AE911Truth Donation Challenge

I would like to challenge people to make a donation to AE911Truth like I have. Here's the background behind my story:

A friend of mine is one of the webmasters at, and he recently did some work for me on my website. (he introduced me to 9/11 Truth) When I asked him how much pay he wanted, he asked me to become a sustaining member at AE911Truth and make a recurring monthly donation in his name, and in mine. So I did, for $25 per month. ($10 for him, and $15 for me)

When you think about it, pretty much anyone can afford at least $10 per month. What is that? A couple of fancy coffee drinks and a candy bar? A month's worth of lottery tickets? And a candy bar?

And they are doing a lot of good work over there at AE911Truth and deserve and need our help. I want to see them do even more than they already have. I know they can and will. Especially if they get a little help from us all. (we all know that money makes the world go round; that's as true for them as it is for each of us)

So I wanted to challenge everyone to also make a donation. At least $10 per month. And more if you can afford it.

Together we can make this the year where we get to the truth on a wider scale and deeper levels. And with the help and work of groups like AE911Truth, it can be done.


Thanks 911windy! This is inspirational

Simple Question:

How can we get the most 9/11 bang for the buck?

My answer: Send $ to .

Richard Gage is talking to important people that would have never listened. Doors are opening.

What will happen when 1000 architects and engineers call the official story a farce? (It's 264 and counting.)

I sent them a check several months ago, and will send them more. When someone is doing outstanding work, we *must* help them.


Good post Windy:

I had plans to take the tax rebate (if it ever happens) and donate the entire amount to Gage and Jones research, sort of poetic don't you think ; ) ?

Just made a Statesman/Patriot one time donation, and next I need to see if Prof Jones has a similar venue to contribute. It would be really great if both of them could setup a 501 charter like the foundations do to make contributions tax deductible.

$25 a month

Most people can easily afford that much.

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth is a group of qualified individuals essential to the Truth Movement.

Please contribute what you can. Even $10 a month will help.