Do You Believe In Life After Paul?


They are also vocal supporters of impeachment and a new 9/11 investigation, which many Paul supporters wish he would have stood behind.

February 6, 2008 at 10:04:44

Do You Believe In Life After Paul?

by Caleb Friz

The Ron Paul campaign is over. While he may hang in there for a few more weeks, the hope of Dr. Paul having any sway at a brokered convention has been dashed as he failed to pick up a substantial amount of delegates tonight on Super Tuesday. While he did have some double digit showings in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and Alaska, these winner take all states did not boost his profile in the end. The only strong states he has left are Washington and Texas, but after his poor showing tonight it is unlikely that he will succeed in those states. As much as it hurts me to admit it, Ron Paul is finished.

No doubt there will be some hardcore supporters dreaming up pie-in-the-sky scenarios in which the nation comes to its senses and Ron Paul makes a dramatic comeback. But that won't get the r3VOLution anywhere. So the real question becomes: where do we go from here?

In order to answer that question, I think it's necessary to take a look back at how far we have come and what prevented us from getting even further. Out of a field of eleven candidates, Ron Paul made it to be one of the last four in the running, a remarkable feat for a no-name congressman that was written off by corporate media. He owned the internet for months, and inspired people from all over the world to actively support him and embrace his ideas. He has over 100,000 videos on YouTube, and his most viewed video has 5 million views. What's more, he was in 19 debates and had numerous television interviews on local and national stations, including appearances on Jay Leno, Comedy Central, and Meet the Press, among other notable interviews. The message has gotten out. Many people have heard what he had to say, even if they rejected it or in the end weren't convinced. He has earned a place in the history books, and as things get worse for America, he may be looked at by future generations as a prophet, even if he was a Cassandra in his own time.

A more immediate legacy will probably be the campaign organizational model that sprung up around him: decentralized, unpayed supporters doing most of the work organizing precincts, garnering media attention, and spreading his message; a message of freedom, peace, and prosperity made possible by vastly reduced military spending, a new foreign policy that respects other countries as we would want to be respected, and above all a strict adherence to the rule of law under the constitution. The new media is still flexing its muscles and as a new generation grows up with the internet and more and more people are turned off by the hypocricy and blatant misinformation and propagandizing on TV, new media will only grow stronger.

The way I see it, there are basically three ways of understanding why Ron Paul lost. 1) The corporate media, subservient to the military-industiral compex, created a Ron Paul news vacuum in which notable events in his campaign were ignored or given short shrift, and he was blatantly left out of discussions involving all the other candidates and their chances. Because of this no one heard about him and so no one voted for him. 2) People in general (i.e. 'the masses') are too ignorant or stubborn to recognize a good thing when they see it. America is lost and doesn't deserve the positive changes a Paul presidency would bring. 3) Not enough people are educated about the true state of the union and so although Ron Paul spoke the truth about foreign entanglements, people didn't recognize it and wrote him off as a 'crackpot'.

Personally, I see it as a combination of 1) and 3), although I'm sure that a lot of bitter Ron Paul supporters are going to be blaming 'stupid Americans' for his loss. I for one have great faith in all people, especially the American people. I think that we are basically decent folk, but we are under the influence of the most powerful and stealthy propaganda machine in the history of mankind. Waking up to that kind of evil takes a radical confrontation with previously unknown facts, accompanied by a pretty significant personal transformation, and most people just haven't gone through that yet. So let's not lose hope, and let's not give up on our fellow citizens. The work we have left is to be educators and to be supporters through the emotional stress that accompanies the kind of truth we're sharing.

And so the question remains: where do we go from here? The general answer is to continue on the path we are already on: we need to keep being media activists and call the major networks on innaccurate and unfairly biased stories, as well as diseminating the correct information alongside this critique. We need to keep spreading the word about America's disastrous and immoral foreign policy that includes a well-researched historical and economic perspective, and all this through whatever means are at our disposal: blogs, videos, e-mails, and most-importantly, face-to-face conversations with our friends, family, and those we meet.

