Don't Watch This Video (if you're happy in your own reality)

From the maker of Fool Me Twice.

Thanks Orangutan and Joe for the link.


John Edwards attended Bilderberg in 2004.

Hillary attended attended Bilderberg in 2006.

Funny, some people still don't think Bilderberg even exists.

good one

very well done.

Bush's GOD is Gold, Oil, and Drugs.

Well done.

Anyone know where to get this in full quality?

Very good!

Very good!

Nicely done summary,

of several lines of current research. I particularly liked to hear from Aaron Russo.

the classic Aaron Russo interview

You may have already seen this interview (1hr 9min), but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post the link.

Thanks for everything, Dr. Jones.

"All that is required for evil to fail is for good men and women to do something."

I can't take credit for finding this.

I just embedded the video Orangutan found.

Great video, thanks!

wonder what a focus group of "newbies" would think of this . . . i already was aware of all the information . . it is very concentrated . . . .good length . . nice music.

the giants beat the patriots

, in the mock warfare of fascist tinged gladitorial contests in the latest toilet, err.. i mean superbowl
i expect an opposite outcome as the patriots of the truth movment and anti fascist americans , take down the giants who are treasonist to america and the human race
the giant military and giant cia
the giant powers complicit in 911
the giant mass murder complicit media
the giant criminal banking and energy cartels

the fucking elephant is in americas living
the largest living land animal can be invisible forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
the truth movement exposes reality
the reality of who the enemy really is

I saw this video quite awhile ago

I it is an important video that starts the critical thinking process. Add in the actual re-viewing of the collapses vidoes and scolarly website, I was turned from being a questioner of the official story, to a person knowing the official story is BS.
Add in the Venice Flying Circus and a few Alex Jones videos then reading the information on and Jof911Studies put all the pieces together.

I still amazes me how people are continuing to un-earth additional evidence from what has been the biggest planned "con-job" ever attempted. The perp who are behind 9/11 and all the resources have failed.
Time, integrity, intellegence and truth are on our side - best find your "Bin-laden" cave very soon, you will need it to hide..

That is not David

That is not David Rockefeller at 4:04. This is a mistake. Alex Jone's Endgame has a higher quality video section of this shot. Here is a fairly recent side shot of him:

Notice the hair and nose difference. Not that big of a deal, but truth materials need to be as accurate as possible to combat skepticism