and that it represents where she is "spiritually.
Last night I made her a bunch of CDs because she had said she wanted some new music.

Today I gave her the batch I had cooked and also three 9/11 DVDs. She told me both her sons had been
telling her about the movement. She will be watching tonight.