We Need Strategies For When The Internet Is Gone

I watched a few minutes of C-Span2 last night. Honestly, I am glad I tuned into the end of the committee hearing they were showing because I started to get nauseous, and could’ve taken much more than I did. Jay Rockefeller, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was holding a hearing with the Bush Law Enforcement and Intelligence cronies. The FBI Director, CIA Director, and National Intel Director were among those answering questions in the façade of a hearing. The frightening highlight and pinnacle was Rockefeller “juxta-positioning” a two-part question on the Chinese government’s typical response to protests and quelling political dissidents with a question of “how should we deal with the internet.”

The casual observer I am sure would have been a little confused as to why the Senator asked this two questions together, but it was not “lost” on those testifying, and I understood exactly what he was inferring. And from the answers given you can tell they are all in agreement. Under the guise of “there is way too much freedom of information on the Internet for “terrorists,” it was agreed by the Senator and the panel 1 of 2 things needs to happen: “another terror attack on American soil like 9/11 to wake up the American people,” or “we need to pass laws to limit Internet access and what can be viewed and posted.” Given this Administration’s record I am sure they will find it easier to do another “false flag” operation like they did on 9/11 then to hold public hearings and debate on the matter.

I submit to you that these folks (those in our government behind the 9/11 terror attacks) aren’t going to stop. They are threatened by the truth, they fear justice, and they no longer view the 9/11 Truth Movement as a nuisance, they now view it as a direct threat to carrying out their plans. They are going to do whatever they feel it takes to shut it down.

I highly recommend to all 9/11 Truth Movement Leaders to come up with a strategic plan for dealing with the likely scenario that one day you wake up and the Internet as you know it is gone. Consider download and storing and backing up all videos, articles and information. Gather, create a record of, and disseminate contact information of leaders and members of all movement groups. Have plans for alternative contact methods, meetings and dissemination of information. If the Internet is taken away, or just as likely if a bill like H.R. 1955 passes- becomes a “bait” tool to arrest movement members then there needs to be a back up plan.

Very chilling yet excellent

Very chilling yet excellent essay. Think of Iran and the undersea cables. The truth movement is primarily an internet movement; silencing the internet would indeed be the way to shut the movement down. I know that the leader of Cincy 911 truth has all my contact info and vice versa. However all members of all local chapters should exchange contact info.

I have always thought that it does indeed feel almost too good to be true that we have been able, so far, to freely say openly that our government did 911. Especially while that regime is still in power. In Russia, Putin and the Kremlin ban certain books that are critical of the regime, such as the famous book alleging that Putin poisoned that KGB whistleblower. I was in the bookstore the other week and saw another book critical of the Putin regime, and the back cover went to great pains to make the reader know that this book is currently banned in Russia. Upon seeing this, I reflected how lucky we are that David Ray Griffin can do what he does. Indeed, in a free information society as this one, if they were to take him out, his books would probably skyrocket to the top of the bestseller list!

Nonetheless, I have always wondered just when that day might come in which, as you said, we wake up and the internet as we know it is gone.

"It can never happen here."

Yeah right.

Could you provide the name of the show

and maybe a link? Thank you. I agree that sounds disturbing.

H..R. 1955 won't itself create grounds for arrest, but it could lead to that. I heard H.R. 1955 died in the Senate, but I've since seen several articles suggesting it didn't so that may have been false. Anyone know?