Jack Cafferty - closet 9/11 truther?

Jack Cafferty ran a report that took a strong stance against our "two party" system and included a clip of 9/11 truthers at about 0:30. I've written Mr. Cafferty before practically begging him to research the topic of 9/11 truth . He is a former NYC local news anchorman and has real street smarts. He's also one of the few commentators on the MSM that tells it (almost) like it is. I would bet my bottom dollar this guy questions the official story but is not allowed to tackle the subject on his program.


I do not trust CNN as far as I can throw my (rarely watched) HDTV. But Mr. Cafferty managed to include a smidgen of 9/11 truth without taking a swipe at truthers and without actually raising the topic of 9/11 truth (which is probably verboten at good 'ol CNN.) I think his inclusion of the 9/11 truthers at 0:30 was no accident. Even though it was only a few seconds, it was there and did not have to be.

Is this a sign of things to come? Is the MSM trying to figure a way out of their (almost) seven year lie? Or is this simply one newsman’s effort to sneak some truth out?

Let's keep him well informed on 9/11 news..

Majority Rules

When the Majority wants a different party they will have it.

Oh, and I MUST just point out the success of these pushes for privatization that are SO GOP and SO anti-Democratic.

For example, instead of rescuing New Orleans, doing nothing, and hoping The Red Cross would rescue New Orleans, is NOT a Democratic approach to things, it's PURELY REPUBLICAN.

There's a difference, unless of course, you don't want to see it.

Course I can't guess that Jack Cafferty is any different from any other true New Yorker.

When two white undercover cops shoot down an African-American undercover cop, and then they claim he wasn't wearing "the color of the day," true New Yorkers roll their eyes and say, "Yeah right."

"Yeah right," is why a majority of New Yorkers reject the OCT.

Never believe the Government, and especially when the Leader of the opposition party sits there reading about his Pet Goat while I am running through the pH 12 dust trying to get back over a bridge or through a tunnel, I'll question the idiot.

Or when people in New Orleans are trying to smash through their roofs and the leader of the GOP just flies off to San Diego to receive the Presidential Guitar while they drown.

"Yeah, right."

Good job!

I've been writing to Jack for the last two years, helping to open his eyes. Of course, I write everybody it seems, even tho I've given up on Waxman and Pelosi.....lololol. Jack did write me back once so I know he reads comments. I suggest everybody keep bombing him with the truth. I do think it helps. It will at least make you feel better.

Liberals and conservatives both want to increase...

the size and scope of government control. Neither are viable in my opinion.
Here are my thoughts on the "two-party system":

Liberals want to be your Mommy.
Conservatives want to be your Daddy.
Libertarians want to treat you like an adult.


Breaking News....and it's GOOD.

ABC News just reported on the new book "The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation" .

Tagline: Book Charges Zelikow May Have Interfered With the 9/11 Commission's Report

Read it on their website here:


BuzzFlash is Hawkin' it Also

Gatekeeper BuzzFlash is offering the "Commision" as a premium.
The book "the Commission: A Censored, Partial History of the 9/11 Coverup", will sow doubts
in the minds of the Somnambulists and that's a good thing.


Completely OT

...but does anyone remember the web site/person who was offering the 1 million dollar reward to anyone who could prove the original collapse theory?

That was Jimmy Walters

I believe it was Jimmy Walters site. I don't know if it is still up and running. I believe Walters also moved to Europe.



deleted redundant post


OT again...

sorry, but I came across something interesting, but not worth creating a blog. Does anyone know anything about flight 514 that went down in 1974 near one of the underground bunkers (Mt. Weather) in the Blue Ridge of Virginia? Apparently it was another situation where no large debris was ever recorded or photographed. This was a Boeing 727. While researching, I ran across an artists web site and one image is not only eerie, but the comments she makes are very strange.

Here are her ramblings about a "fictitious" flight 514 that she claims is full of "personal meanings and symbols":

And an enlarged view of her artwork. It appears to be planes flying across NYC with the title "514 See You Soon". In the center it states "Attention ladies and gentlemen, flight 514 to Happiness will depart only in your dreams, please proceed to your bed and get in line with your ticket." she goes on to state "Those who are meant to understand all the bits and pieces will".


Okay, I think this is odd, and probably easily dismissed..but still it is odd!!!!

re: Flight 514? It appears to have some notoriety?

It is interesting--haven't a clue, though? It appears, the crash site is frequented for its hauntings. This seems to be an honest report of a Truck Driver's Dream and then early AM encounter in Bluemont, VA:

Truck Driver's Dream and Encounter(hit Ctrl-F and enter 514)

I always, personally, think about the passengers on board? Here's a passenger from the tragic flight:

Roscoe Conklin Cartwright
Brigadier General, United States Army

"Outside of the military, General Cartwright was a 33rd degree Prince Hall Mason. His former lodge in Oxen Hill, Maryland, is now known as the Roscoe C. Cartwright Prince Hall Masonic Lodge #129. "

Haven't a clue and probably doesn't mean a thing--but it's interesting a black man, who happens to be a 33rd degree Mason, is a passenger on the flight?

This is way OT, though!

...don't believe them!


thanks for the link. "Vaporized" planes always raise a red flag for me!

couldn't agree more....Vaporized=Cleaned Up

I couldn't agree more! I tend to treat vaporized almost as a euphemism for cleaned up! That may or may not be accurate? If there is a red flag, then you ask why was it done? There's quite a history of murder as a motive in American airplane accidents!

The artist's mysterious reference to Flight 514 will remain intriguing:

...don't believe them!

Bloomberg 3rd Party Run A Safety Valve Against Ron Paul?

Michael Bloomberg is from the same CFR as Obama's wife, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice etc.

He is also considering an independent candidcay for president. I suspect Bloomberg is doing so at the direction of the big money interests who run this nation, in order to undermine a possible Ron Paul independent run.

Paul would do much better as an independent than he has in the exclusively Republican primary process.

The Cafferty piece cited a poll indicating 1/3 of voters would be open to voting for a 3rd party candidate.

The establishment may be worried about a 3rd party Ron Paul run.