Finally, the million dollar question: so who do we vote for in the presidential election in November? I'm sure that a lot of people are so closely wedded to the Paul campaign that they intend to write him in. However, personally I would recommend Cynthia Mckinney of the Green Party. The Green Party is not just for those too liberal for the Democrats--it is a haven for all those who are fed up with the two party system and want to see more choice in our electoral process. They, along with Paul, are crusaders against undeclared, immoral wars of aggression and for restoring the right and liberties in the constitution. They are for reduced military spending and an international military deescalation. They are also vocal supporters of impeachment and a new 9/11 investigation, which many Paul supporters wish he would have stood behind. But wherever you decide to go, and whoever you decide to vote for in November, keep fighting for truth and freedom and it has been an honor working alongside you in that struggle.

I am a 22 year old graduate of the University of Chicago, majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Ancient Greek. I have been happily married for 3 and a half years, no kids. I live in Springfield, Oregon where I am currently unemployed. I grew up the son of an evangelical minister but have completely rejected the institution of the church and the existence of God. I consider myself now to be an Atheist with a "spiritual" side. My wife says I'm a pantheist because I love nature so much. I was apathetic about politics for a long time, but the 9/11 truth movement piqued my interest again, and through that I learned about the patriot act, the military commissions act, the privatization of war, the genocide in Iraq, the manipulation of intelligence, and the great extent of voter fraud. I always knew that politicians were corrupt, but I was shocked to learn that it was so bad. Since then I have slowly become a crusader for peace. I think it's important to take our views off the internet and into face to face interactions. I have confronted my parents about the war, and was surprised and happy to learn that they were Ron Paul supporters. I also am actively involved in local peace movements and try to attend at least one action against the war a week. It's amazing how good it feels to hold an Impeach Cheney sign in one hand, and an American flag in the other, in front of rush hour traffic.


The Ron Paul campaign is over.

Though agonal breathing makes it appear to be in its death throws, the economy hasn't even crashed yet. The fed's IV tube is pumping all it can to stave off the inevitable flat-line.

Wait until the fat lady sings. Listen to her. She's still nursing her pipes.

La la la la la la aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhccccccckkkkkk. Cough, cough.

Once she begins her final wail, there's going to be a lot of head-snapping as more people look toward the only candidate who talks as if he has more that just an inkling of WTF is really going on.

We're all about to get robbed, people... simultaneously.

Paul: Secretive elite controls America

Fri, 01 Feb 2008 23:01:17

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul says he traces America's problems to the flawed monetary policy controlled by the wealthy and secretive elite.

During a speech at the University of Washington on Thursday, Paul said the Congress and the Federal Reserve will not be able to stem the recession spurred by the home mortgage meltdown.

"The most important thing you can do is nothing," said the Texas congressman, who voted against the recent $146 billion economic stimulus package passed by the US House of Representatives.

The 10-term Texas congressman maintained that a series of wrong economic decisions by the Bush administration has led to a recession.

The government should allow the market to correct itself, Paul added.

Although the mainstream media attempts to keep a low profile on the 72-year-old presidential hopeful, he has managed to find a staunch group of supporters who say he has captured their hearts with his 'message of freedom' and constitutionalism.

"The Constitution was written for one specific purpose and that was to restrain the government, not to restrain the people," Paul has said.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Dir. Bldg. & Fire Research Lab. (NIST)
"We are [still] unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse." (NIST)

Let's not write-off the Good Doctor quite so fast, ok? Learn

how to read between the lines.

9/11 truth needs to be let out strategically/carefully, especially by a presidential candidate. (Watch a great video entitled: Overcoming People's Psychological Resistance to 9/11 Truth, by Ken Jenkins, for more info including possible repercussions when the truth goes mainstream.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Ron Paul stood down about 9/11 at the debate on 1/10/2008

He was asked about 9/11 at one of the debates.

He had a national stage and truth available to him.

He either sold out and took a dive, is not smart enough to see through the 9/11 lies, or is not emotionally capable of handling the truth.

Imagine the result if Ron Paul had spoken up for 9/11 truth.

Instead he endorsed the governments lie.

It was a critical mistake.

And he did it again on Glenn Beck. I gotta admit I was disappointed.

