Confronting Chris Hannah (of Propagandhi) with 9/11 truth

Chris Hannah, frontman for the "anarchist," "anti-authoritarian," and "politically conscious" punk rock group Propagandhi, has consistently refused to address the issue of Bush administration culpability in the 9/11 attacks.

In May, 2007, as an organizer for Winnipeg's three-day series of 9/11 events--including presentations by Richard Gage and Barrie Zwicker--I confronted Chris as to why he and his band haven't made any statements or made a stand regarding the official story of the 9/11 attacks. As a world-renowned, politically themed punk rock band, Propagandhi, one would think, ought to be concerned, or at the very least curious, about the increasing skepticism toward the Official Conspiracy Theory and the rising interest in the controlled demolition hypothesis.

Chris, whom I have known since 1993, was riding his bike down the street near my house when I stopped him. He said he had heard some murmurings to the effect that the Bush administration had done it themselves but he thought, "You know, that a bunch of angry Muslims had just pulled one off on the States." Perversely, it seemed as though he didn't want to believe in anything but the OCT because it would take away from the heroism of these 9/11 hijackers.

I proceeded to give Chris brief summation of the findings of Steven E. Jones and Richard Gage, to which Chris responded, "That's something I could get into, the science behind it all."

Recently, however, I caught up with Chris on Facebook and while his profile was filled with links to groups related to animal rights, Palestinian refugee rights, and other traditionally leftist causes, there was nothing related to the Iraq war or 9/11. It was as though he was living in a mid-1990s time bubble, not wanting to recognize that there's a global war going on with hundreds of thousands of civilians dying, lands being poisoned by depleted uranium, civil liberties being eradicated--and it's all based on the fraud that was 9/11.

I then sent Chris a links to and and to Zeitgeist at Google Video. He responded thus:

"yeah, i've seen both these links. some interesting things in there, no doubt."

Basically shrugging it off as "interesting" as though it were a hockey game. I then messaged him asking him why he hasn't written a song, made a statement, or posted anything on his website ( related to 9/11 truth. He responded that I "posit that 9/11 "inside-job" activism precludes all other issues in terms of global importance."

My reply:

"I wouldn't say that 9/11 activism *precludes* all other forms and issues,but it definitely ought to take precedence over all others at this stage in world history. And when I google 'propagandhi 9/11' I don't see you saying anything.

I gave you this info almost a year ago. I told you to read up and to use your voice to say something. You didn't. You can't sit on the fence any longer. Say something before you get Truth Squadded."

He responded thus: "now you're threatening me unless i do what you say? to that i can only say f--k you. we're done." He then deleted me from his Facebook friends. *sob*

It seems Chris Hannah and Propagandhi require further enlightenment regarding the overwhelming volume of information supporting the controlled demolition hypothesis, and, consequently, Bush administration culpability.

He can be reached via email at

Yes, it's frustrating when people who should surely understand

that 9/11 was an inside job just don't get it, or just won't admit it.

(Your remark to him about getting truth-squadded may have been too much though. I suggest sending him an apology note with a copy of Loose Change or some other truth video.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Bush did it, Zeitgeist, Loose Change

can't say I blame Chris Hannah. You may want to tinker with that appraoch, Tehuti.

You didn't like Zeitgeist?

You didn't like Zeitgeist?

Consider this...

Tell him sorry but you wanted him to look into truth squads like

and maybe these (especially since he is an anarchist):

There are lots of good movements around the world for peace and justice, but most are just picking scales off of a dragon. Limited government, protection of individual rights derived from your property/body and 9/11 truth will be the only ways for us to protect the liberty of our children and the rest of the earth.

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