911 Questions at Congressman Markey Forum

Congratulations to local 9/11 Boston activists on a great job at the Ed Markey forum yesterday in Framingham. We got into at least two newspapers in his district (linked below). Notice the slick response Markey gave regarding the question of controlled demolition: It's incontrovertibly true (that) the terrorist-piloted planes caused the attacks.

Markey cleverly swapped the word "collapses" with "attacks." Markey must have gone to the Slick Willie school of politics. But few of his constituents were fooled. Everyone heard the question. Everyone knew his answer intentionally skirted it.

This was a huge success for the truth movement. It's now been documented that Markey was introduced to the science of 9-11 on 2/3/08, and that he also pledged to look further into it.

Congressman Ed Markey can no longer credibly play dumb on the issue of 9-11.

Waltham paper:

Framingham paper:


"I don't deny, I don't deny that there is a highly, a historically high prevarication coefficient at the CIA around all of what took place up to and subsequent to that event."
Excuse me, but isn't that in itself justification for another investigation?
He can't deny he said that. It's on audio/video.
This is another leap forward for Truth and Justice.
The audience was overwhelmingly in support of the questioner.

This is the way it's done!

Much appreciation and heartfelt thanks to the man named Phil, who enters this video about 1/2-way through and is the 2nd speaker on the subject of 9/11. Here's an excellent example of individual confrontation and of successfully speaking truth to power in circumstances that favor the possibility of getting the message of the 9/11 Truth Movement across.

After some discussion on this site about the "heckling" of Bill Clinton during a stump speech in a large crowd hostile to hearing someone shout "9/11 was an inside job!", and about whether or not this kind of outburst benefits the message and the movement, seeing Phil in this video is a refreshing antidote. Where the slogan shouting heckler was easily marginalized along with his message, here's a fine lesson for us all about having passion, courage and the facts at your command to speak extemporaneously and to deliver the message of this cause.

In a room not guaranteed to be accepting, Phil speaks well and knowledgeably, and encourages other members of the audience to applaud his efforts and back his play. This is what a successful confrontation looks and sounds like, and whether or not the congressman will follow up on the information he asks to be given, it's far more important from my perspective that Phil articulated the case for a new and independent investigation, got his neighbors to openly support this demand and maybe even persuaded the skeptical in the room to think again and ask what all that applause was about.

Thank you Phil! Really well done. We can all learn from your courage and your being prepared with facts rather than slogans, to seize the opportunity and put the Truth Movement's best foot forward. To raise consciousness and eyebrows and the applause of your neighbors who needed only a passionate spokesperson to say what they themselves might otherwise have remained silent about.

"The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master." Thomas Pynchon

Thank you

Mr. Troudman and Mr. Pierce, you both have my highest respect. You spoke very eloquently and passionately. Thank you.

I respect Congressman Markey for giving Mr. Troudman the microphone, but I have a real problem with his response to David Pierce. Markey used the deaths of local people on planes as emotional cover for avoiding the question that was asked--what caused the deaths of many more people and serious injury to many many more people. That is both intellectually dishonest and morally repugnant.

Here's what he said:

It is incontrovertibly true, having attended the funerals of those people, that the destruction of the two towers were caused by those two planes, and that there is no question that that was the cause of that tragic events. The citizens of Framingham know of the citizens that the lost on that day and they know they were on those planes.

Markey went to law school so he ought to know about the concept of an "intervening criminal act." Even if the deaths he misused were caused by Al Qaeda hijackings, those hijackings did not cause the great majority of deaths. These are separate events, and I say separate criminal acts. Congress needs to get to the bottom of what caused most of the deaths, and needs to do it now.

I also thought it was slimy for Markey to say we should put a Democratic majority in if we want an investigation. So far, nothing I've seen from Democrats leads me to believe they will be any better, and using a question about a grave matter for political purposes is, like I said, slimy. But not as slimy as using the deaths of local citizens to avoid answering a question.

Markey's statement that we don't need to know the "direct cause" sounded cryptic. The direct cause of most of the deaths was the "collapse" of the buildings.

Markey also used the word "perished." The proper words are "were murdered." He also says "tragic." What's tragic is not having your murder investigated then being used as a prop in deadly political theater.

Excellent work

definition of idiot

The towers incontrovertibly came down from the jet impacts and burning fuel because the citizens know who they lost and he attended funerals of the 5 employees of TJX , 1 employee of Genzeim and other people from the metro-west area who perished on 9/11.

I'm glad we have logical people in office....


If you are in this position
If you are in the audience
Scream out "Forensic evidence"

"Forensic evidence !!!"

That is all you need to say


That was powerful speaking truth WITH power. Some good facts about the cover-up combined with speaking on the demolitions as if they ARE the facts that we KNOW them to be, mixed with the passion and bubbling righteous anger that this injustice deserves really struck a nerve. Keep em coming people. If we can get as many of these "representatives" on record getting this info and being asked these questions, we can then follow up with "treason and misprision of treason talk." We must begin letting this crop of "Democrats" know that if they don't do anything about this before the elections, they can forget about the White House since the treason trials of '09 will be including them. This is like heating water, a calm surface with a few tiny bubbles coming up can turn into a roiling boiling by the time you come back from the refrigerator.

Go Greater Beantown Area 9-11 TruthMassive: You pahked yah cah at Hahvahd Yahd all ovah the truth deniahs!


Contact Ed

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(His staffer is the one trying to shut down the conversation)

Congressman's staff reviews homemade 9-11 conspiracy videos

Congressman's staff reviews homemade 9-11 conspiracy videos

Framingham, Mass. -

U.S. Rep. Ed Markey's staff is reviewing three homemade documentaries given to him Sunday to see if there is reason to revisit claims that the World Trade Center attacks were part of a government conspiracy.

An audience member gave Markey, D-7th, the DVDs during a public meeting in Framingham, saying he believes there should be an impartial independent
criminal investigation into the 2001 terrorist attacks on America.

That was quick

"After the staff's preliminary review, said Markey, there appears to be no reason to move forward with another investigation."

Do we know what DVDs Phil gave Markey?

Someone Give Markey the GD Newspaper

Washington Post had an article titled "The Mole Inside".

Every congressional district has defense money pouring into it. I believe its the only thing we make anymore except Big Macs.

As usual, they don't want to get pinned down by those pesky fact thingies.

Time for the treason talk

Break out Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution and let these "representatives" know that when it comes out that the 9-11 Commission was a cover-up to hide the identity of those complicit in the attack, the non-action of the Congress and their denial of the facts will be clearly considered "adhereing to our enemies" by giving them "aid and comfort." Treason and mass murder don't have statute of limitations do they? And this is going to start moving sooner than they think.