We are not ready to give up. But if the good Dr. does not win... I know quite a few Paul supporters that are going to be looking for answers... only one thing can cause real change - the people must figure out that the buildings were blown up. It's really that simple. I know it sounds naive, but an entire cascade of psychological events happen when one realizes that. It's another step entirely to realize that the popular icons on TV are fake and "in on it" in way or another... but CD realization is a necessary first step. Only then can one even see the rabbit hole.

He still has a chance.
Ron: You still have the national stage. Please, use it.

This political movement is just getting started.

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

misdirected energy

While Ron Paul did bring many important issues into the limelight, I feel that the 9/11 Truth Movement should have been behind Cynthia McKinney from the get-go. While Paul hemmed and hawed and eventually denied government involvement in 9/11, McKinney was asking the perps the hard questions from the beginning, for which she was politically lynched. Now that RP is truly down and out, I really hope truth voters rally around Cynthia.

But even more than putting our efforts into promoting any candidate, we need to put our energies into spreading the truth. When a majority of the country realizes that 9/11 was an inside job, the rug will be pulled right out from under the corporate masters.

Bush's GOD is Gold, Oil, and Drugs.

I have to admit..

this piece has lifted a bit of a fog off of me, it's beautifully written, focusing on the positives of the Ron Paul Revolution. I'll still root for the guy. In my 33 years on planet Earth I've never seen a rogue candidate do as well as Paul. It has been quite inspiring. I, too, wish he had been more vocal about 9/11 Truth, and not said some of the things that he has about the subject, but what can ya do? I guess bottom-line I had hoped that a Paul presidency would lead to a healthy political climate where a new investigation could actually succeed, since he has stated numerous times that he supports more investigation, and I still believe he would be the kind of president who would actually listen to the people. In light of the Commish Report taking a constant beating since the destruction of the 9/11 tapes scandal hit the wire, I'm not sure we even need that anymore. It's been 'revelation after revelation', that the Report is a joke, thought we've known it for years. We no longer need to work so hard to convince people of that, the mainstream and even the usually gate-keeping alternative media is handily doing it for us : )

"I have been voting for the freedom candidate since 1980 (Ed Clark), including Ron Paul in ‘88. They all lost. And I guess having my candidate lose every year was not ENOUGH loss for me so I ran for congress myself on the Libertarian ticket. And lost. Hahahaha! Did you really think we could just waltz in and take over the country? Without a fight? Sorry, but turning a ship 180 degrees takes time, especially when lots of powerful people are fighting you.

For those of us who have been fighting for liberty for more than the last few months, Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign is a miraculous success. Almost overnight, a powerful Nationwide organization has formed around Ron Paul. It very well may propel him to the White House, but even if it doesn’t, the fight for liberty has been advanced dramatically - beyond anything I thought would happen in my lifetime - and will continue to grow and spread. We have reached critical mass now.

Our job is to educate our countrymen. Right now the best vehicle for that is the Ron Paul 2008 campaign. Even if RP wins the White House in 08, we will STILL have a huge job to do. In fact, our job will be the same either way - to educate our community and elect freedom-loving representatives. Having RP in the “bully pulpit” of the Presidency will be an enormous aid, but we will still be in a battle on the streets.

Quit if you must. Maybe it doesn’t matter much to you. Maybe this was just a lark for you. Maybe you don’t have children. Maybe you don’t care about our posterity. Maybe you will not be ashamed at handing over a bankrupt dictatorship to the next generation.

As for me, there is no place to go but onward with the fight."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Many hands make light work!
International truth action every day, every 11th!

Ron Paul Independent Run Should Begin Now

Ron Paul would do much better as an independent.

Thus far, he has been subject to only registered Republicans who often subscribe to the views of Fox News and neo-con talk radio.

An independent run would allow for the support of independent and even Democratic anti-war voters, unsatisfied with the business as usual Democratic candidates Hillary (reported Bilderberg attendee) and Obama (married to CFR member).

I suspect Paul has known for a while that a Republican victory was out of the question and that he has probably remained in the race in order to continue to raise his public profile for an independent run.

I'll be mildly surprised if he does not run as an independent.