Live on Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
At 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT here and on MTV


Confirmed: Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama, Ron Paul

Invited: John McCain, Mitt Romney

Questions submitted by video must be under 30 seconds.

My suggestion for a general 9/11 question is as follows:

"Are any of you for a new truly independent investigation of 9/11? In detail, please, why or why not?"

How about this way?

"What, if anything, troubles you about the way many Americans differ in their thoughts about 9/11?

That is to say; Americans with differing opinions, is what makes us ALL Americans. Kinda cool. But in the case of such a significant event like 9/11, not that long ago in the way Americans behave today, do you have any words that consider the implications for the people as a whole, when "just differing opinions", turn into great chasms dividing otherwise healthy understanding?

Please take a few days if need be, to consider an answer. Because many people who have sacrificed hundreds of hours on their own study contemplating 9/11, consider a new and transparent public investigation of 9/11 absolutely vital to the future of our country particularly, and the health of our world's population as a whole. That can take more than a moment to think about.

So as the president of a nation, often a leader of nations, how would your understanding of leadership, actually lead us toward healthier understandings, together?"

Suck up to them, if only just pretend.

I have a question for 911 Truthers

Do any of us believe even if they ALL say YES that there WILL BE a truly independent investigation?

When are we going to realize we are running to the same people WHO KNOW THE TRUTH AND ARE COVERING IT UP, to Expose the Truth?

I include Ron Paul in that.

Those who still are unable to grasp it, I sincerely hope you will sooner rather than later.

People in Washington are not Stupid. They know about the Laws of Physics.

The know about the capabilities of NORAD and how the airspace around Washington was & is Protected from SOVIET / RUSSIAN ATTACK.

They know about the dying 1st Responders, the EPA lies.

They sit on Intelligence Briefings, Classified Senate Hearings, have Clearance for confidential material.

They know the top Pentagon Brass. They can ask the tough questions on the Effective Stand-Down, the missing Trillions etc.

They know much more than us.

They know about the Bilderbegers. They are a part of it.

And we are asking them about an independent investigation?

If RP is really concerned about the Republic, why does he not DEMAND answers from the Pentagon about the missing TRILLIONS reported on 9-10-2001 like Cynthia McKinney did grilling Rumsfeld?

Politicians will tell their sheep want they WANT to hear.

Their actions or lack there-of show their true colours.

RP is an expert on this just like the rest of his colleagues in DC.

The 911 Truth Movement is under great deception about this man.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Man, dude . . .

Don't beat me up. It was just a suggestion . . . But to ask can't hurt, right?

I think you might be becoming japed about this issue of stonewalling, consitutional911, and seriously, I feel your pain. But we can't let these guys win by wearing us down. We have to keep fighting, keep pressing the issue, no matter what. :)

Not beating you up.

I happen to agree with you.

We have to get them on record to make statements about 911 that they have to answer for when history finally catches up with them.

Who knows, one of them may end up being a major whistleblower. But I will not hold my breath.

Our hopes have to be in a We the People People Revolution. Not a Personality or Individual Driven Revolution.

The only thing that is going to save the American People is the American People.

Exercising their Constitutional Rights and Powers.

The Political System is dead as it is.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

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Jan 31 2008 2:38 PM EST

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul Set For MTV/MySpace's 'Closing Arguments' On

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Final presidential dialogue begins at 6 p.m. ET.

By MTV News staff report

Three days before Super Tuesday, when 23 states hold their presidential-nomination primaries or caucuses, MTV and MySpace will host some of the remaining Democratic and Republican candidates in a "Super" edition of the ongoing MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogue series.

At 6 p.m. ET on Saturday, "Closing Arguments: A Presidential Super Dialogue" will be broadcast live from the MTV studios in New York. Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the two Democratic front-runners, and former Governor Mike Huckabee and Congressman Ron Paul, two of the four remaining Republican candidates, have already been confirmed for the forum, the latest in a collaborative series between MTV and MySpace that has so far hosted events with Senators John McCain and Obama, as well as former Senator John Edwards.

The "Super" dialogue will take place just days before the biggest one-day slate of caucuses and primaries in U.S. history. All candidates polling at 10 percent or more nationally were extended an invitation to address the nation another time and reach the pivotal youth voting bloc, which has been turning out in record numbers so far this year and is expected to also do so for November's general election.

Young voters tripled their 2004 turnout in the Iowa caucuses and the Democratic and Republican primaries, and doubled it in the New Hampshire primaries. In Tuesday's Florida primaries, turnout for voters under 30 tripled compared with previous presidential primary elections in the state. That leaves little doubt that young voters' support will translate to hundreds of delegates on Super Tuesday.

The "Super Dialogue" will give each participating candidate an opportunity to engage with the audience and to address questions posed by online viewers via MySpaceIM and as well as from the live, college-age audience in MTV's Times Square studio. Candidates can either participate in the studio or via satellite from the campaign trail. MTV News correspondents Sway Calloway and Gideon Yago, and political reporter Chris Cillizza, will moderate.

The event will air on MTV (as well as MTV2 and MTV Tr3s, with highlights on mtvU), stream online at and, stream on mobile devices via MTV Mobile, broadcast live on XM Satellite Radio, MTV and AP radio, and be distributed live and on-demand through the Associated Press Online Video Network, which has more than 1,800 media sites, including nearly 600 media outlets in Super Tuesday states. Invitations to this latest Presidential Dialogue have also been extended to McCain and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The forum, one of the most interactive events of its kind ever, will also be translated into Spanish and broadcast on ImpreMedia's LaVibra and shown on MTV's massive high-definition screen in Times Square. It will once again make use of a polling tool powered by Flektor that enables online viewers to indicate their approval or disapproval of candidates' responses throughout the course of the event, guiding the direction of the forum by giving the candidates real-time feedback. A popular-vote function will allow viewers to compare their opinions against those of the entire viewing community.

Video highlights from the three previous MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogues have been streamed more than 1 million times, and approximately 4 million people have tuned in to watch the dialogues on MTV or MySpace. Video clips from each event are archived and available on and MySpace.

The Presidential Dialogue series is a key component of MTV's Choose or Lose and the MySpace Impact Channel.