After following the developing rift between Kevin Barret and Ann Althouse, I decided it was time to send her an email. If you feel so inclined you should send her one as well. Here it is:

Ms. Althouse,

I have been following this recent spat between you and Kevin Barret. To be honest with you I am really very agnostic on the whole issue of 9/11, so i choose not to take sides until most of the facts have been established. **Please note**, I am not an ardent supporter of Kevin Barret. However, I have viewed the various exchanges between the two of you and I must say, as ridiculous as his claims may be to you, he does exhibit a more rational approach with regard to this issue. So far all you have done is label him and the movement as a whole "nutty," "despicable," etc. And though they might be these things, you do not make a very good case for this. You are unwilling to examine the claims and evidence and/or hold a registered debate with Kevin Barret and his colleagues. That does not look good for your defense of the official story. And as for equating debating 911 critics to debating "Nazis" or "Klansman," I find that to be completely ludicrous and not only that but offensive because whether intentionally or unintentionally you are associating some truly respectable people , i.e. Ray McGovern, Bob Bowman, Paul Craig Roberts, Lynn Margulis (just to name a few... there are many more), with the ideologies of racist bullies. That is pretty shameful especially if you are not even willing to defend your case for the official story. In other words if you really believe we have the whole truth with regard to 9/11, then your actions do little to show that. In fact they make Dr. Barret look like the winner in this case.
I can appreciate your frustration with all of this. You must have your reasons and I can certainly understand the feeling "I do not have to prove anything to anyone". This is all understood, however if you are going to go on the attack and call someone out, you are in a way challenging them. So if you do not wish to partake in "nutty" debates I would suggest avoiding hurling insults and making claims of which you are not prepared to back up. In other words do not enter the ring unless you are prepared to fight. Thank you for your time.


John D. Briggs