NY Ballot initiative for an independent investigation of 9/11

Support the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative


Endorsed by:
NY State Green Party
Code Pink NYC
David Ray Griffin
Paul Craig Roberts
Kevin Ryan
William Rodriguez

and others




Yay for this!

This is huge news. This is the one way that the goverment can't skirt the issue and deny, deny, deny. If this gets on the ballot and it gets voted in for a new investigation that's HUGE. That is EXACTLY what we've all been wanting.

Everyone should be screaming about this and supporting it.


and again

I would like to point out to those that somehow seem to glaze over this fact.

THE GREEN PARTY is the only political party supporting this or ANY other 9/11 issues.

want REAL CHANGE? then Vote Green in 08' or just STFU about the political aspects of 9/11 truth because neither Democrats and especially not Rethuglicans are EVER going to recognise 9/11 truth.
As a matter of fact even if a few Green Party candidates manage to get elected into Congress and the White house they would have to work quick to try and get true election reform, abolish the electoral college, total finance reform where all candidates get exactly the same federally funded campaign money, ban all electronic voting machines, etc...because Washington DC is nothing but a total cesspool of corporate greed and would in short order end up corrupting even the Green Party members no matter how good and honest their intentions are when they get there.
The whole system is severely corrupt and it will turn a good candidate into shit.

There needs to be massive government reform to effect real change, that is why I laugh when I see all the Ron Paul sycophants on here constantly praising the virtues of Saint Paul when in fact even IF he got elected President it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference at all, Paul would have virtually ZERO support from either side rethug or Dem.
Bush was able to completely circumvent the Constitution and get passed several illegal laws because 99.9% of the Rethuglicans backed every illegal action he did and sadly so did at least 30% of the corrupt and spineless democrats.

Electing a Green Party president would at least show the Rethug and Democrat parties that We the people are sick and damn tired of their bullshit.

That about sums it up

"want REAL CHANGE? then Vote Green in 08' or just STFU about the political aspects of 9/11 truth because neither Democrats and especially not Rethuglicans are EVER going to recognise 9/11 truth."

As one living in a multiparty system, I'd say that getting rid of a two-party monopoly is a necessary step.

What amazes me that even many truthers don't seem to see that there are alternatives outside the corrupt dualism. Why perpetuate it when you can vote for a third party?

Why the lukewarmness...?

I sense that this initiative is not getting a very enthusiastic reception here. Why? Doesn't it provide a second chance to have 9/11 investigated, and this time independently?

The FAQ text should be proofread (e.g. "effects our lives" should be "affects our lives").

Lukewarm, yes

I'm glad that some are excited about it. I think a lot of us are cynical due to years of events and efforts like this being sabotaged by hoaxes or media silence, or both. I've been glad to see some discussion and focus on the core of the effort -- the text, the commissioners, the level of transparency, etc. In that sense, this could be a breakthrough. I remain concerned but hopeful. Things will get easier as Bush descends, and that's happening already.

New commission members

The list of the commission members was down to about 4 the other day but now is picking up again. I still have concerns that a person publicly stating that UFO craft have been crashed and obtained is at the top of the list. Sorry, I just think that is going to be problematic when it counts, and by then it will be too late to do anything about it.

New member added -- Former Sen. Mike Gravel. He sounds pretty good overall, seems to get it, but also says --

"Our government failed to protect us on 9/11 not because such an attack was unimaginable but because bureaucratic turf wars and incompetence at the highest levels impeded our counter-terrorist efforts. The CIA tracked one of the hijackers into the United States but refused to pass that fact along to the FBI."


"I do not believe 9/11 was a governmental conspiracy. But I know that our government was partly at fault by engaging in polices that inspired it, failing to take aggressive steps to stop it, and sacrificing the liberty and safety of our citizens after it. It's time we find out why and do something about it."

Well I don't think most of us would necessarily say it was a "government conspiracy" -- afterall, some of us are government workers! -- but why rule out insiders? Could he be getting involved to assure things never veer toward insider's involvement? Just a wild guess. Perhaps he is entirely sincere and would be great. I really don't know and will need to look into him more.

Ultimately the largest blockade to the truth will likely be the limited hang-out of incompetence that looms ever larger as the official version falls apart. As long as the nation believes it was "all a mistake", the basic plan can be used again and again because no one would ever believe anyone could do such a thing intentionally . . . from within.

I hope others continue to follow the choices of Commissioners.

Citizen’s Commission to Re-Investigate 9/11

I share your concerns with this initiative.

I believe it is a given that it will be targeted with disruption on an unprecedented scale if it has any chance of getting passed. Simply put, this could be the single most dangerous threat to the "war on terror" machine yet.

"We are sponsoring a November 2008 General Election ballot initiative which will allow the voters of New York City to mandate, through public referendum, directly and democratically, the formation of a new Citizen’s Commission to Re-Investigate 9/11. Armed with subpoena power, the Citizen’s Commission will re-examine the facts and the hundreds of unanswered questions surrounding the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and their aftermath." http://www.nyc911initiative.org/mission_statement.htm

"This investigation will be non-partisan and independent of government control. A panel of Commissioners will conduct hearings to evaluate evidence provided by teams of researchers including new evidence since the termination of the Kean/Hamilton Commission. These teams will compile evidence on every possible category of investigation. They will question witnesses, experts, and issue subpoenas when necessary. The scientists, legal counsel, researchers and investigators who make up the commission are all committed to finding the truth, following the trail of evidence, wherever it may lead. Finally, the Commission will publish a one or more reports." http://www.nyc911initiative.org/faqs.htm

The steps taken to discredit it would be obvious and include ad hominem smear attacks of the kind commonly seen in the MSM.

I believe that only the most credible commissioners should be selected for the formation of the commission. However, from an outsider's point of view, even someone like David Ray Griffin if he were to be chosen he could be criticized for taking a position as being "biased" against the official story. In short, the familiar "conspiracy theorist" mantra could be used just as effectively against any commissioners as easily as any of the other guilt by association memes. Anyone will and can be attacked with these kind of smears and it seems almost inevitable and unavoidable.

The opportunity here is huge. With the right direction and the right steps taken to ensure the credibility of the commission, a huge step towards 9/11 truth could be taken.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

The composition of the Citizens' Commission

Is that *not* being decided democratically (as democratically as possible) within the truth movement?!