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Bruno, Katy and Jeremy from We Are Change LA talk about recent actions and the upcoming California Convergence in San Diego on the one year anniversary of the Eleventh Day of Every Month campaign. Jon Gold reports on a special event with 9/11 family members and John Bursill of Sydney Truth Action to talk about the upcoming Australian conference. Take action on February 11!

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month


I am so glad that Steve Alten's coming 2nd edition of "The Shell Game" recognizes Bruno of WeAreChange for his work, and so glad Americans across this nation will see him acknowledged for this work in it.

WeAreChange must grow and expand, and we must get hundreds of people with them to these events.

Willie Nelson added his voice to a growing revolution spreading across America and coming from many directions, just like the aforementioned new novel on 9/11 truth by a NY Times best selling author.

These rivulets are coming together to form a flood of demands for truth that will rattle these power brokers apart if they don't get on the right side of history.


This is the first I heard that my name is being mentioned in THE SHELL GAME.

I would like to set the record straight. I am a single person, and WeAreChange is a large group, actually... many large groups, all around the globe. It's not possible to single out my efforts in WeAreChange because I do not stand alone, and I do not work alone. I am part of a team <-- a team of patriotic Americans working together to help wake up others to the fact that 9-11 was a false flag operation, perpetrated by those in power against the American people, and against the world, then blamed on 'Islamic extremists,' and that we are being led to believe that 'Islamic extremists' will attack us again, when the true threat is from the extremists who have control over our intelligence, elections, media, and finances.

I hope Steve Alten's next novel will cast light on those who are actually deep behind the false flag terror operations and the wars waged against the people on this planet.

With you in the struggle,

Great work

Waxman, and Pelosi, two huge disappointments. I've given up on both of them. They are not interested. He doesn't know much about the subject.....wtf ?

Oh, its worse than "doesn't know."

Waxman and almost all Democratic Congress and Senate members have been bombarded with 9/11 truth information for years. THEY ARE LYING when they deny knowing much about this.


When the war crimes begin ALL the Congresspeople who've gotten tons of information about the lies of 9/11, WILL BE MADE PUBLIC.

He DOES know.

Waxman is lying thorough his piggy nose. Waxman is an Israel-firster, meaning he puts Israel's interests ahead of the People as an elected leader. He's been bought and paid for by AIPAC

Waxman truly disgusts me. He looks & acts more like a rodent

than a congressman.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

OFF TOPIC FLASHBACK: John McCain... 9/11 Truther?


Nope, he's definitely NOT!

I saw the video. He had no idea what their signs said, or who they were.

I'm sorry, but Henry Waxman is a typical, boldfaced-lying

Democratic congressman, who is in collusion with most top Republicans to destroy our Constitution & our United States!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

"Congressman Waxman, show some spine!"

It's amazing how much video conveys beyond just the spoken word!

It was clear, Waxman was only physically there to issue standard scripted responses. You could almost feel his absence emotionally or lack of presence by his delivery. He could probably sleepwalk through this type of encounter? Waxman's probably done it countless times, already?

It was great to hear the attempt to cut the bull, "Clinton can be impeached for a BJ but you can't impeach these criminals?" "Congressman Waxman, show some spine!" Alas, I experienced some emotional gratification if only vicariously!

Great Job, We Are Change LA!

...don't believe them!


A great video. He has "no intention"... That pretty much says it all.

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